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Dublin News-Letter (Newspaper) - October 14, 1840, Dublin, Dublin Vol. IV. RICHARD REILLT. in News-Letter. J 9? From Tlt.sday OStoter the 14th, to Saturday Otfober the j8th, 1740. Since our laft arrived two Britifi* Packer?, which brought one French and one HolLnd Mails. ITALY. Rome, September 27. H E Pope having efcbKfh'd a Congre ganon to make lome Reform in the B Army, they havereferredto reduce the H Pay oIcvltv Captain to thirty Crown H pec Month ; it it new fixty : A Licute- nant inllead of twenty Crowns a Monfh is udat'i to fix-teen ? and the Eniiga's Fay i�fcred at ftji'lee* CrowT. The Pay of every private Centinel i? aMo veteM? ffom nitte to fix P*>fes per Diem Jris feekof�*li that *bk Regufeiioe witt make .1 Saving of f&ooc Crowns' a Year, bot ethers ray � wiH amount to above 6o,oco. G E Ftorfnce, Oft. 2. They write from MocVria, that ffany Officers and Soldiers elf the Swrfc Regiment, which rhaC Duke is raffing, are daily arriving at V/inndob, rh� Pfece cf th�� Rendezvous. 1 he Mflgrfbrates . nd Citizens of Sologna are extremely dif&rijned at the choice made �f Cardinal Alberoni for their Legate { they have accord iogly made their Reprefentatiens to the Pope, but without Suctefs. LG FRANCE. Paris, Oft. rc". Since the tft of this Month eleven Ships, laden with Corn, are arrived at the Port of Havre, for the Ufe of this City : and three Boats, alio laden with Cora, are arrived herefrom Rouen, which has been dfflri-buted MS the leveral Markets of Paris. G p. They write from Smyrna, by rhe way of Vienna, rhat Th*roas Kcufi Kan had with his own Hznu wnrrrn ro ait ike French Contois in the diffirrent Ports to which the Per. jum navigate, 10 acquaint them that he formed a Dl fignof potting to Sea a formidable Fleet, as w-tl! to open tt hi#Sebjtfts�in advantageoui Commerce, ns to their common Enemies; but he at the fame rime dtclar'd, rh�; fce weuld lay his Marine Officers under fuch fevere Penal tits, a� flioald �prevetiP them from ever fairing 'to pay tl�r Jteipe&s due to the French Fiag, and would Jjkewiie give them Orders to lend it, on all Orcafiorrj, rhe utmoff Afiii I tance. Hft concludes with folieitrng the faid Conl'uls to Mike known to the Court of France, as focn as psfSble, die Pwhy of hfs fntentionsin Hirs Rdpeft. G E If thj� Account is to be depended on, which may be Jitrly qfrefh'on'd confidering thro' what Channel it is con eyed, trwr* is no Room to doubt but the French will turn tfcefo benevolent Profeffions of the Perfian Viclor to then �W*i Advantage in the Completion of their favourite Schemes; and feme Perfcrrs �re apt to fnrmife, that by this means they will endeavour to cultivate a frcretFrienc (hip between the Turks and Perfinns, and bceby furnifh rae Ottoman Coort with a fair Opportunity to afilil the Swedes againft the Ruffians-, in cafe rhe Czarina Ihould not (Male proper to 6gn a Treaty on their Tenns. MS ^nd which have been the Gcc* Con of the prefsnt War. That notvvithflanding the repeated iuilances and.Ref�fen tations of the States General, they have nofyetbeen able 10 obtain the Satisf .ftion which they have io ofiei* demanded of his Catholick Majerty, in relation U) the ilopping and taking a great Number of Dutch. Ships. That turther, has bt-jsn conjuded at Hanover, the Kiettor is to have tb�ee i'urt^ in four of the iiugated Eilate of the late Count dg tfenauv an4 Princs Wiiiiiin is to keep the other fourth. One of the teven Dutch Ve&Is whicn the