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Dublin News Letter

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Dublin News-Letter (Newspaper) - November 22, 1840, Dublin, Dublin Vol. IV.' RICH AR D R E I L L T. Numb. 406 The Dublin" News-Letter. From Saturday November the 22d, to Tuesday November the 25th, 1740. dierday arrived four Bntilh Packets, which three French and two Holland Mails TURKEY. Conflantinople, September 28. bseugh HE Execution of the Treaty concluded between Ruffia and the Porte met with great Difficulties, occafion'd by the Turks pretending to explain, or rather invert the Senfe of fome of the Articles of it. As the Roffnn Miniltry would not give way in the leaft to thofe Expla nations, both Parties were on the Point of breaking off ch� Negotiation; but the Marqoefs de ViHeneuve, the French Ambnffisdcr, has found means to remove all thefe Drffi. cuities to the fawfaftion.cf both Parties. Every thing i< now �ttfed, but we don't yet know upon what Condi lions. There is ftrll a great dearth of Provisions in this Ciry,- and the Plague contraoes to make great Havock amongft us; nevertheless the Popolace is very quiet. LB Conftantinople. Oclbber 4. The Grand Sfgnior ha*1 lately caufed feral Perfdns more to be put to Death fa, the Seraglio, to prevent the bad Conferences which rile Faftions form'd mere might produce. C-E K tJ S S I A. Peterfburg^ Oft. 21. The young Sovereign was re imv'd trio 19th Inftant from the Summer Paiace, where her la:eMije/�y d*iid, to the Winter Palace. G E Petersburgh; Oft. 29 The Duke of Broofwick ha� been dtc!n�cd Cetera litEmo of aU the Forces of this Empire. An Order has been difpatched to Cronftodt not to difarm rte Fteer, GE According to our Advices from Vienna, the late Em-p�ror has fettled a 'jointure of 150,000 Crowns on the Emprtf* his Relift, betides the Property during her Life, of the Ifleof ~Sfc, Margaret, and the other Lands whole ever/ues were enjoyed by the late Prince Eugene of &voy. ThefiKcoors which the Queen propofes to de-i mand of the Hates of ber hereditary countries will confift of 16,666 Recruit*,' viz. 20,000 for the Infantry, 4000J for iheCuiranlers, and 2000 for the Dragoons: Sixthao-ftad Hbrfet nelikewifo to be bought up for remounting the Cavalry. GE Peteribo&rg, Oft. 30 By the Iaft Will of the late Emprefe, tire Duke of Couriand was dedar'd Regent, with an abfoiute Power in ajl Affairs, within and without the EmpTre, both in refpeft to the Armies and Finances-It k therein likewife provided, that in cafe the yoang Emperor ftWd die without Pofterity, ^and no. Children left of the Marriage'of thePrincds Arme and Duke Anthony-Ulrich of Jtonfwick, the Duke of Courfand, in Concert with the Minifters of the Cabinet, the Senate, the Ve-dtAfaffhals- and Generals of the Army, jhall be tan* powet*d to appoint a new Sovereign. L E 'Tis certain that the) Czarina died of the Goat in her Stomach, and an Inflammation in her Kidney?, in which there was found a done. L E ITALY. Venice, November 12. The Senate has iflued Orders for completing the Troops of the Republick, and it is flrongly reported that a Fleet will be fitted out before next bpr'mg. LE Parma, Nov, 8. The Queen Maria-Terefa of Hun gary, "Boliemra," has been recognized Sovereign of this fc'ountry, as fole Heirefc of the late Emperor, and in Conformity't* one of the Artielesof the definitive Treaty figned at Vienna in 1738, between the Imperial Crown and Frarrce. DENMARK. ' Copenhagen, Nov. 5. The apprehenfion here of a general Scarcity have induced the Court to take what Meafures they can to prevent it. The Prohibition tof export Corn from HolHein and thofe Parts, which was fufperided by a Placard of the 17th of September laft is again renewed, fo that no fort of Grain is now to be cariiedotK of any part of his Danifn Majsfty's Dominions. L G GERMANY Vienna. Oft. 29 N. S. Her Majefty has fent to the States of this Province a Royal Decree, acquainting them with the Death of the Emperor, h?r taking Poffeffion of the Regency, of all his Hereditary TVriitories, and ap pointiijg them to repair hither and pay Homage to hw on the 22d of next Month. Her Majefty has likewiiH notified te the States of Hungary the Emperor's Deceafe end her Acceflion to the Throne of that Kingdom ; an<f| jdeied them toaflemb'e in Dyet at Preibourg toward the End i$ this 'Ye'.r, in order to the fettling of .the Time tif her Coronation. LG Vienna, Nov. 4 The Archdutchels Maria Therafa, <^tjccn of Bohemia and Hungary, and Adminiftratbrbr Juftice, during the Vacancy of the Empire, has granted a free Pardon to all Soldiers, who for thefe