Friday, June 21, 1968

Kingston Gleaner

Location: Kingston, Kingston

Page: 51

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Text Content of Page 51 of Kingston Gleaner on Friday, June 21, 1968

Gleaner, The (Newspaper) - June 21, 1968, Kingston, Kingston THE DAILY GLEANER, FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 1968 PAGE TWENTY-THREE (Continued from PAGE 22) 3ft. Motor Cars For Sale KARAM BROTHERS SPECIALS 41. Auto Parts Repairs 47. Legal One Stake Truck Body. Good As new. Apply Murair Baracatt. Poms. No- I39 CHEVROLET MPALA, CHOICE OF 2, VERY GOOD CONDITION ACADIAN INVADER, CHOICE OF 3, AIR-CON- DI..ON, FUlrliY EQ.UIP- 1 PED, BOTH IN VERY GOOD COND. RAMBLER REBEL VS. COU GOLD, R.H.D., FULL POWER, VERY GOODl OONIX IMS CHEVELLE MALIBt. R.HD.. COL. WHITE, MILES. IBM VAUXHALL VICTOR 101 SUPER, CHOICE OF 3. BOTH IN VERY GOODl OJ' COND. W6 RAMBLER CLASSIC 770, R.B.D.. STD. TRANS., 12.MO MILES BUICK SPECIAL. COL. GREY. VERY GOOD CON- C DITION. (MS BDICK SPECIAL, COL. _ GREEN, LOW MILEAGE, s VERY GOOD COND. 1K7 CONSUL CORSAIB FLOOR SHIFT. COL. GREEN. VERY GOOD CONDITION. JM7 FORD ANQI4A, COL. GREY, LOW MILEAGE, itc. ii VERY GOOD COND. IMS LAND ROVER PICK-TIP, 4 COL. GREEN, DONE 21.WO 42. Bicycles Cycles__ Motor 47. Legal Notices__ IN THE MATTER Of HEOLAH ESTATES LIMITED in ticulars of their debts or GET AHEAD GET A H U N D A i SVir scJicitore Used and reconditioned models LOW DOWNPAYMENT EASY TERMS tary Uqnldatkm m e ip b r winding up AND IN THE MATTER of tt panics Act 1965 NOTICE IS HEREBY that the creditors of the above- named company which i i being wound up voluntarily sre re- ouired on or before the 2 tth day ol June 1988 to send i) their names and addresses and 110 par- quired to send farucuiart, on uicn B Com- Vlaims duly authenticated to ETHEL WILSON the duly quali- fied Administratrix of the Estate of the abovenamed land the names and addn sses of any) are by their solicitors or ally to come In and prove------- debts or claims at such t. ne and place as shall be specified TITLES LAW OFFICE OF TITLES P O Box Kingston 13th May, 1968 45. Lost BULBS. And lots more choose from at: to b 190 ORANGE ST. PHONE 26152 MANDEVILLE r PHONE 2559. Ready to drive away. HONDA SALES COMPANY, T55 HARBOUR STREET, PHONE: 25258, KINGSTON. D 24 undersigned John Cecil Wi man of Street. Kingston, the of the said c jmpany and if so required by n >tlce in writing from the said llquidatoi .._ person- he said me and .in such notice or In default there rf they will be excluded from th bene- pleci fit of any distributoln m idc be- fore such debts are prov :d Dated this 10th day of Jj ne 1968 JOHN CECIL WI mal All claims nj or will be paid in full. PURSUANT to Trustees, torney and counts and Cap. 395. (Ac- General) Law 650 BSA Lightning Under Miles. Bright metallic plenty of Tel. 24606 office hoars. D. 221 IN THE ESTATE of HOG 3 BAK- Strayed from 1A Long Lane Six weeks ago. dark grey male RINGTON BURTON Wood Park, Pembroke the Parish of 8mln tete of Ban, in Mary, Finder, deceased, Inti state. ALL PERSONS bavins against the of th< mentioned deceased who or about the 2nd day of June 1966 are hereby required to s md par- ticulars of their claims iluly au- thenticated to the Adm nistrator General for Jamaica, the tian called 44254. Phone Harry I '10th herein. 139-141 Kingston on or L----- day of August liipS after 47. Legal '_________________________D._72 'Owner leaving Island. Hai- nan Minx, 1967 Opel Bekord. u Apply alttr 5.98 pjm. and week- ends, 4 Glenhobjn Close, Off Cassia. Park Ave., Kgn. 10. 1965 Rambler Classic 770 Automatic transmission, radio power-steering. Brown and white In good condition. Price nearest offer. 