Tuesday, May 20, 1997

Pacific Stars And Stripes

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of Pacific Stars And Stripes on Tuesday, May 20, 1997

Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 20, 1997, Tokyo, Japan J K STARS AND STRIPES TUESDAY, MAY 20,1997lMMmii\ifvmafiimimMMmm»MaimivuH»\\ .-. ' ."";.: ••'• V '.,. Last month, the Surface Transporta-tion group ranked Florida communitiesas the nation's deadliest for pedestrians— for many of the same reasons."They are designed for cars, not peo-ple," said Steve Murchie, of the FloridaConsumer Action Network.Between 1986 and 1995 in Florida:1,135 bicyclists were struck and killedby vehicles; 9,997 cyclists were injured;-29.8 percent of bicycle fatalities in-volved children under 18; and 3,389 chil-dren were injured each year riding theirbikes.Nationally, about 840 bicyclists arekilled by vehicles each year, and morethan 75,000 bicyclists are injured, thestudy found.nre' fn®t• \The rankings were produced by com-paring the number of cyclists killed withan area's population. It did not attemptto take other factors into account, suchas the shorter length of the bike-ridingseason in Northern cities.The study found the higher fatalityrates tended to be in the newer andsprawling Southern and Western cities.If Florida streets are mean, otherplaces aue kinder to bikers.The Northern California city of Davishasn't had a bicycle-related fatality inmore than 10 years; :"What makes Davis significant is thateverybody rides a bike here," said TimBustos, the city's bicycle safety coordi-nator."You see businessmen riding to workon bikes, kids going to school and everiwomen wearing dresses riding bikes."The safest city was Providence, R.I.,with only 0.7 bicyclist deaths for everymillion residents. Pittsburgh followedwith 1.2 fatalities per million residents.Boston had 1.4 deaths per million.In the Tampa Bay area, there were,9.2bicycling-related deaths per million resi-dents, or about 19 deaths every year.Miami is working to make bike ridingsafer: 32 miles of a 215-mile bicyclebeltway have opened since September.Most are separated from the highway.For now, though, Jim Roberts, a 51-year-old -Miami resident who rides most-ly for fun, takes a view of therisks/0 '.;•//;':; ' / =••'•. : .."• '•".. -' --.|(If you choose to ride your bike indowntown Miami, you are taking yourlife in your own hands," he said.tension iboth big and smallThe Associated PressWASHINGTON:' — A nationwidecrackdown on fraud and abuse in pri-vate pension plans has produced 70criminal cases against 109 people overthe last ei^ht months, Attorney GeneralJanet Reno announced.The cases brought so far by a continu-ing task force of federal agencies involvepension plan losses totaling more than$90 million and affect the plans of morethan 150,000 workers and» retirees, shesaid at her weekly news conference."Hi you pay in, money should be wait-ing tor you when you retire," Reno said,"We are sending a simple message toAmerica's workers: A promise wasmade to you; you kept your part of thebargain, and we will do everything wecan to enforce the law."town to targetises, Reno says"Our nation's pension plan is finan-cially sound. There is no crisis, and wewant to keep it that way," Reno added."But no matter how small an individualaccount may be, it may mean everythingto so many Americans looking for therewards of a life of hard work and'thrift,"/'. ''•••':••/:•••:'• ••r\--V:-:';'v' '.••:•";"To protect small accounts the crack-down, begun last October, has departed,from past federal practice of bringingonly the biggest cases, said Don Stern,U.S. attorney in Boston, where the latestfive bases were filed Thursday."It's important to send that message:That it isn't just if you rip off a millionbucks that you're going to be indicted. Ifyou do it for $10,000 or $20,000 or$50,000, we're going to try to protectthose workers as well," Stem said.