Thursday, June 12, 1710

Dublin Post Man And The Historical Account

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Dublin Post-Man And The Historical Account (Newspaper) - June 12, 1810, Dublin, Dublin The Hiftorical AfccOunt* Monday, June the i2th, 1710. Yefterday arrived One Packet from Great Britain, which brought One Holland and One Oftend Mail, viz. Barcelona M*y 12. GEneral Staremberg is affem-bling �0000 Men near Mont-blaac, and hopes to be in a condition to advance in a few days towards Balaguer to cover that Place againft the Enemies, who feem to have a delign to befiege it. AH the Troops that are in this City march?, ed out on Thurfday Iaft to reinforce the Army, except a  Palatine Bacta^ lion which is to continue in Garifon in thisplao, and an Englifib RegiT ment which remains in Fort Mont-' jouy They work with all poilibls application on the new Fortifications of Gironne and Vicq, and the Trodps polled along the Terfor the Security of the Paffes have been reinforced with a confiderable number4 of the Militia* aad all other precautions are ufed to diiappoint the defigasof the Duke of Noailles, who is in motion on the fide of Rouffilion. . Fim.j. June (), While People expected to hear that Balaguer was aftajftHy.befiegedy Advice is come from Spain, iha&.King, PluJip is re-tuieifroHi before that place. Letters from Mad-rid of the 26th pad fayy that that Prince continued before Balaguer till the i8thv with a defign to befiege ir,.but that the Se-gra iwelPd to fuch a.-degree, by rea-ion of the violent Rains they had in that Country, that they found it im-poilible to lay any Bridges of Communication over that River \ and upon Advicethat the Enemies-were advancing with a numerous Afmyv King Philip thought fit to break up yksHK^th fwm boiote that place, and march'dback in 2 Columns towards Lerida, where he lay that Night; The 20th they .repaired the Segra ver the bridge of Lcrida, incamping their Right towards the Caftie of Garden, and the Left to Atcanzava. The 21 ft they march'd again and incamped between Aiguayra and AI men a ra, from whence Lieut. Gen, Hurtado de Amczaga, and the Velt-Marflial Efpinofa de los Monteros, >were. detached with 4000 Merij Horfe and Foot, to relieve the Call le of Arens, which is befieged by the Enemy; and the Army is to continue aboat Alguavra, 7till they are informed of the fuccefs of that Enterprize. The Commiffioners ap-^ pointed to examin the Papers of the Duke of Medina Cefi, have found, as We are told from Madrid, that he was actually ingaged in a corref-* pondence with the Enemies, and ^is laid, that Court his thought fit Chac he fhould be removed from the Ca-ftle of Segovia into France, that his Parrifans may not fet him. at Liberty by force, and occafion fome commotions on his account. Li(ley June 11. The Advices we received this Moment from the Camp before Doway fay, that at both Attacks they arc lodged oa the Covered Way, and were erecting Batteries to make Breaches.' The French Army continues in their former Poll, deftroying the* Neighbouring Country in a moit dreadful manner, and give out, that they arc fpeexhly to march to a Camp they have marked out between Cambray and Valenciennes", for covering thofe 2 Places. Their heavy Baggage arrived in theif Camp the 6th inftarrt. Several Detachments came fome D&ys ago from the Camp to* this Place, to fe-eure, the Paflage of the Lj/s, asit5 " givea

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