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Text Content of Page 1 of Examiner on Sunday, May 17, 1711

Examiner (Newspaper) - May 17, 1711, Dublin, Dublin Vol.1. ( 161 ) ${ttmb'4i. The EXAMINER^ Tburfday May tyth 1711. Dos eft migna parentium virtus. ITook up a Piper fome Days ago in a Coffee'Houfe; and if the Cor-re&nefs of the Style, and a Superior Spirit in it, had not immediately undeceiv'd me, I fhould have been apt to immagine3I had been reading an Examiner. In this Paper, there were feveral Important Propositions advanced.f or Inilance, That Providence rais'd uf Mr. H- y SB he an lnfirument of great Good, in a very critical Juncture, when it was much wanted. That, /;// very Enemies acknowledge his eminent Abilities% and difiinguifhing Merit, by their unwearied and refilejs Endeavours a-gainjibis Perfon and Reputation . That they have had an inveterate Malice againft both .- That he hcu been wonderfully preferved from SOME unfa-rallel'd Attempt*, with more to the fame purpofe. I immediately computed by Rules of ARITHMETIC K, that in the lad cited Words there was fomething more intended than the Attempt of Guif card, which I think ean prcperly pafs but for One of the SOME. Andf tho' I dare not pretend to guefs the Author's Meaning ; yet the Ex-predion allows fuch a Latitude, that I would venture to hold a Wager, mcft Readers, both Whig and Tory, have agreed with me, that this Plural Number muft in all probability, among other Fads, take in the Bufinefs of Greg. See now ihe Difference of Styles. Had I been to have told my Thoughts on this Dccafion ; inftead of faying how Mr..//���� ywas treated by fome Perfns, and prejerved from fome unparalell'd Attempts; I fhould with intolerable Bluntnefs and ill Manners, have told a formal Story, ot a Com � ee fent to a Cordcmn'd Criminal in Newgate, to Bribe him with a Pardon, on Condition he would Swear High Treafon againft his Matter, who difcovered bis Correfpohderce, and fecur'd his Perfon, when a certain grave Politician bad given him Warning to make his Elcape: And by this means 1 fhould have drawn a whole Swarm of Hedge- wrrers to exhauft their Catalogue of Scurrilities againft me as a Liar, and a Slanderer. But with Sub-miffion to the Author of that fore-mentioned Paper^ I think hehascar-ry'd that Expreffion "to the utmoft it will bear: For after all this Noife, I know of but two Attempts againft Mr,// y that cm really be call'd unparalell'd, which are thofe aforefaid of Greg and Guif-card; and as to the reft, I will engage toparalell them from the Story of C*taline% and others I could produce. However, I cannot but obferve, with! Infinite Pleafure, that a great Part of what I have charged upon the late prevailing Faction, and^ for

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