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Using Search Alerts

Search Alerts are e-mail updates of the latest relevant content added to based on your search terms. You may want to receive a notification when:

  • Newspapers containing your relatives' names are added to the archive
  • We add newspapers from a specific year that interests you
  • More content is added about a specific topic.

This tutorial will explain how to:

Add a New Search Alert

Once you are logged in, click the "My Search Alerts" link under "My Tools," which can be found on's left–hand navigation menu. You should now be viewing your Search Alerts. To add a new Search Alert, fill in the text boxes found at the top of the page. You may enter keyword(s) into one or multiple text boxes. Once you have finished typing in your keyword(s), click the "Add Alert" button. You will now receive Search Alert e-mails notifiying you of new content that matches your keyword(s).

Adding A Search Alert

Modify an Existing Search Alert

If you would like to change an existing Search Alert, visit "My Search Alerts" under the "My Tools" menu. Click the "edit" link, located next to the Search Alert you would like to modify. Clicking this will change your Search Alert into editable text boxes where you can modify your entries. When you are finished, click the "save" link.

Modifying A Search Alert

Remove a Search Alert

If you would like to remove one or all of your existing Search Alerts, visit "My Search Alerts" under the "My Tools" menu. Click the "remove" link next to the Search Alert you would like to remove. You will be asked to confirm your decision before the alert is removed.

Removing A Search Alert

View a Search Alert E-Mail

Once you have established an alert, you will automatically receive an e-mail when new content matches your search keyword(s). The e-mail will tell you the number of new pages that were added to the archive matching your keyword(s). It will also provide you with 5 matching search results. Clicking on one of these results will allow you to view that newspaper page.

Viewing a Search Alert E-Mail
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