Tuesday, May 20, 1997

Pacific Stars And Stripes

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Page: 23

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Text Content of Page 23 of Pacific Stars And Stripes on Tuesday, May 20, 1997

Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 20, 1997, Tokyo, Japan J G PACIFIC STARS AND STRIPES TUESDAY, M 20,1997 BMorning6:OO^NBC Today8:00 Sesame Street8:30 NBA or NHL Playoffs: TeamsTBAAfternoon12:00 CNN Deadline News12:30 The Ricki Lake Show(mature)1:30 Guiding Light/General Hos-pital . /3:00 Legends of the Hidden Temple3:30 M's Time Travelers4:00 Bill Nye, The Science Guy4:30 Entertainment Tonight5:00 Wheel of Fortune5:30 Jeopardy!Evening6:00 FEN News/CNN HeadlineNews6:30 CNN/Sports Illustated7:00 The Nanny7:30 Fresh Prince of Bel Air(starts)8:00 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman9:00 Chicago Hope (mature)10:00 FEN News/CNN Headline -News ,10:30 Nightlihe11:00 Late Show »12:00 Tonight Show with Jay Leno1:00 Movie: Places In The Heart(drama)2:50 Movie: Gardens of Statue(mature, drama)5:00 CNN Headline News5:30 Basic TrainingEvening (Monday)6:25 TV Series: Blossom (3)6:30 TV Series: The Monkees (42)7:00 News(l)11:20 SumojOioest (10)11:30 BBC News/Business Report(42)11:45 TV Series: Dr. Quinn, Medi-cine Woman (1)2:10 Pro Boxing: Junior-Light-weight: Hdtayama vs. Lopez(6)2:25 TVSeries:seaQuestDSV(4)3:10 CBS Evening News (6)3:30 News: Click On Japan (10)5:00 BBC World News (8)Afternoon (Tuesday)1:00 French Movie: Dog Day(2:00) (12) „.3:10 Grand Sumo: The ,10th Day (1)5:55 News (6).Evening6:25 TV Series: The Wonder Years, (3) ,--,:'.- '" •••' :•7:00 News(l)7:00 Movie: Giants vs. Bay Stars.W>^8:00 Movie: Electric Dreams(1:50)(42)9:00 News(l)11:20 Sumo Digest (10)11:30 BBC World News/Business Re-port (42) -.>-•-..1:15 Interttet lnfo:C/Nist (12) >;2:15 Movie: One Man's Justice(2:06)(4)2:25 CBS Documentary (6)3:20 CBS Evening News (6)3:20 TV Series: Star Trek (8)5:00,, BBC World News (8)Evening (Monday)6:00 FEN News6:10 CNN Headline News6:30 CNN Sports Latenight7:00 60 Minutes8:00 3rd Rock From.The Sun8:30 Fresh Prince of Bel Air •9:00 New York Undercover10:00 PEN News10:10 CNN Headline News10:30 George Michael* SportsMachine11:00 Late Show with David Let-terman12:00 Tonight Show with Jay Lenoln;00 MOvie: Kramer vs. Kramer2:44 Movie: SuspectKANTOAM Radio (Eagle 810)Evening (Monday)6:05 Rush Limbaugh7:00 NPR All Things Considered8.00 Country11:00 Adult RockMorning (Tuesday)4:00 NPR News6:05 Eagle 810 Live7:00 News7:05 AP Sports/Eagle 810 News/Os-,good Fll^Paul Harvey News& Commentary/Paul HarveyRest of the Story7:30 Eagfe 810 Live .,9:00 Adult Contemporary10:05 Eagle 810Solid GoldAfternoon12:00 News/Commentary1:05 Adult Rock3:05 Eagle 810 Live • „ v \5:05 AFRTSSPOrtspage4:57 Broadcast Day Renewal <5:00 CNN Headline News5:30 Basic TrainingMorning (Tuesday)'6:00 Today Show8:00 CNN Headline News8:30 Bodyshaping9:00 Sesame Street10:00 Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood10:30 Showbiz