Tuesday, May 20, 1997

Pacific Stars And Stripes

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of Pacific Stars And Stripes on Tuesday, May 20, 1997

Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 20, 1997, Tokyo, Japan PACIFIC STARS AUD STRIPES TUESDAY, HAY 20,1997 * 3by AcciiWeather, Sue. © 19974:14a.m,.m.Mainland JapanYokosukaSasebo \Korea • xCneju Island/Sogwip'o 9:22Kunsan ° 3:16 a.Okinawa, Naha 6:35 a.m.Guam, Apra Harbor 6:48 a.m.Today TomorrowHigh Tide5:19 p.m. 4:46 am. 6:01 p.m.2.00 a.m 2:1 8 p.m. 2-39 a.m, 2:51 p.m.9:55 p.m.3:23 p.m.7:27 p.m.8:09 p.m.10:(K) am3:55 a.m.1:14 a.m.7:16 a.m.10:46 a.m.7:55 a.m.Mainland JapanYokosukaSaseboKoreaCheju Island/Sogwip'o 3:24 a.m.•Kunsan 10:06 a.m.Okinawa, Naha 12:36 a.m.Guam, Apra Harbor 12:50 a.m.Low Tide10:58 p.m, 11:16 a.m.8:45[3:32 p.m.10:17 p.m.1:08 p.m.1:34 p.m.8;28a.m.4:05 a.m.10:45 a.m.7:08 a.m.1:34 a.m.10:31 p.m.4:01 p.m.1:42p.m.8:55 p.m.11:37 p.m.9:23 p.m.4:08 p.m.10:53 p.m.8:05 p.m.2:09 p.m.© For tides ct other sK®s apply minutes below to Naha IJdas:Sukku, Ora Wan; -39, Sosoko Byochlr +11 high and low tide:Unten Ko: -7 high, -8 tow, Yonabaru, Buckner Bay: -44 high, -42 low. , ^PARTLYSUNNYV * v ^ ' '^v * HOUSTONiONOLULU85/69PARTLYSUNNYU.S. Extended ForecastThe Midwest will be coof with somesunshine Tuesday, and cooler, air wRlmove into parts of the East. It will berather warm along the EasternSeaboard; any showers or thunder-storms will end in the morning.Showers and thunderstorms willoccur in the Carolinas and along theGulf Coast. Wednesday will be cooldespite some sunshine in much ofthe East. A few showers and thunder-storms will occur in the southernRockies Tuesday, and a couple ofshowers are possible in the northernRockies. Otherwise, sunshine willprevail in the West Tuesday andWednesday" and it will remain hot inthe Desert Southwest.Tuesday's Pacific Temperatures Tuesday's World TemperaturesCITYAganaBangkokBeijingCamp CaseyChristchurchDiego GarciaHanoiHong KongHonoluluHIGH/LOW89/7797/7977/5667/4356/5587/7891/7691/7485/69CTTYIwakuniKadena ABKunsan ABKwajaleinManilaMisawa ABOsan ^PerthPusanHIGH/LOW'68/4878/6965/4987/7993/7655/4969/45, 65/5272/54°cmrSasebo NBSapporoSeoulShanghaiSingaporeSydney „TaeguTaipeiTokyoHIGH/LOW71/5264/5067/4975/5190/7664/56„ T4/5&83/68. 69/60CITYAcapulcoAthensAucklandBaghdadBarbadosBarcelonaBerlinBermudaBrusselsHIGH/LOW91/73.80/6362/54104/7188/7474/5769/0478/7167/47crrvBudapestBuenos AiresCancunGenevaJerusalemKievKuwaitLondonMadridHIGH/LOW81/5867/4888/7566/4473/4875/57105/7368/4873/46CITYMexico CityMontrealMoscowOsloParisRomeSt. PetersburgStockholmWarsawHIGH/LOW78/5358/3458/4059/3865/4876/5949/3354/3368/49Due to current Exchange rate fluctuations, prices quoted for departures after June I may be adjusted. We request our customers to purchase tickests as soon as possible to guarantee yourj discount airline tickets. Payment must be received by Hay 30.ZamaITTnited Airlines!"* '-1.vff10am-6pm