46 St. Phone 28728. Sunday PURSUANT to the Tnutees, At- torneys and Executors (Ac- counts and General) Law. IN THE ESTATE of CONSTAN- TIA LEWIS late of CnapeBon in the parish of Clarendon cul- tivator, deceased. ALL PERSONS having claims against the estate of the above- named deceased who died on the 1st day of July 1968 are required to send particulars of their claims duly authenticated to The Admin- istrator General for Jamaica at his offices 139-141 Harbour Street. Kingston on or before the 16th day of August 1968 after which date the assets of the estate of the deceased will be distributed. DATED the 18th day of June 1968. E TENSHUE HoSANG Solicitor for The Administrator General for Jamaica Adm, Estate ConstanUa Lewis deceased. which date the asbets of tate will be distributed DATED the 15th day 1968 BERESFORD the Es- of June 60 Laws Street, Kingston. HAY PURSUANT to the Attorneys Exe- cutors and Trnstees tAeco Counsel for General. the Admi listrator General) law IN THE ESTATE of HLDSON CARTER Clarksonville In the Saint Ann, Shopkee ceased. ALL PERSONS against the estate havini of th 88744 1500, NO. 62 floor shift, one 1967 Angha. one 1965 Oldsmobile FB5, factory alr-con- 'Hitioned No reasonable offer re- iused Contact Ho Sang 68037 D. 9" MERCURY 1-DOOR SEDAN 'air-conditioned as new no reasonable offer refund. for appointment. Phone D 149 AVAILABLE FOR Immtcfote D (liveryl! Viva Deluxe Viva SL 90 Viva G.T. Victor- Deluxe Deluxe Victor Victor 2000 PURSUANT to the Trustees, At- IN torneys and count and Chapter 395. THE ESTATE Executors General) (Ac- Law named deceased who die Z4th day of April 1985 are to send Particulars of th< duly authenticated to ARTER the dulv quaHfle rix of the of 1r eceased addressed to he if the undersigned at Town P.O on or before lay of August 1168 aft late the assets of the r distributed Dated the ITth day of ALLWOOD BARRETT of ASTON LOPEZ WATSON Ute, of 3 Lacy Road In tbe parish of Kingston, Prison Warder, de- ceased. ALL PERSONS having a claim against the estate of the above- named deceased who died on the 14th day of January 1968, are re- quired to send particulars of theli claim duly authenticated to the Executrix of the Estate. JENNIE AGNES WATSON her Soli- citor, Mr. D. A. Leahong of 11 Duke Street. Kingston on or be- fore the 18th day of Jury 1988. after which date the assets of the Estate will be distributed. DATED the 18th day of June 1968' D. A. LEAHONG 11 Duke Street. Kingston. Solicitor for the Executrix beneral) Law IN THE ESTATE of I ACHAEL ELIZABETH REID late of Mount Moriah in the paHih of Saint Ann, Ife, de- ceased ALL PERSONS bavin? claims against the estate of tie above- named deceased who diid on the 5th day of December are re- quired to send Particulars of their with automalic transmission Victor 2000 Station 1' Waggon v Victor 3300 Vauxhall Ventora KARAAA BROS., 190-Orangc Street Phone: 26152 Mandeville, 1 f Phone 2559. JJ-. D. 223 1966 Hillman 1965 Corsair G.T. 1964 Chevy II 1965 Hillman Imp. 1961 Sunbeam, Rapier Convertible. TOMMY'S AUTOSALES PURSUANT to (ho Ex- ecntori and Tmteei (Ac- counts and Central) Law. in the- EitaU of Chert Barton, late of Lampard PiankfleM, in the pariah of Clarendon, Far- mer, dtceaved. ALL persons having claims against the estate of the above named deceased, who died a Lampard Frankfield, in the parts! of Clarendon, on or about the 9th day of June, 1965, are required to send particulars of their claims duly authenticated to Charles Wll son the Executor Knowles Finlason, Solicitors. Mandeville on or before the 18th day of July 19W. after which date the assets of the estate win be distributed Dated the 18th day of June 1968 KNOWLES FINLASON. of Mandeville Solicitors for the said Executors PURSUANT to the AttorneysTEx ants and HENRI late larlsh of ler, de- claims above- on the required T claims TAMAH d Execu- Solicitors for the to the Attoneys Exe- and Trustees (Ace quired ._-------- claims duly authent: SHIRLEY DOMVILLE qualified Executor of the the above deceased add lim in care of the unde: Brown s Town P.O on the 3rd day of August which date the assets of will be distributed. Dated the 17th day of ALLWOOD BARRETT I cated to tbe duly estate of ressed to signed at or before 1968 after the estate 'une 1968. GRANT Solicitors for the Ex Ecutor PURSUANT to the Attoi jeyi Exe- cutors and Tnutees (Acrfonnti and General) Law IN THE ESTATE Of GRAY late of al< In parish of Saint At n. Seam- strew, Inti state. ALL PERSONS havtig aeainst the estate of t le above- ._______a _..l.n ,14 nn named deceased who 10th day of May 1965 a te send Particulars. GRAY th< authenticated to GRAY and MILLICENT duly aualified Admlnis rotors ol the estate ol the abovt