Monday, June 24, 1726

Dublin St James Evening Post

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin St James Evening Post on Monday, June 24, 1726

St. James's Evening Post (Newspaper) - June 24, 1826, Dublin, Dublin The St. Jamess tvcttifig 4 Friday June the 04th. v*\t& '  Laft Night ArtVd a Britidi Packet which brought 1 Mail from Franct and 1 from Holland '....� Genoa, June 1; Cjranceilcr anfwer'd himin theKing'i ~ " ~paach,aft�:r df and ha4 Cap rejurn'd to Jilm in "the Anti-fingout loGallies in that Port,iand Chamber, his Cloak upon the dfc-uy another Veffel from Toulon,; 3 Cafe, andjhfeScyrwter without the Men of War have been Launched Palace Gate, there. Drefden June, 18/ A profecutk^ i Paris, June-22. The King has been \s eGmroene'd againft thofewho were ^lea&'d to give M. Ie Blare, fines his concern^ in railing the lattrTumulc, |etum from Exile, very obliging and an Order is puhJilhM by the tL jfProofsof lib Confidence, that Gent, forbidding any DifofcJer for the- fuh '"has now in the Cattle of Veriailles, ture on pain of Death; , .the Apartment which the Marquis d' Petersburg, Jure 24. TfeeNight v J reteua! had. between the 31ft p3ft and the firft ; Warfa*, June 9. The King who infant, afire broke out in the great &aJ kep? his Chamber for aFprtnight Timber-yard, and catch'd inftantly gave Audience totheFo- the Gallies, 8 whereof� were enikely ign Mihhters. The lame Day the Confum'd ; and another Ship call d nvoy of the Chirr! of Tartary had fhe Camel,juft finifh'd with a defign is pubiick Audience of the K, with- to condudl a Man of Wir of 120 ut hianC3p, Cloag, andScymiter;ac- fjahs to..Cron(lat hasalfo receivd ^jfSordihg to cuftom: when he preient- great Damage : The Fire laftr-"$>ted-his (Et'cdenthh to the King, he jrom n at XSJjght till 5 in the Moy '"� \de a Speech in the TartarianLanr- -njng> w|len jc vV^$ Excin^uifh'd be jg;aagei con raining-afflurances of, the the good orders given in the prtfeny ; LorO his Matter's great Concern f�r ' # ihii Malay's prc>fb9rity. The High ' J^s

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