King of Denmark lately cau^'d to be ieized in Ifeland, on pretence that they carry'd on a 1 radein thoie ieas which his f>aniih Ma-heir High Mightintfies can. by, no meaos perfuade thtm,-1 jelly had prokibited, has found an Opportunity to efcare, (eJves, that the Step taken by his wit Chrifliau Majefty aud carry away her Danifli Guard, which were Qiuc under in fending his Squadrons to America, CjWi aafwer the End j ike Haiches, while they: were afleep, and thve detained his Majefty propo/es by it, �h,ich i> peeteDdcd thereby to i fuch clofe Prifoaers, that they never law the Sky from facilitate an Accorsujiodaiioa betw*ei> the Pcwers at | Inland, till they carre into the Texel. This Veifel was Wzr. It neverthejefs ihtf m�aa* ihattl^ prove irisff^ctual < no tigger than a Herring Bu^s, and the bold, of rather for bnV.gij.g about to d�fi'aoie aa end, the Uung would be J ralh F.xploit. waspertormed by no more thaa three Seamen, infTaiteiy 2g;rceable to their High Mightiaeflis: But that j as l.out as they were refokce. The other ix YeAHs feiz'd they cou'd not help recemmtaaieg to hi* IvL^jelJy, rather ; are of the fame fmail Craft, and we:e 3l:'o knt to Llh 'for to continue to aft by his Mediation, the vvay of � Cjd. G E The following h the Subtence of the Atifwer marie by the States General to the Declaration of Frsnce, ir �lttio� to the Departure of tbc Breft and Toulon Swradrow. The Genera? therm thanked the King of France Arms, to,procure thcre-tflabliflinseDto/Peace. GE We heat fiom Reanes, that tiie Stales of Bretagne have unanifljou/Iy granted the the ufuaJ Free Giic. L E Holland- Hague. The Marquis de Ftnelon perceiving what an unexpected EfF of i'eople here in genrraJ, never ceafes tp ajfurcthje Mefnoers oirhe Govtrnmcr.i, that his Court has really no Intentions of goiog to War Great Britain, but i^aftuaJly more than ever difpos'd jo ufe ns u:moft Endeavours to bring aCOJt^n Accommo ation. ! ho' their High Mightineffes do nor lay much Streis on thefe Proteffafjon^ io often repeated, having lately experiene'd whac fragile thiflg^French Promifes are, yet they are not diipie-s'd with the Language PLANTATION NEWS. Jamaica, July 21. Vice Admiral Vernon is now in Port Royal, with moil of his Squadron ; the reft being cruizing in proper Stations. A Pnv-iteer from St. Chnifio-phei% has brought into St. Anne's on the North Sid* of this Ifland, a Spam/h Snow, laden from the Caraceas with Cocoa for La Vera Cruz ; which, tho' but a inull Veficl, is accounted a rich P;ize, being intiiely lacea with Coooa. Bofton, July 28. There i* now builAug by Mr. lowell, for the Uie of this Province, a fctla Snovv. c^ '7� Tons, which is carry'd cn with hich extraocrioary P'1* patch, that it's faid fhe is to be launched in a-rfonrh's time at fanhelr, tho' her Keel has aot been laid<d�vea VVeek. Tt.e Levies of Men w this ProvinrtJ ior the intended all tl% for the R�4pecV he ftewed rhem, in communicating cc them the Realbws which Oigsg'd his m^ft Chriilian ta-feridTheSqtiadTOBs he had cahs'd to be equipp'o at Bred and Totrbtt into America : But their High \Lignii nefc* <Iedar'd, t*�� they had conceiv'd hopes that the Osnrtof Frwice, m purfnance of its ^romife, would We 'Wanned rbem <vfmt its Squadrons tfere really in ended for, Wftr�K8arf�nfcf\J rheir departure, fmce this Court wi ; wrftftoc Joubte�M to mind, rtiatrheir High Mightineyes, who ^rere always attentive to the freparattons which were ng*tft�lF, Tdolon, and in the otherfomof France,. w-etefearruTef