Tuesday, May 20, 1997

Pacific Stars And Stripes

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Page: 35

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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 20, 1997, Tokyo, Japan PACIFIC STARS AND STRIPES TUESDAY,'HAY 20,1997 BSubject to change without noticeMorning (Tuesday)6:00 Toddy on NBC8:00 CNN Headline News8:30 ABC News : ,9:00 Sesame Street ;10:00 NHU Playoffs: ColonwtoAva-lanche vs. Detroit Red WingsAfternoon ° ,1:00 Montel Williams• 1:50 Guiding Light2:35 General Hospital ' .../?'•''3:20 Secret World of Alex Mark3:45 WhatAAAess'4:10 Soul Train v^5:00 Wheeljof Fortune.5:30 Jeopardy!.Evening' 6:00 AFKN News Tonight6:20 CNN Headline News6-M CNN/Sports Illustrated7:00 Grace Under Fire7:30 Seinfeld, 8:00 3rd Rock from the^Sun8:30 Movie: Pure Country10:30 AFKN News Tonight (repeal)10:50 CNN Headline News11:00 ABC News Nightline11:30 Tonight Show12:30 Late Show with David Let-• terman1:30 CNN/Sports Illustrated2:00 N.Y. 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Valour! Compas-sion!," which opened May 16,his big romantic scene is withJason Alexander. That's right,Jerry Seinfeld's sidekick.The tenderness with whichGlover's and Alexander's char-acters fell in love is sure totouch the hearts of audiencesable to get past the fact that thisis a movie about a group of gaymen.; ° .'.."That's the trick — to get ev-erybody in the theater to seethis," Glover says, sipping icedtea before a screening of"Love!" at the Sari FranciscoInternational Film Fesjjval',-"Qnee they see it, they'll^%alizethis is a film for everybody, andit will kind of wipe off somelabels." * 'In its original stage incarna-tion, "Love! Valour! Compas-sion!" did just that T^rrenceMcNally's play, which is abouteight Mends who spend aheventful summer together at ahouse in the country, won aTony for best drama.Glover also picked up a Tonyfor his double role as tiie Jeck-yll brothers, good twin Johnand bad twin James — an obvi-ous allusion, he notes, to Dr. Je-kyll and Mr. Hyde.Often when a play is madeinto a movie, new people arebrought in on both sides of thecameras^But almost everyone from theBroadway production of"Love!" worked on the film, in-cluding McNally, who adaptedhis play for the screen, and di-rector Joe Mantello.;The cast is the same exceptfor Nathan* Lane, who couldn'treprise his role as the outra-geous Buzz— described as "thelove child of Liberace and JudyGarland" — because he was do-ing "A Funny Thing Happenedon the Way to the Forum"\onBroadway. Alexander steppedinto the role. ;Besides believing that theywere the b^st people to be inthe film, Man.tello fought for theoriginal cast for practical rea-' ' ."Joe said if we have to re-place anybody other than Na-than there woujdn't be. enoughtime to 4o it," Glover says. "Notwith the money they gave us tpmake the movie — two pointsomething million,"Glover suspects that Alexan-der was hi^ed to have someonein the cast known outside thetheater world. But the sitcomactor brought a lot more thanhis name to the project. "Mostpeople know Jason just from'Seinfeld,'" Glover; says, ^'but Iknew him from when he wasojoing plays in New York^ Iknew what he could do," °Having many scenes with Al-exander helped GJover makethe twins fresh after two yearsof playing them onstage. "Jasonwas new to the role, so I wasforced to look at things .differ-ently because he was a differ-ent Buzz. He. was so wonderful— right there with his eyes andwith himself."At one point, Buzz sems din-ner to the assembled group.He's wearing an apron and, ifsrevealed when he turns around,nothing else. "Jason's got a cutelittle butt," Glover says, addingwith a laugh, "and he knows it— he's very aware of hisassets." ',..; "| The play became a bit notori-"ous for all its nudity. That, too,has been transferred to thescreen.While the film' was shootingin Montreal, the reaction fromthe crew changed over time. "Itwas a French-Canadian crew,and initially there was sort of amacho thing,'' Glover says."They were sort of, 'All right,we're going to do this' — thismovie about eight men in asummer house with nudity in it.But then they started watchingthe scenes and going to dailies,and you could see this crewturn right around arid start sup-porting us. They realized wewere making a film about hu-man beings as, opposed to somesensatiqnalized kind of nudiething." ^,-\-':-:./: :"; :/Glover, 52, is one of fewopenly gay actors working inHollywood. He and sculptorAdam Kurtzman have lived to-gether for three years. "We'rerole models.. It's very stressful,"he says with a smile, repeating'• But while he^make^ no secretof his T|rivate Ufe, he worriesthat playing someone gay onthe screen will get him, type-cast. After he played a criminalm the 1986 thriller "52 Pick-Up," he says, "I got typed as avillain for years, and it prevent-ed «my getting s§me very poOdparts." _ '.-.•" .'.-:'••.•.•'• -.;When Glover started makingfilms in the 70s, he |ioped hewould have a b,ig movie career.But it didn't happen, and hefound himself getting much bet-ter parts on the stage., ^ had trained as a stage ac-tor, making his dettut in 1963 atthe Baiter Theater in Abing-don, Va, tOpened during theDepression, the theater got itsname because farmers barteredtheir way in with chickens andeggs'.) < 'He has won a slew of theaterawards, but they don't pay therent on his place in Los Ange-les. At times, he has had to tellhis agent, "It's time to get amoney job,'' meaning sorne^-thing in film or TV.Now, Gloyer has both in thewo^s. As a mad,,scientist intheupcoming moyi^ "Batman andRobin," he plays "kind of across between Albert Einsteinand Gharries Manson." Hischaracter creates Poison Ivy,the part^ayed by Uma Thur-man. "It was heaven playingwith Uma," QJover says. "She'sgot a great sense of humorabout hersel|."i He's alsotloing his first pilbt,for: a CBS series called "TheFamily Business" about ^ three1brothers who own a four-starrestaurant in the Napa^Valley."I play the oldest broker, who'sa bit high-strung.^ It's^a wonder-ful but dysfunctional family,"hesays.If the pilot is picked up, "itwould change my life emotion-ally and financially," Gloversays. "I've always gone here orgone there faf a jobj and whenit ends I tWnk, TU never workagain.' Th^n a job comes jlongand I'm siyed. it's such a rollercoaster you go through. Itwould be/great to finally havesom.e stability." „