two Yean have deferred the Imperial Colours, under any Pretence whatfoever, provided they will return to their Regiment: within fix Months. Vfe are in the mean time railing Recruits throughout this City and Suburbs, in order to have all the Regiments compleat by the Month of April next, magnificent Equipages are getting ready for the Great DuReof Tnfcany, againft the time of the Election ofaa Emperor, King of the Romans. S J E Vienna, Nor. 5. A very important Conteft is anfen between this Court and that of rMu<ich/ The Queen, having wrote* Letter to each of trie Electors to notify the j Death of the Emperor her Father, ind her AcccjBon to the Throne of Hangary arkl Bjrremia, that which fhe had wrote to the Eleftor of Bavaria wa* fent back to the Count de la Peroofe, nlbrifter of that Prince here, who returned it to the Minifters of the Queen, declaring to them, " that it was not pcffible frf thc'Ekftor his Mailer to acknowledge that Hrincefsas Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, becaufe of the Fittenfidhs^hutfdf had to the fucceuron of the Emperor,' and which' he has rcfolved to mfke the beft of. That "hfinifter addjrdi, that thefe Pre-teafions were founded apM ibt Will . 30. There are frefh Commotions in the Archbifhoprkk of Saltsburg. The Inhabitants of feveral Villages have embraced the Proteihtnt Religion, and demanded the free Exercife thereof, or Leave to quit the Country, as many others have done. The Archbifhop has on thi> Occafion dehVd to be affiled with fome Troops from the Elector of Bavaria. G E Ratisbon, Nov. 14. 'Tis reported, that-the Eleftor of Bavaria is railing a confiderable Body of Troops in the Upper Palatine, which they pretend will fbon be com-pos'd of 25,00s regular Troops. W* hear frpm Prague, that the Garrifon of that City hath taken the Oaths of Fidelity to the Queen of Hurgary and B hernia, &c. Munich, Nov. 12. The Elector being refafved to fup-port his Rights to the Soccefhon of the late Emperor, has communicated this Refoluxion to feveral Couruof Earcpe. He has hkewife ordered an Augmentation to his Troops, fome Regiments of which it's aflur'd have already Or-, ders to march. G E SAXONY Drdden, November 6. We hear that the King has reign Minifters at this Court The Queen, informed of [difpatcaed a Courier to Vienna, to sfliire the Queen cf the Caufe of the Elector's Refufal, oVidaaaed � Copy of'rT " ' ' " '" ' �  the Article of the Will upon which that Prince founded his Pret:nfions, in order to compare it with the Originals lodged in the Archieves of the Horjfe of Auftria. This Copy having been accordingly deliver'd, Count Sintzen-dorff fent for the Count de la Pcrotrfctothe Palace, and alfo invited thither the Marquis de Mirepoix, ambafiador from France, as well as the other foreign minifters When they were' affembled he prefehted to them the ork ginal Will of. Ferdiaaficl I. and the Extraft delrVered by the Bavarian minifler, defiling them to compare the one with the other; to take Copies or Extrafls thereof, and to communicart the Aftair to their rffpefthre Courts. The Difference of the two Articles is cerriifify very great, the Extraafimttrjr the Court'of Bavaria importing, that the ArcMutchefs, ddeft Daughr^ofthe'Empetof Ferdinand wh^ fhall be arrve when the racieilotj fhsil happen to be open, fitail fuccee^ to the two Khlgdomsof Bohemia and Hangar^, 1cL in dm; there ft^be noHdrs Male iving of anyoftfodn^Bibdm'ofthat Emperer. The Original prodtnid Iff Cobnt SmTzen^oa^ oa t&e)' contrary, is exprefed m'tBe' ftfkiirittt Terms r;Tnat die^Archdut-ohefi, eldeftD^gi^'if the Emperor Ferdinand I. which f&fll riappen t&:B�%ring at the time when the fuc-ceffion fhali bewme open, flrall fo^ceeo* to the two King. donis oPBohemlaj^ fttmgary, ^c? in cafe there fhould be ner lawful Herri fivirrg of any ot dbje three Brothers of that Emperor. Th� Eleftor^of Bi^aiia therefore pretends, that the fucceffiah is at prefent open, accdrdiog to the import of the Will; whereas iris maintained on the Part of this Court, that the faccefEon is not open, becaufc the late Emperor did net die without kwful pofterity, Orders have been ient to all the Queen's minifters in foreign Hungary that his M^jeily will fiipport her with all his ^Power, io ail her Rights to the Succcffion of -the Hereditary Countries left to her by his late Imperial Majefty, according to the Pragnut;ck Sanctiem ; and. the King of Poland offers evea to command r.is Troops againft all her Enemies that fhali oppofe it. L E PRUSSIA. Berlin, November 19. The Troops which the King has ordered to be in readiness to march coniilt of twenty Battalions