Sunday, July 25, 1819

Dublin Whalley News Letter

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Whalley News Letter on Sunday, July 25, 1819

Whalley's News Letter (Newspaper) - July 25, 1819, Dublin, Dublin I '____dumber a 46, CONTAINING / An Impartial Historical Aceotifl^ from Vienna, Paris, and London. Prince Eugene's Arrival in Hungary. A ViZory cbuin'^by the Tuih ever *iH Venetians it Sei. A Wo-van being brought to $U of a Monger, in. France. Two Letters from Mr. Paul.tbe Clerty* man, to bis Grace the lord Anbbijkip of Canterbury, ant another Letter of bis to the Rt. Hon. the Lord To�nJbrnd: From Saturday July che sift, to YVednefday July the :%sxh% ijip fk(t now MTrivi one ^rhjfhfacht^ Mcbhrottibt u'pon Advice from the Frontiers, that the Turk* i Mail from from lrricc% have made ,ke/oycmgs at Jfclgredc, ltpou account* as they give out,.of* Victory obtained by their Fleet over the Venetians*. , ,., Pima, July Si ?Jris, July 22. Lftte^Bfee t8lfcpi| frofA Nerac fay, that on the-2i(Uetr tbtt tfJacc,* Y an fcxprefs from Buda there is Ad- Woroaji brought forth a Female*MonJltj after &, vice, that Prince Eugene of Savoy ar- DaysTravil. It had two Heads,.and a, yery Jpng rived there the 8th Inftant, being Neck, four Arms, |wo of which had thcrininat|y:a| falutcd with the Difcharge ot theCan* Shape, and ^ others were like the Leg* of at , - non; and thbMtie^ had prepared a Frog, It had alfo three Legs.two of tjlek nafiu� fbdfefor hfs Reception, his Highnefs wou'd not ral Miape, and the third like tbat oi a Mr,*}, > It accept of if* hut lay in his BirRthat Nigth/and the. was Baptiz'd by rbt$urg�on,ftMheip'dtod�lft ' fed feme BoffilirJes in Croatia againft the Sub- Iated to excite a new Rarjellfoji. in \ebtif.of.the re8s of the EWptrbr, hecMentah Otter to acquaint ettainted tmpofter, far whofc Intereft. he prttenda lame.' The Great Viifer is not arrived at Bd- Publick ifiay fes fatfsfyft, that iftftea'd ..oLdyiflg* grade, and the Turkifh Forces about that Place are Martyr for the pretender; and the diarchy as he notfo rrtrmeroiis as ft was reporred. Ml jfciftbK gires out, he did really dye, oqc of the Imott abo* means are ufed to falfe? the neceflary Funds for ;rVe" rhinable Prevaricators with fiod and Man, that Operations of War, and oertdes the f 460:00 ever was hear,d of......... r ; V [,\ Florins, which Prince Eugene has taken with London% July lS.Tfe^WQ/iollc^iog. LmersJ him, the chief Commiffary of War is to let. otft were writtten by Mr William. Fanlijo^ vthr ?f4 next Week ror the Arymy with 2 Millions of Fro- of July, to His Grace the Lord 'Archbifliop of fins. .SeveralOrders have been'ijjfocd for fhe'G.ol- Canterbury. ��� \\t ^ " ltdtingof the Tenth-Peaty in alt the, 'Eccte'li'afli'cal Revenue within the Hereditarjf Dominions of of Miy ii pteafe yqur^ Cr4<rs H . , ;,V1* jM. iL^ftojlWi

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