addressed to them In cj under-singed at Browns' on or before the 3rc August after whlcl assets of the estate will buted. Dated the 17th day of ALLWOOD BARUKJT Solicitors for the Adm teuton and. Trustees (Ac- PURSUANT to the Attorneys Bxo- South Ocjeon Ave. ________________ j_ D. 231 '67 Alfa Borneo Giulia T.I. counts and General) Law. In the Eitate of Thomas Theo- phllns Spencer, late of Medina in the parish of Manchester Farmer, deceased. ALL persons having claims against the estate of the above- named deceased, who died at Medina In the parish of Manches- ter on or about the 15th day of August 1966, are required to send particulars of their claims duly authenticated to Stanford Morris and Hubert Adlam the Executors, Knowles Finlason, Soli- citors, Mandeville on or before the 18th day of July 1968, after which date the assets of the estate will be distributed. Dated the IBth day of June 1968 KNOWLES of Mandevffle riNLASON. cutors and Trustees (Ac rneys, Ex inat any reaBon w' _______ not be granted should send a writ- ten and signed statement of the facts to the Permanent Secretary. Ministry of Home Affairs. Klng- ]ston PO____________ 1'65 Skylark, factory Conditioned, fully equipped. For ALSTON PO in the Parish of appointment to Inspect phone I Clarendon, is applying to the Mln- 78618 late afternoon. Price isti-r for naturalization and that D 2541 any person who knows any reason why naturalization should not be ecutorss and and General) IAW IN THB ESTATE _ ____ MAK. GRETTK McMASTlER a 1 s known MAKD: ;TTB Me- MASTER and known MARGABBTTA of the Towns! ip of Tor- onto in the of Feel, Canada, and also f Anglla Running Branted should send a written and signed statement Of the facts to Phone 67118 nearest Land Rover 196S .20000 Miles No 1421 the Permanent Secretary, Ministry 1 TT___ T3 ft Kingston PO Hermitage D: in the Parish of Sa nt Andrtw, Nurse, deceafed. ALL persons having against the Estate of the above. med deceased who d ,ed In Tor- onto, Ontario, Canada the 27th day of July_ are here: short wheel bnse, 70016., Home 763916 t'or 41516 age.n In I ditlon Phone 4461 fi IMS Morris 1000 t in goo4 condition tftln.i 215 Molynes >1 1961 MOA 1600 Cortina 1500 700 fo n o 43118 after 4.30 p m Ave by required their claims ALFRED to send pirticulara duly auth nttcated top UNDER THE REGISTRATION OF one of the Attorneys Excellent Con- ation Wagon ISO 198? Cor- TITLES LAW orriCE or TITLES PO. Box 494. Kingston 29th April, 19SS. WHEREAS I have been satis- ______ to CLARKE. Estate in care of the undersignei fore the 15tb day of tugust 1968 after which date the a sets of the flpcl b> Statutory Declaration that trlbuted the clunllciUe of the Certificate of DATED Title for ALL THAT parcel of 11968. Estate of the deceased the 19th day of June DUNN. COX Sc uu >u i Etfin part of NUMBER FORTY-. Phone of SArNT ANDREW 48 Duke Street, Klnpfton. the Lot numbered "1961 VW E200. 42 _ 't Cottajte 2 off Eliztibeth Ave I Peel Hlll-i J Triumph Comertlblr n miles Fclephpnc 770541 t off the Finn of No 40B Chisholm Avenue aforesaid deposited in the: Office of Titles on the 8th day of June 1964 of the shape and dimen- Hootes Fargo 11 Scater Mlnl- bus LE-Ofl Phone tj-i035 44313 J.1 Oni- 1968 Bedford 1 ent c-onclltlOTi D 2000 miles Phore For diioi dirr (i 83188 4O. Driving- Instruction JUNE TO the and Plan hutting thereof appears by thereunto an- I nexed ind being the Innd regis- tered at Volume 1022 Folio 537 of the Register Book of Titles in the or rvnme of LUCIUS CI.ARKE BFEN LOST HAS to cancel tho an In Excel-1 to rcRlster a than duplicate In One Tipper 1965 power ste> nfi Phone NO 140 HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I intend at or Tfter the expiration of fourteen davs f-om the first tppearanct or this advertisement Suit No. E.R.C. 1M TAKE NOTICE that day the 17th day of J ily 1968, at 10 o'clock in the. forei oon an ap- rd at the plication supreme win be he; Court Publi King Street. Kingston an oenaii oi RONALD RUSSELL SUAREZ and ESTELLE MAUD, hi i wife of Leas Flat. Red Hills of Saint Andrew for cation of the Restr enants affecting Lot 23 new listltutic E L THE PATENT LAW, CAP. Z83, the Plan part of Fore it Hills de- posited in the Office if Titles on fember. 