Thursday, June 19, 1710

Dublin Post Man And The Historical Account

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Post Man And The Historical Account on Thursday, June 19, 1710

Dublin Post-Man And The Historical Account (Newspaper) - June 19, 1810, Dublin, Dublin AND The Hiftorical Account, -&c. Monday, "June the 19th, 1710.' .execure his Projects, and. invade Cat don't*. The Kin^ bemg informed, That the Enemies fend, fie-queue Farcies into Picardy, where they commit; great Ravages, Orders, a re feiic to-ailemble the Militia o^thau Country. According -to our L:ft Ad vkes IVom Jrri;, Mar-ihal VilUiYs continues near that Place, having noc found it poffible to attack the Allies in their Camp. He is deitroyjng all the Forrage.m the Province oi' Artou, by a Ipecial Order from the Court, that the E-ver Segra in Front. That Prince , nemies may not find wherewith to thought fit to make amotion, be- fubliir. in that Country. They fit caufe the Confederate Army con- up the Palace of Luxemburg!) for fifting of 1600a F&ot and 40.00 the Duke of Berry, who is to be Horfe, with a fine Train of Artil- married to Madamoifelle de Or It am lery, advanced the 26th to the as foon as the Difpenfations con>e Banks of the Segra, encamping cheir from Rome. Right^to Balaguer, and their Left From the^ Camp before Doway, Yeftercfay arrived One Packet from Great Britain, which brought 3 Oftend Mails, viz. 1 7 Madrid, June 2. N. S. According to out* Advices from Lerida, Kin^ Ptulip contin-ued encamped between Alguayra, and A I* ma-Hay* from the 2iff till the 28th paft, when he made a Motion, encamping his Right nearLertda, and his Left to Corhws, having the Ri- near Terms ; where they were itill, when the Letters came away ; the Armies being parted only by the Segra* They write that the King expects the Troops lately arrived ivom flanders, and thofe from the Kingdom of Valeniik-, and that he has a great Enterprize in View, which he will execute as foon as he has received thofe Reinforce-mcntsr^-The Spaniards have relie- June 16. Our Batteries being in a readinefs, we begun this Morning to fire at both Attacks again ft the Ravelins, in order to make a Breach; fo that the Place cannot hold out many Days; more; and 'tis generally believed, that the Garifon will beat a Parley before this day Seven-night, unlefsthey defign to venture a Storm. The French Army continues in the Camp mentioned in ved the Caftle o\Arensy which was our former: But Monfieur de Vti~ befieged by the Allies. lars has made fevsrai Detachmeats Paris, June 16. The Court be- towards Bethune and Cambray. The ing afraid that the Allies defign to Marihal Bprwick fet out 2 Days a-make an Invafion in' Provence,, have go from their. Army in order to rethought fit to reinforce their Troops pair with all poffible Speed to Dau~ on that fide; and on the 2d In- fhine^ to watch the Motions of the ftant, the Duke deNoAtlUs detach- Duke of Savpj. The Cardinal de ed 8 Battallions and* 6 Squadrons Bwillon arrived this Evening in our from his Army, with Orders to Camp from Tournaj. march for Provence with all poffible Speed. That General is fo much Weakned by that Detachment, that he -is not in a Condition to Hague, Jzr,e 19. Meffieurs Bays and Zanderdufjt n returned on Tqefday Night from Gtrfruydenbergf and the next Ajornipg made a Re- pert

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