Today11:00 Monte! WilliamsAfternoon12:00 ABC World News Tonight12:30 General Hospital1:30 Guiding Lights2:30 The Cosby Show3:00 Disney's Little Mermaid3:30 RawToonage4:00 Newtonls Apple4:30 California Dreams5:00 Wheel of Fortune5:30 Jeopardy!Evening6:00 FEN News6:10 CNN Headline News6:30 CNN SportsnLatenight,.7:00 Sister, Sister7:30 AmericaV.Funniest Home^ Videos8:00 Party Of Five '9:00 Melrose Place10:00 FEN News10:10 CNN Headline News10:30 Entertdiment Tonight11:00 Late Show with David Let-terman12:00 Tonight Show with Jay Leno1:00 Movie: Send Me No Flowers2:40 Movie: El Mariachi4:02 Biography4:57 Broadcast Day Renewal5:00 CNN Headline News5:30 Basic TrainingMorning6:00 Today Show8:00 Nightly News8:30 Basic Training' 9:00 Sesame Street • ^, 10:00 Puzzle Palace10:30 Showbiz Today11:00 The Rkki Lake Show(mature)Afternoon12:00 World News Tonight12:30 General Hospital1:30 Guiding Light2:30 Cosby3:00 Disney's Little Mermaid• 3:30 RawToonage4:00 Bill Nye, Science Guy(repeat)4:30 California Dreams5:00 Wheel of Fortune5:30 Jeopardy!Evening6:00 CNN Headline News6:30 CNN/ Sports Illustrated7:00 Family Matters (ends)7:30 America's Funniest Videos8100 Beverly Hills 902109:00 Melrose Place10:00 CNN Headline News10:30 Entertainment Tonight11 :00 Late Sliow with Ctovld Let-12:00 Tonight Show with Jay Leno1:00 Movie: Old Gringo3:00 Movie: Walk, Don't Run5:00 CNN Headline News5:30 BodyshapingMorning6:00 Good Moring America8:00 CNN Headline News8:30 Bodyshaping9:00 Sesame Street .,:.10:00 Puzzle Palace10:30 Showbiz Today11:00 Ricki LakeAfternoon12:00 Network News12:30 General Hospital1:30 Guiding Light- 2:30 Cosby3:00 Disney's Little Mermaid3:30 RawToonage4:00 BiltNye, The Science Guy5:10 Eagle 810 LiveEvening .6:05 Rush Limbaugh7:00 NPR All Things Considered8:00 Country11:00 Adult RockFM Radio(Cable 88.3)Evening (Monday) '•8:00 Adult Contemporary4:00 CountryAfternoon (Tuesday)12^)0 Adult RockEvening ^ , ; (8:00 Adult Contemporary4-JSQ CountryIWAKUNiPower 1575Morning (Tuesday)12:00 FEN Adult Contemporary6:00 Mustard Seeds (daily devo-tional) ,'4:30 California Dreams5:00 Wheel of Fortune5:30. Jeopardy!Evening^6:00 AFN/CNN Headline News6:30 CNN/Sports Illustrated7:00 NewsRadio7:30 Ned&Stacey8:00 Hardwood Dreams (special)9:00 The X-Files i10:00 AFN/CNN Headline News10:30 Caroline in the City11:00 LateShow12:00 Tonight Show with Jay Leno1:00 Movie: Return to Snowy, River2:39 Moyie: Long Gray Line5:00 CNN Headline News5:30 Basic TrainingEvening (Monday)6:00 Dateline NBC7:00 Jeopardy!7:23 Wheel of Fortune7:45 Channel One8:00 Today on NBC10:00 CNN Headline News10:30 CNNMoneyweek11:00 ABC Good Morning America1:00 CNN Headline News.1:30 Sports Machine2:00 Movie: Slitters (series premier)4:00 New York Undercover5:00 CNN Headline News5:30 Tonight ShowMorning (Tuesday)6J30 Entertainment Tonight7:00 AFRTS Advisory Block7:30 ABC World News Tonight <8:00 NBC Nightly News8:30 ESPN HHt Hsckey Ployoffe:Conference Finals Cotemto Ava-lanche vs. Detroit Red Wings11:30 CNN CrossfireAfternoon12:00 CNN Headline