Thursday, April 24, 1710

Dublin Post Man And The Historical Account

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Post Man And The Historical Account on Thursday, April 24, 1710

Dublin Post-Man And The Historical Account (Newspaper) - April 24, 1810, Dublin, Dublin THE AND The Hiftorical Account, Sfc. Monday, April the 24th, 1710. + Yefterday arrived One Packet from d'Artagnan, with difpatches that Great Britain, which brought are kept private; but yet they can-One Holland and One Flanders not diffemble at Court, that they A/r~:l have been impofed upon by falfs Advices from the Netherlands and other parts, which affirmed pofitive- ly that the.Allies would not be in.2 ... - - Mail, viz. Vie ma, April 12. S Ome Advices from Turkey fay, that the King of Sweden has not thought tit to ac- condition to take the Field before the beginning of May, whereas the ordinary Letters from Bru/Iels fav. cept the Offers made unto him by that all their Troops axe actually the Grand Signior, to give him a marching to attack our Lines-Squadron of Men of Wartocon*. Thefe Advices have been confirmed duel him home,and intends to take by an Exprefs from the Chevalier his way thro' Hungary and the He- de Luxemburg, who writes further, reditary Dominions; but we have that Prince Eugene and the Duke had ib many falfe'Reports, as to of Marlborough are arrived at that Prince, that* People will not Tournay, in order to encer imme- " befiOT this advice &11 the lame is ^iately upon A&ion. The French confirmed, jmd Switz Guards are ordered to Frankfort, Jpritzo. The French march with a 1! ipecd for our fron-Troops in AKace are in motion, tiers, and are to be followed on the with a defign, as they give out* to pafs the Rhine, and attempt to make an Invafion into Swubia; but the Lines and the Pafles in the Black-Foreif, are fo welt guarded} 2$d by the life-Guards and other Troops of theHoufliold. From the Duke of Marlborough's Camp at Gouleflin, April 23. Notwithstanding-the great Preparati- tfiat we are in no pain abdut thv' ons the French had made for far-fame. The French5 '-Itofd&i&ffi. tifying their Lines, we got into the face will not-be fo noimerous as thfg fame the 21ft inftant without any give out; for feveraf Bari^lwnsaiid oppofition", by Couriers and Pont-. Squadrons which .were marching 'a-Vendin, and incamped that \from the Saar to joyji the French Night in the Pjain of Lens, and Army near Srrasburg, have on a yefterday Morning march?d again fucUen received Orders to ma*m very early t&cfillodge the French, wtth.all.poffible fpeed fortfie^T 1 therlaiids, wliieh makes people - - ---7 who were affembling their Troops near Vitry behind the Scarps, to difpute~th&Pai^e_ of that River. In wder^liereurko, thtMlrftiat'd^ Artagnan, cr Montefquiou, <as oX thersycall him (tliis- being the Name ofhis Fanqjily) had aflembled as many Troops as he could the 21ft,; and thole Under the Command of 21. rrequent fcx- the Chevalier de Luxemburgh preffes arrive here from the Marflial joyned them the fame Night; but i. _ . .. ; not* will begin in thofe parts much fo'on- v erthau the Enemies expected. Letters from Geneva fay, that to Bat-rahc*nsarea�tual!y marching from Daupiiine to'reinforce the French Army m Alfece. Fin's, April 21. Frequent Ex-

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