1949 Lot regls- 'olio 6 and the lUh of Nov innd being part of th< 70 at Volume S86 ___________ PERSONS hav TENT LAW, CAP. Z83. terest in land part of is hereby given that in the Parish of Sa SELVYN ADOLFHUS, affected by the said FIT7RITSON of No 31 Duke Covenants must within in the Cltv and Parish date of this Notli Klnpston, Jnmaici Solicitor of the Registrar of th the Supreme Court of Judicature Court and serve on Notice DONALD of Jamaica nab made application j cant's Solicitors at 31 )uke SI ItlLY HOUSEWIVES 9 p.m. 20 1 MS. Rapid School Retirement SPECIAL Course to His Excellency tbe Governor General of Jamaica for Letters Patent in respect of an Invention f Motoring Creioent Somer for IMPROVED FIBRE BOARDS which t invention has been com- municntod to the Donald Sel- Fltz-Fition from abroad In JOHN FRANCIS RAKS- t Phone 6B911 New in the Unl ted stMlov of America D-iled tin- "nth d.iv or Turn 1'lflll Kingtson any objectioi have to the AppUcatl grounds thereof and if compensation for th< and modification of tion the amount of c claimed Dated the 12th day o SAMUEL AND 11 DUKE KINGSTON K volnn- PUESUANT to the Attorneys Exe- cutors and Trustees (Accounts and I Gtneral) Law IN THB ESTATE of EDGAR ATHtXVN WILSON late or Bethany, Alexandria, in the parish of Saint Ana, Farmer, deceased. Intestate. I ALL PERSONS having claims against the estate of the above- named deceased who died on the 12th day of January 1961 ore re- quired to send Particulart their claims dressed to her in deceased ad- care of the undersigned at Brown's Town P O on or before the 3rd day of August 1968 after which date the assets of the estate will be distri- Dated the 17th day of June 1968 ALLWOOD BARRETT GRANT Institute warns against waste of water, sees further discomfort ahead TDLLOWINO is a statement by the Council the FarquiiarMHi Institute of 1'iiblic Atlairs on the Corporate Area water situation: ThirU 'ended granted The water supply situation in the Corporate Area extremely serious. Some rain fallen in the present month: this will do little more than lay the dust, and enable the gardens to dangers UNDER or the supply recover There are something is -o increase I available to the Water Comm.s- executed Yet we find np trace from the Ferry River; the safety 10 rate Area, for efficient ser- of tlie householder in case oi vice, in rates to the Water Corn- lire the safety, perhaps, of a I mission great part of the closely built area depends on securing the Ferry water; it may not be DOS. sible for all our Industries 10 continue m full operation unless the Ferry Scheme is rapidly i We have heard a month ago WHEREAS I have been satisfied of the Water Commission's inten- bv Statutory Declaration that the duplicate of the Certificate of Title for ALL THAT piece or'parcel of art of a run called CHIS- in the RED HILLS m the district of SAINT JOHN in the parish of SArNT CATHERINE called BENDONS of any sense of the need for rapid action on the part of 'he Water Commission or the Go-v- jment. claims above- died on by the Plan thereof hereunto annexed and being the land regis- tered at Volume 413 Tollo 57 of the Register Book of Titles to the name of GRAYDEN KENNETH ROSE HAS BEEN LOST: I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I Intend at or after thj, expiration of thirty from the first appearance of this advertisement to cancel the said duplicate Certificate of Title and thereafter to register a new Certificate of Title In duplicate in substitution Admin- Harbour tion to go ahead with the Ferry project Since then, it appears] that no start has been made Tiie t Ferry project has reached the Ministry of Finance, and there the responsibility for any furthar inaction must presumably ho ______ __ _ Work on a new well is expect-xi i business that, In to start in a fortnight. the complete failure of Unconcern Many members of the puolic ike the view that in some mysterious way this is none of therefor Jhe Ferry project could, in theory, be carried thrvngh in six that is, in time it relieve the dry spell at the beginning of 1969. Up to ten million gallons a day could, with luck, be bronght Into toe supply system, and) in another