Friday, October 5, 1708

Dublin Post Man And The Historical Account

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Dublin Post-Man And The Historical Account (Newspaper) - October 5, 1808, Dublin, Dublin � 1  ' J U J , v > Mm - * -> � J <- 4' J    -  - u - i r ' ' ' . J? 5JI7W r iH-u p KoufrelacT,,whew" we eccarAppJ uuhd'am^rar^ of tfog tyrailuns, lec'mnjdrtb Moiftetie ^TpJfe5 D&Ke at ---- -------- - tiffions.and' 7o but ve;wtaiaM. ^icoWaffi^^Ssft'c^^^jy^l^ .che'lttfc iBdte.Tourniy on th^naer olM�f4jgpe,^n( �^-----��  - - - - U�V/l � -p,^-,-----.------ --0 - rhoie that luffered trk moll in the late DeieaiW^dSpiiiiS La Motte. The 6that Nighr, Orde:s weiegiven to our ro nu up tneuncn, and. dram partxheripi."b, rdecicaL tht lireaehei being ilsio^ iha co&JTtiyFi'ld fife"#ort�' . -Paris, Otto&er! 5.. Xetten-.ft&nf ifneCa'iw 0f.6hp:Dukc'of Brandy oficbe2d'-fnfiilll fa#;btha� rfr&t frince has ce�fc&ed a,"'lish�� _____________________.....__________t___________ from the -Matafilfebtf Boufflcr^, import^ i^niaf touivwc ffeefe for: theempty ^aQfff a^ircpn- that J the BeflCgefS begun ih�^$&th 'ttf filfT rfufl:thpm to^ar Army, m teot^co Ofteru^ rflpg&bmldy Ufatt-they had doite thtf* 2 .tKtfT- our Arrival ac the Camp or RouiTelaer, Advice Line nf CirJamvallarion. VVe left alio4 Squadrons in

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