Thursday, September 20, 1708

Dublin Post Man And The Historical Account

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Post Man And The Historical Account on Thursday, September 20, 1708

Dublin Post-Man And The Historical Account (Newspaper) - September 20, 1808, Dublin, Dublin T � E _ AND , The Hiftorical Account, cfc. * Monday, September 2qtb* 1708. v. Laft Night arrived Two Packets from Great Britain, which brought 1 Hoi-land, and 1 Ofiencl Mails. From the D. of Marlborough'/ Camp be-ta^#Sanghin and Peronne, Sept. 17. UR Advices from the Camp before Lifle fay, that on the 12th the Befieged made a Salleyto fill upi'ome of our Worksnear 1 of the Hornworks and the Tenaille, at the Attack on the Left. They overturned fome Gabions and kill'dand wounded about 40 Men, but were repulfed with greater lofs. Ma-Jr- jorGen. Voikerfhove received, on that occafion, a Musket-(hot through the . Body. The fame day Ingineer Marti-JTpy* who was fcarce well of a Wound he received in the beginning of the Siege was dangeroufly wounded. The Nigut "between^ the 13 th and 14th the Pr.of Holffeiri-Beck relieved the Trenches. The night between the 14th and 15 th, they were relieved by Lieut. Gen. Spar With 10 Battalion?, and they began that Night to work upon fome Mines in' or-r der to fill, up the Ditch of the Tenaille, ~K ?rid they plac'd a great maay Gabions & along the Palifadoes, The Enemies make ^t frequent Sallies vvitri fmail Parties, on purpoie to draw our. Troops from the Frenches, and then make a terrible Fire tipontherfi from the Ramparts, The s were .too much expofed to our Cannon, w h i ch d id g rea t E xcc u r (on a mo n g it Vm. M. <]& Chamillard being upo 1 his return to the French Court, ^nd willing to mike a true report to his Mailer of the Situation of our Army, went up to the top of a Steeple in .Vtxlin with feve-rai Generals, from whence he might have eafily difcover'd whefs we were ported, but a Cannon Ball from our Batteries happening to beat down ionic part of the Wall of the Church, that Minister and the Generals went dc^wfl from the Steeple with great precipitation. The 15th they decamped froril thence before break ofday, they marched without beat of Drum, their Righzto ' Ofclliers, and their-Left to Riba^icourt. The? D. of Marlborough gave Orders to our Army to be in a readinefs. to rriarth the 16th to obferve the Enemy. The 16th at 5 in the Morning the Enemies beat the General, ancj marched before jkeak of Day in 4 Columns,-by Mouchin and Bachy dix&$k\y towards Tournay; whereupon our Attn jr made a motion, the EngViEb Troops with the Pruffians and fi^aoyerians, takihg the Right, as they Jiad before we /came to Fretin, and the Danes and Dutch the Left. We encamped the Right to Pre tin, ana* the Left jto An-nappe, the Marque before us. My Lord Duke took iiis Quarters at, Sang-hin, and Monfieur the Vclt AbrCbai 15th'l^r. Eugene order'd that 12 Batta- continued at Poroane. A Detachment lionsitiftead of jo, fliould mount the of ;io -~ * - �� ^ IK tht Ukeja^ffjbef froifi the Arij*y cf Prince Eugene, under the JCbmwwj$ of Brigadier Chancios, raarclfd at the fame time towards Au&riarde, with Orders to obferve the motions of tiki E- 'TTreliches, viz. 5 Impenatifts, Palatine 61: lfcilIians:Qn the Right Attack, and 7 -4 on tbeVfceft detacfa'd from the Troops of c^the Fr.ofNaffau.. The Works ae fo far advanced, tlkra^orcjing to fome Advices, they are to attack the Honi-work the 18th or j 9th, utilefs fome un-f fo^feefl;4ccidei)t: ^lhQu|d;6apj^r1i.v Enemy (cdntihuM^e 14m toiprKfy the* %- r- . - Qionti theHea$Ctertm wife ii&dftl ^ Village of Seel in, but yet did ftpt bring /atBlandain, butted ft^^w^ ^ S koy Artillery to thole Intreachaifents, / Toufnay. lMyM6faitik:t^S''''' " ;#iid withdrew Brfie R^jgimeii^ that ^ched ky'ml 3

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