nine months this could be in- creased further. The comfort and health of the oeople the Corporate Area E L MILLER Registrar of Titles Water Commission to take necessary steps justifies citizen in not listening to fact, the the the the appeals of the commission to save as much water as possible- Indeed, to hear some people: talk, you would suppose that ilje best way to punish the Water Commission is to spray our jar- dens day and night till ihe Hermitage Dam is dry. The Council of the Fsrquhar- For years nothing has kept water supply service going but the very unusual sense of duty to the public amongst Water Commission employees of all grades something to which we have referred more than once in connection with strikes In breach ol the so-called Essen- tial Law How long do we expect to an efficient 1 service if we stifle ambition amongst employees of the Com- mission7 International Friendship Garden for Portland Divorce on Friday. June 4. and nine persons were grant- ed decrees absolute. Mr. Jvulice Grannum heard evidence in the following cases n which. Carol Bclshara Khaleel _.. Stone Acres, Trenton Road. granted a Decree Stony Hill, was granted a decree nisi against Lucia Elena Khalccl of 5 Bridgemount Drive. 13 petitioners get decrees nisi Secrees nisi in Mr. George Fatta oree nisi on the gro the1 crtion, against Rlicms has' 'idway of Port Maria. St M' Suit No. E.B.C. 104 of IMS TAKE NOTICE that oh Wednes- day the 17th day of Jujy 1968. at, 10 o'clock tn the forenoon an ap- plication will be heard at the Supreme Court Public Buildings King Street. Kingston on behalf of I STANLEY RECKOHD COOKE ol 92 Barry Street In the City and Parish of Kingston for the modi- fication of tho Restrictive Cov- enants affecting Lot 8 on the Plan part of Forest Hills deposited in tile Office of Titles on the 13th day of September. 1962 and being part of the Lot registered at Vol- ume 588 Folios 8 and 79. pend on securing this water <.on institute of Public Affair" wishes to warn the public ol he Corporate Area against lls- rening to such dangerous talk Brown's the 3rd ;r which tate will une GRANT unts and Officer cadets urged: Aim for perfect balance The Financial Secretary, Mr P. W. Beckwith, told a class of junior administrative officers in Government on June 3 that to be successful administrators they must aim for the perfect ALL PERSONS having any in- balance between good personnel erest In land part of Forest relationship and maximum pro- in TUB JraTisn. oi oaim; AQUTCW affected by the said Restrictive ductlvity. against taking up such ir- 1 responsible attitudes. The more 1 ncapable you feel the commus- i o" is. the more you to A decision to establish an In- ternational Friendship Garden and Recreational Centre to com- memorate Human Rights Year, has been made by the Human Rights Committee of Portland- The decision was taken at a meeting of the committee recent- ly, presided over by its chair- man, Mr. Lascelles Tucker. The 'ie anxious to co-operate with, proposed site for the establish- in saving water And we may of the Garden is the Gov- i -'dd that the Water Commission eminent-owned Folly Estate in would be well-advised to check on the accuracy of meters and to speed up their billing so that he householder who wants to co-operate can be sure that he __ <s really cutting consump- tion and can be put on his guari Port Antonio. Among the other plans by the committee to commemorate Hu- man Rights Year, are the leaks. Great House; ment of a museum to comme- morate the centenary of the Covenants must within 14 days of the date of this Notice file with the Registrar of tbe Supreme Court and serve on the Appli- cant's Solicitors at 31 Duke Street, Kingston any objections they may have to the Application and the grounds thereof and if they claim compensation for the discharge and modification of the Restric- tion the amount of compensation claimed Dated the JZth day of June. 1963 SAMUEL AND SAMUEL 31 DUKE STKUJLT KINGSTON SOLICITORS FOR THE ___ APPLICANTS. _ ___ Suit No. EJLC. 1W of TAKE NOTICE that on Wednes- day the 17th day of July 1968, at o'clock in the forenoon an ap- lication will be heard at upreme Court Public Building? fourth