what miglrt be the Cdnfe^uehces, hac, fcf tfiefr Atrrbtrfrsdor made kno�vn tlie'ir" A'ppreheofionfJ o^'flmSribjert-to hisrftoft Chriflian Wajelty, upon which the tofmifters vf that Monarch pofjuvcly aiTarM the fai� Aarosfladw, that r� contrary to the prelent Intentions o *ke Rmg, -ChrumffaDces HiquW oblige hirh to put hit SqaadreiiSToSea, tire Rejptlblick fhou'd not only .beadver^ 61 this Ambaflador, becaufe what he has fo often aliened J Expedition to the Wei Indie:, go ��� beyoad what coold. "~ be reafonably exprtled : Far aKi�y it is not quite twenty Days fiace his Excellency Governor Belcher was plcaisd to appoint the Officers to command the T.ocps, )ct we have three Companies'of �b hundred Men each already mufler'd in this Town, vig. Capt. Gt&'s, Capt. PaiJips'., and Capt Prefcot's, who have" received their Awns, and are exercifed every Day by the Bnufh OfficersJately arri*^ here from New York, who take great, Paina to inftr treio in tbx Diicipline bow in aie in his Majefty's Af*3 S�rml ofher Companies will be mufler'd iiereicj pays, ami all the ttn Companies; to be rais'd. wilj ^ ouc vince, will certainiy be com pleat, in lef*, y ^ g^,^}^ Time : Which exuanraiaary Zeal tor his Mijefty's (eWIce, ,:s it is much to the Honour of this Gov^roasfnt, fo 5 muft oe to the iShame and Goofa&oa both td thofe at home, and jb a neighbouring Province, who nave reps*fen;eJ the People here, as neither ahic nor willing ta ii ve his Ma-jeiiy nf)ob this' exirasrdioary Qccah#n ; which was the> Reaifin why so mare Cofflmiflioru or vlrms were feat &cm Ne�v York to chis Town, and which has in forae raea/are flacken'd fame of the Officers is their Levies, h& they/ ihould Jiot have an Opportunity to ferve his Majeffy in th'"' Expedition ; but for their Corn/bit We can inform them that nfc Excellency our Governor has receivedDire&ions by the lad Poft from Co!. Blakeney, his Majeity's Adjufcnt GeatraL to coaipieax the wii>!e ten CoR3.paaies as foon as pofSbie, ;tbeir: being CoromiijSons and Arms ftfSeient for theiB expwSrd at New York in a ftort Time, bin Excellency has �i/o Direciions to pay all the Troops raited bete^ tjiree Munihs advance Wages, having already leceked tn* Memy for that parpofe. GE By a Ve&i juit now arrived from Smith Carolina, we iiavea�Qrtnrmat;on at the unweicorae News of the raiijng the Siege of St. Auguoine; and by LeUers to Gentlemen jn Town, �c (tad that the Gecerai's Conduct ia that oc-foftaaate Expedidoa js verymuch cen ured. GE This Forenoon the Companies of Capt, S:uiEf Jtrd C^pt may continue to be mace ule of by their High Mighunefves as an Excuse f;r not granting Grea: B itain the pxomiled Succouibin cafe fhe (houid happen to demand (hem. GE A Letter from London* October 4. M". e'e BufTy, the French Minitler, has acquainted the Lords Regents with .the Motives to the rntft Ch'iftian King's fending his Fietts to the Weft Indies, a ad dedaicd at the fame time, th^t the King his V&Serkld. no Intention to fupport Spain in the Right fhe lay* Claim to ia the .AmericanSeas : That he ha* no other Aim but to psottft trje Spanifh Indies purfuant to Treamts: Thathisfoie view in taking mat Step is to contribute tsfvard* reftoriag Peace between England and Spain, upon equable Conditions whicn may be enjoy'd in common by both Powers : That the King oelires not only that this End stay be attained tn, but alio that all the Powers intercfted thV N'aviganoa of the Weft. Indies may obtiip a free Navigation to and from .heir refpecVvt Colonies; and, as