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Publication: Dublin St James Evening Post July 20, 1726

St. James's Evening Post (Newspaper) - July 20, 1826, Dublin, Dublin The St. James's Evening Pofi* / " '., Wednelday July the 20th. 1*726*. Late 'lad Night Arriv'd a locket, which brought 1 Mail frcm France, with' the following Advices. Algien, June 17. the Auftrian Netherlands, thereto begin Hottilities. A\\ hands are at work uron fli- Park, July 15. The Duke dJ Mor- med the Functions of his Catholick temar?' who was teported to have Majefty's Minifter at this Court, ac-gone to Tranfafl: feme Affairs at cording to the Orders he ha'sreceiv'd v/Fontainbieau w*nt to Madrid, from from that Monarch, and has alfo re-whence we impatiently Expe�l � new'd his Conference with our Mi-Courier to know what Succefs his titters. The report ttill holds, that Ne^ociations had at that Court, the Ele&ors of Bayarja and Cologn Bruflels July 8. A Certain Baliff have acceded to.the Vienna Treaty, has been taken up at Brugges/ for and they fay alfo thai thefoFmer it' Spreading a Rumour, that iome Fr. thofe Princes has engag'd himfelf to Troops were.in full march toward* farnifh. ;

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Publication: Dublin St James Evening Post

Location: Dublin, Dublin

Issue Date: July 20, 1726