ting Street. Kingston on behalf oi I junior Mr Beckwith sajd there was no straight line where manage- ment practices were concerned, and that young management personnel should, through self- analysis, strive from the very beginning ro achieve this per- fect balance. In making deci- sions which, would affect the public, Mr Beckwith said, the class should regard as a golden rute the maxim: "do onto others as you would wish them do to you" Mr Civil BULDAH on the required ffected by the said Restrictive Covenants must within 14 days of le date of thia Notice file with se Registrar of the Suprenw Court and serve on the Appli- Solicitor! at 31 Street, n the city and pariah of Kingtson any objections they may have to this application and the grounds thereof and if they claim compensation for the discharge and modification of the said Re- striction the amount of compen- sation claimed. Dated the 14th day of June. 1968 SAMUEL AND SAMUEL 31 DUKE STREET KINGSTON ____ SOUCITOHS FOR THE APPLICANT. deceasec re of the rown PO day o: date the be dlstri June 1968 k GRANT nistrators onnts ana f EDWIN Moriah la Ana. June 1968 GRANT of MAY JOYCE of 1 lour Avenue in the Parish of Beckwith, as head of the Service, was addressing the opening session of the orientation course for administrative held at the Government Training Caledonia Avenue. Nineteen administra- tive cadets are attending the course and to date approximate- aint Andrew for the modification f the Restrictive Covenants af. ecting Number 1 Seymour Ave- ue in the Parish of Saint Andrew Xing the whole of the land Kegls- ered at Volume 241 _Follp 75 57 have undergone _ _...._ Ujjnjiay training planned by the division of the pr's the of of Finance as part of Gov ernmenfB In-Service Training Let as make It qaite industry, the provision that IB oar view the next few of home for retBrded child- mOnuUt are gOlng W be fall Of _ _j .hm nt an nlrf Desertion the Legal Clerk appeared for1 he following petitioners; Disdale Henton of 11 Park Road, Kingston 1 was granted a decree nisi on round of desertion agamMi Daisy Henton, now residing m Carlton Bryan of Church Pen., 3ushy Park St Catherine, wio on the grounds of desertion and idultrry. was granted a decree aisi and custody of the two] hlldren of the marriage, against1 Carmen Bryan of McGregor! Lane, Homestead, Spanish Toun i The co-respondent Theoph.lus Martin of Homestead. Old Har- bour Road, was ordered to pay petitioner's costs Byron Absolom Barnes of Red Order of St. John praised for good work The Governor-General, Siri Clifford Campbell, has praised! the Order of St. John m Jamaica for its work as an association was speaking as chairman of the' annual general meeting of the St'John Council May 31 at the' Mr Justice Lopcr evidence In the folio v jses m which' Affidavit Vh tie May Spencer of -k. USA, on her evidence o was granted a dcii' ii on the ground of and tbe St John headquarters, Road that Camp I the as- the present BJonth than we have bad in the first few davs of It. hope that there will be thunder-showers in Angnst or September, and good rains In October. Bat these will not do mere than the situa- tion more bearable- It is therefore the business of every citizen, in the first place, to save water, and in the sec- ond place, to pressure the Water Commission into going ahead at once, and at top speed, with the Ferry project. Assuming that there are citi- zens who continue to take the view that watering their gardens is a patriotic duty, it is the buai- the Government to the law on thus subject tfA HMllVli f as at pres- Catherine. cho was represented bv ".loria Thompson Instructed OT "limbers and Bunnv Gordon of 12 Willowdenc. Spanish To vi ns granted a decree on 'n' round of "vnthjo Gordon of 59 Sundrm-" 'cent, Klnfston 10 V represented by Mr t1 Mulrhnmd, inttructed Ambers and Bunny Sihta Patricia Baker of Road, St Andrew ranted a decree nisi and m the (jround of dwertinn -pinrt Lincoln George BaVor S71 Giliro'-- Street. King-'ou Mas represented bv Mr 1 M Muirhead instructed F K Anderson Agatha Csmnnock. of 11 ir'erson Klngstor 11 i irsnted a decree nisi on tn'1 Qf cruelty, costs and of the child of tht? Clinton Gfo-i" address unkncrwn MI as represented Tlirl instructed T. N M. WlUougbbr. "''HereKa Evangeline Barrier o' "shortwood Road. St- granted a decree nisi and on tbe ground of dera- tion against Harold Anthoi N Barrier of 88J WaJtham P'I'K Road Kingston 11. She was represented by M" PURSUANT to tbe Trustees, At- and Executors Account! and General Law. IN THE ESTATE of HBNSLEY FFRENCB late of ZB Metealf Street, Dcnbam Tows in ttw parish of Kbnton, Plumber, deceased, tnteiiatc. ALL PERSONS having Claims against the estate of the above- named deceased who died at Port Maria Hospital In the parish of Saint Mary on the day of January. 