News12:39 CNN/Sports Illustrated' 1:00 CNN Headline News. 1:30 Nightline2:09 CNN Impact3:00 CNN Headline News3:30 CNN/Sports Illustrated4:00 Late Show with tiavidLet-»• terman5:00 CNN Headline News5:30 Showbiz TodayEvening6:00-. The Oprah Winfrey Show7:00 Jeopardy!7:23 Wheel Of Fortune .7:45 Channel One8:00 Today on NBC10:00 CNN Headline News10:30 CNN Moneyline11:00 ABC G&od Morning America1:00 CNN Headline News1:30 CNN/Sports Illustrated2:00 Pinky And The Brain2:30 The Nanny3:00 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine4:00 Walker/Texas Ranger5:00 CNN Headline News5:30 Tonight Show with Jay LenoMorning _ '6:00 Island News' (repeat)6:30 The Bold and the Beautiful7:00 CBS This Morning9:00 The Price Is Right10:00 The Young & The Restless11:00 The Guiding LightAfternoon12:00 The Bold & The Beautiful12:30 CBS Evening News1:00 As The World Turns2:00 The Price Is Right3:00 Bugs'N'Daffy3:30 Animanlacs ' ,4:00 The Guiding Light5:00 As The World TurnsEvening6:00 The Young and The Restless7:00 Island News at 78:00 Promised Land9:00 CBS Mini-Series: The LastDon(2of3)11:00 Island News Late Edition11:30 The Late Show with David l5 American Edition9:39 Q&A10:<$0 Larry King Live11:00 World News11:30 Showbiz TodayAfternoon12:00 World News12:30 World Report g1:00 World News ,1:30 Insight2:00 World News2:30 Moneyline3:00 Wbrld News3:30 World Sport4:00 World News4:30 Showbiz TockS*5:00 World News5:30 CNN NewsroomEvening6:00 World News6:30 World Report7:00 WorldNewS7:30 American Edition7:45 Q.& A8:00 Tokyo Prime9:00 World News9:15 Asian Edition9:30 Business Asia10:00 tarry King Live11:00 World News11:30 World Sport12:00 Showbiz Today12:30 Business Asia1:00 AAtorldNews1:30 tQ&A2: CO World News2:45 American Edition3:00 World Business Today3:30 World News4:00 'World News4:30 World Report5:00 Wprld News Europe5:30 Insight\8:05 The Storm9:00 National Public Radio10:00 National Public Radio ,11:00 National Public RadioAfternoon12:00 APNews12:05 Qldles Diner1:00 APNews1:05 OMies Diner2:00 APNews2:05 Oldies Diner3:00 APNews3:05 Country4:00 APNews4:05 Timmy and the Rose5:00 APNews •5:05 Timmy and the RoseEvening \6:00 APNews6:05 Timmy and the Rose7:00 APNews7:05 Adult Contemporary RockSubject to change without notice.AtSUSliMom Star Wars: The EmpireStrikes Back (PG)Tue: Rosewood (R)Iwakuni Sakura:Tue: Rosewood (R)Mipawa Richard Bong:Tue: Mother (PG-13)Sagamihara:Mon: No MovieTue: No MovieSasefeo Hcsrio:Tue: No MovieSssefeo Showboat:Tue: Star Wars: SpecialEdition (PG)Fools Rush In (PG-13)Yokohama ECamiseya:Mon: No MovieTue: No MovieV <Yokohama Weglshl:Mon: The Air Up There (PG)Tue: High School High (PG-13)Ybtostfka Benny Decker:Mon: Fools Rush In (PG-13)Evita (PG)Tue: In Love And War (PG-13)Star Wars: The Empire StrikesBack(PG)Yokosuka fleet:Mon: In Love And War (PG-13)Shine (PG-13)Tue: Absolute Power (R)Dante's Peak (PG-13)1*3Yokofa-East:Mon: Grosse Pointe Blank(R)Tue: Dangerous Ground (R)Andersen Meehan:Tue: Booty Call (R)Big Screen:TuePShlne (PG-13)Dante's Peak (PG-13)CdLUs '