to the- nsfi, {hat the Commerce at th^at Country may be. few'd upon 0 lulling Fouridition, Sec A grand Council is feeMNhis D*y 00 the laid Declaration. Tfto' the King's return is a litrle reiaided, the Pubiick is ftill of Opinion that his Majelly will t;.ke a vigorous Rekdution on the prefeat State of A�-uirs in Europe, uniefs tome unforeieeB. Iacident furrufhes Matter for {ettirgonForjta^egfciatJr^.VT, GE The Marqufi de FeneJon, AmbaffadorfTom Fxaace, contmues to exhort the States General to make a cemmon. |.Caufe with hisCourt formaiotaining<h�,T''�tyJpf Urecht with regard to the pofje^onsof hts CatioJick Majeay in; Ameica : And for tbn purpote, that their High Mighti : r.cffcs would join a Squadron with thofe -oi'jhiimjsft Chri-ftiau Majefty, in order to prevent the Cemraerce in the, 'vV'eft Indie- frgm being interrupted by any Power wjutfb ^ver. 1 he Deputies of their HighMightinefTes manifefled their Sutpr ze at the proportion of this Emba&aw, and told him, that'it was not by the Engtifh fijjat their Mer-ij chants who traflick to the Well Indies had in the leaf! i Juffcr',i, but that it was fiom the continual Vexatio�s and .i^ichanis ivcte rxvkiw'd by his Exoailancy ; but neither of njuriousTreatment they had met with from the Spaniards, that they had only cauie to complain of; and that their H"^h Migihtinefjes had caus'd Repreientations to be made ;p^n this SubjeiQ; at the Court of Spain* and hid reiterated them have yet ceceiv'd cheir Arms. Q E PoEtuiiouh in hew H&fnffhue, Aug. 8. This day b;s Excriltsncy Goaerfior iWchi-r was plcsfed to appoint Joho Eyre, Efiy to be C?pt. of a Company of Volunteers, their Iaftances, tmt all in vain; wherefore tieir High JLr his Ai^efty's �e*vice in tie intended Expeditiea againil M^tineiTes hadirjuadit very neceffery to grant the Pro- j f jaBoofty ercorntnended to his Excellency T*y his Majefty'a Curamerce which Treaties concluded in the iBioft felcmn mariner had prtviiedg'd them to do.. .. . -> Tjie States General look with a watch i�l JSycapan-tfie li^.tliertof, botttetit fhoold likewile before hand be ac ji q�lirrlrd-.'�Jtn what they wete going -about: That th^ Defignsof the Cipurt ofS?raace, which are, as ';is pc&itfe-ijoar^iampiny of V^luJiteec to the general R*acezvous in lyaitur'd. xortvn the Tahiesapon theJSnglifa ioAaierica* the Weil Indies. GE " ' ~ StVe hear his Excellency the Governor intends io take a Taing. however, bad nqt been done, in Conformity , mingJpteatBritain. j^f, ^tc^'RepntlicIc ftill uttreu from pain the fa'me'Glit^ %-thfS, Accommodation. f rfee Dispute b��v�en the Eke-, meawttUfe TOaipiaitt'doFJay theCourtoTGrcafjBrii^'n, t.qr-of ^au and Prince William of fibifefCaflcl, which', Council of che -faid Pcoviroe for the (aid P^il.. G E We hear that the General .^flVmbry of this Province have .railed 2700 i. to defray the Expeoce of conveying .n' es m tteir JV>flieffioos, .aadhy doing every thisg in its power to traverfe the De -^ua�y of Cartle William and Mary to-morrow, in order &> lepmfent one unhappy def�ncelef^fiate of rhat Fortrefs to his Ms jelly, in hopes of obtainitrg feme Aflsiiarvce from she Crown Canard's the Repair thereof, and furm/hing of the Ldd CtM&Kith .warlike .Stones.  G E E N-G LA N D. Sarom, OS. 6 The-beiliiopsat Way Hill Fair fold frost -61. to eight nGui&eas per Hundred ; there were but very few fine Hops ; and in the wlu le a ie& Quantity thaa :has beeniknoviTi'&r>many Vea�. GE LONtDpN,

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