1987 are required to send full particulars of their claim duly authenticated to the Administra- tor General for Jamaica. 139-141 Harbour Street. Kingston on of before the 2nd day of August. after which date the assets of the estate will be distributed Dated the 18th day of June, 1968. Silvers Sc Silvers of No. 385 Johns Lane. Kingston. Solicitors for and on behalf of for management personnel. JIS Allen: Better exam results Better examination results are being obtained in Jamaica, ac- cording to the Hon. Ed-win Al- len, Minister of Education. During the recent debate on the Budget in the House of Be- prfeeentatives, Mr. Allen gaVe the following information: The number of papUi for the GCE level Inatlon was lew than bat year; however, moro Government a further duty It must allow the Water Commission to pay proper salaries- tape the. Administrator Jamaica. General for Salt No. D-293 of 1961 In the Supreme Coait of Judicature of Jamaica In the Hlch Court of Justice nt DIVORCE BETWEEN KUTH ISABELL STEWAKT ____ ___ pennoKEB AND EGBERT STEWART RESPONDENT TO: EGBERT STEWART lately of Mount Salem, Mon- Bay In the parlih of Saint James. TAKE NOTICE that a Petition _____ for dissolution of marriage by RUTH ISABELL STEWART of 4e nA_j of "Ptt- __ Road in the parish of ____ Andrew been filed to this Court endorsed with a Notice D'Aguilar Saint An Dam Road to Appear addressed to you to en- BWMW rMltvsn n or about on or be- will be dls- ter Appearance either in person eea nnahle to pay pro per salaries because Govern rnent feels that If Water Com- mission Engineers paid more, there will be demands for hither pay inside the Civil Service. Bat there is no point in setting np a statutory board, intended to' be businesslike and not Clvll-Servlce-like, If the Commission is to be made to comply with the Civil Service scale of pay- After all. the moncv paid to employees of the Water Com- mission is not taken from taxes itr is paid by the householders of the Cor- Milbank Memorial Fellowships to 2 UWI staffers i Two of seven Fellowships awarded by the Milbank Mem- orial Fund at their Faculty Fel- lowships Conference in April and May this year, have been received by Dr. Ronald Irvine Senior Lecturer in tte Depart- ment of Medicine, Dr Owen Minott, Associate Lectur- er in the Department of Social and .Preventive Medicine, UWI, Mono. Each Fellowship is expenda Me over a five-year period tor the development of a home-care training programme (or mcdica: at the University of the West Indies oi the Order in that bv Mr F A to expand the organization ser- vice to the cause of humanity He said that the organization was founded on the higheit Island's first girls' youth camp by Dec. The first youth camp for girts is to be established this the Hon. Allan Douglas, Min- ister of Youth, and Community Development announced on June 1. The camp will be aet up at Iter Boreale, near Annotto Bay, St Mary. Mr. Douglas was speaking a the unveiling of a portrait o the late Mr. Elliston Wakeland at the Youth Centre, Falmouth About 250 girls will be train ,ed at the camp. are already three youtl for boys CobWa Chestervale and Kenilworth Mr. Douglas said Governmen plans to establish three more Christian and had a place of particular In the Jamaica Societj. Brochures on family planning "We eannot adopt a 'don't attitude about the future, or the men and women who will have to live then with the over- xjpulation problem we create today, will be our children." These of the Minister, Hon. Hugh Shearer, are part of the foreword to a "Men: Truth About Family