and 25 Squadrons : 7 hey are to be commanded by the VeWt Mar ihalSchweria. LB if ITZEHAN D. Sehaffhaufen, Nov. 8. We hear from.Porenta, that they have tried and executed the Ringleaders of the Pe�-fants who had taken up Arms againft the Bifhop of BafH their Sovereign. LE NETHERLANDS. EruiTels,. Nov. 17. An Augmentation of foor Regiments to the National Troops of this. Country is talked of. . GE PRANCE. Paris, Nov. 11. The Prince deIjcbteiiflein,Einbairj�� dor from the Couft of Vienna, has receiv'd. O'den to ftajr here. foAe time longer. His Excelleccy appears ex-rxeamiy fasi^fy'dwitb the Affjrances be kjtV rc$eivd�om the Cardinal de Fleorjr in the iailConference be, had with his Emineacy at Pootainblean. One of the" fJourt Mi-nifters has explain'd himfelf in the folktwing Terms, in regard to the King's Iptentions. 'rfU Majefty having guarantied rhe Pragmatick Saoftion, wi|l faithfully pet-form what he promifed the late Emperor : The Choice of. a new one depending on the free Qoncarrence of the States of the Empire, he will carefully avoid-everything coura to commtmieate the Reafons that her majefty alledges, that may pot any Conftraint on tha^'Prfedom; and on agamftthi Pretenfious of the' Eltfftor of Bavaria: In the this, as well on all other Occofionsj' {te will fhew that mean �trie, however, it has been refolved toaflemble a. his only Aim is to maintain themoKpedeft Tranquility large Body of Troops open the Frontiers of Bohemia, m Europe. / LET It's ^Ifo talked that the Garrifons of the PfaoBs^of Han- Paris, Nov. 16. The Eari o�f�afleihaven died in this gat/next the hereditaiy coontnes wilt be reinforced. On City on the 9th Inftant, aged fura-fix Years, GE the 6th Inftant the Queen refolved to Cttat full liberty] Paris, Nov. 18. Thirty tw4flups laden with Cera, the counts Soefcrndorft; Wallis and.Neaptrg. On the arriv'd at Havre a few Days ajj$k We hear from Tou-7th couriers were difpatched to thefe three Generals, With Ion, that three mips are.fajTd from thence with ftores for a decree of bar ma^tfty,' declaring to them that Grace, ^^h^teG d' Antin's fquadron. L� and confirming them in the Enjoyment 60 all their Enr-^S^^i^ovember 19.. Our Letters from Madrid of pjoyments, Honours and Dignities, Count SecIcendor|P|p�jfnnant bring Advice, that the King of Spain has is ordered to ha Gove�nment of Philipsburgh, Cous^lHiiied^on Aiamiel de Montiano. Colonel and Gover-WsBis to hh Efhte in Bohemia, and count Neuperg im- SPpFlorida, to the Pofr of Brigadier �f. his Armies, in medktefy to repahr hither. ' 'The Qoeen: being s^a^'i^iCenadetatkm of his-brave Defence of Fort St. Auguftinc, poied fo take this Reiblution, the GrandDukehtr Confort. froor before which he forced the Eoglilh to fly with tbolc..pains tofbrward itsExecuicn. GE foate and Precipitation. LE As we are not without fome UceauWs with regard to< H O L\L A ff D the movements of the court of Munich, Orders have beeaj Amfterdam. It is generally talk'd, that there will cer-iffued for filing off twelve thoofand men towards tJ^Frdii- tainly be an Adgmenutian of joon M?r, bellies one of tiers of Moravia GE 1 toco which u acluaUy r,o take Place, and of a fpeedy Vienna; Nov. 12. The Court has receiv'd the An- Promotion of Generat^^cf rs, in which, it's thought by fiver of the King of Pruffia to the Letter which the <^een|olofi, that the Prince of Orange will not be comprehefld-of Hungary had writ to him, to acquaint him. with'tl^^ in Quality ot'General of U� Infantry. -G E Death of the Emperor, and with her coming to the Re-J gsnc/of the Hereditary Eftate. This Anfwer is conceived in very obliging Terms: His PrufCan Majefty therein riot Only gives Affwances that he will maintain the Pragmatick Sanftton, but even Offers to fend, in cafe ^f need, a confiderable Body of Troops for the Defence 6fJ thofe Eibtes. The fame Aharances have been - received ohthe" Pairt of tie' Eleftor of^Saxony. <3 fe Hanover, Nov. it. A IV^funderftanding isari{enbetween Prince WiH'uftn of Hefle, anil the Landgrave of It's faid, that the Conferences which Prince Wiliiam ? Befje has had with theMembers of the. Couacil - of State, have chiefly turned upon Augmentations, and making fome iieceflary Repairs to the Fortifications of h^aftreicht, towards which it has besn already agreed: to amnfoy *8o,opo Florins. GE ,'J J�gue, November 15. Mr. Trevor has communicated to the Kftembers qf the Regency, bisrBritarinickJtfa-^fty � sbTolutely dctermin'd to aft for the Support of.tbe Prag- ftUBSGRlPTIONS fir City andOuntry, Jtr this Paper, arttafan in by the printer hereof.

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