Planning', which b one of four brochures on the lect of Family Planning recent- y Issued by the Bureau of Health Education Minlxtrji of Health, and related Others are titledt of Family planning'. You Can Plan Your Family' and 'Some Com- mon Questions about Family Planning'. Tbe three first-named book- are illustrated and printed in colour. of Family Planning' (ten are listed) in its tn- 'orma Mildred Hudson of I" Jnitr Lane Kingston Ml, granted decree nisi, coitt and ustody of the child of the against BasU RadcliW tudson of 2 Doncanter Drive, Kingston 2 She was represented by Mr oscph CooLs-Lartigue instructed by Sinclair and Parkins Urcella Mlnott of 7 Taylor DrKe, St Andrew, was grant-d decree nisi and eosta on le iround of desertion, against >ert Sylvester Miaott of 3 lla.i Drive, Kingston 17- She was represented by Mr Usurice Tenn instructed by and Bunny. The following persons were granted absolute: Edwin Crawford T. Letitta troduction is important to is no one "It that which will protect everyone realise metho CO "Martin Luther BUfaop Of UO i Gibson said, out of among TTff ond vice-president, the Rev. S. A, the Rev Luther Gibbe, assist- ant general secretary and Mr, H Fairwcaflher, treasurer Indies. Surviving lira. RossacW ere sons Charles-Esmond, and Carl. has said in London need for investment Touriat arrival figures for the first quarter of 1968 passed the mark, Mr. E Stuart Sharps, Director of Tourism, announced during May A record visitors of all categories came to the is- land in January, February and March a crease over 19.34 percent arrivals for in- the correspnding period last Long stay incrtated by 8.13 per cent, cruise pareen- gers by 36.54 per cent, and armed forces vtaitors by 62.3 per cent. A cable of congratulation! was received by, Mr. Snarpe from the Hon. Robert C. bourne, Minister of Trade and Industry, then in Geneva on official business. The cable said: "Accept heartiest congra- tulations and my warmest greet- ings to you and Board for your excellent performance of America. He had many admirers, but inspira- tion not the quality of proud, nor it the quality ol the nation, it is the quality of the individual. The spirit of God Inspiration to the indivi- No two persons, he were ever or could ever be dike. individualist who comes out of (the populist only in a century. "But could take heart under all ctrcumitanees" went on, "that indivi- dual arises and is then martyr- ed and killed, but in the end for which tbe indivi- dualist died of the populist and a common fact In society." The vote of thanks to Bishop Gibson was given by Mr. Snnguinetti 'More urgent' need for investment capital in W.I. The chairman of the West In- dia Committee Mr C. M. Hughei and crandchildren Funeral for Hossack will be held on Monday at tbe Seventh-Day Adventist Church at Kencot at 4.SO pm Interment will be in the May Pen Cemetery. that the capital in the West Indies has become even more urgent since the e was devalued "For the West Indian terri- tories devalued too Mr Hughes said, "and as a result the cost of living throughout the has risen appreciably." Mr was speaking tbe Committee's annual genera) meeting oh May 21. Mr. Hughes said much of what the West Indies buy from Canada and America, and there- fore costs at least 16 per cent more and the of Bri- tish goods, too, as a remit of rises m the prices of imported raw materials aid of freight rates, have also increased sub- stantially. i On the other hand, the prices1 the West Indies receive for their agricultural products have wot risen proportionately Mr. Hugh- es said Barbados 'Daily News' folds The Barbados Dally News and the Barbados News, published by the Caribbean Publishing; Co Ltd., Bridgetown. have shut down the weekly on May 9 and the daily on Mav 6. This was announced by Com- mander N. G. Dsyih, chairman of the company, the News re- ported on its final day. He attributed the end of the to laerwwed ope- rating costs and the effects of devaluation on prices Of newsprint and other material, and the economic facts of life were affecting the world over. He aaid the Advocate newspapers pany, Bridgetown (which Com- controlled over the physical of Caribbean Publishing on 31