Tuesday, July 26, 1740

Dublin News Letter

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin News Letter on Tuesday, July 26, 1740

Dublin News-Letter (Newspaper) - July 26, 1840, Dublin, Dublin \ 7 RICHARD R EI LIT 3 y ews- ixtter. From Sat as day Ja/v che 26:h, to Tuesday July the 29-;), 1740. Since our laft arrived one Brmfli Pecquet, brought two t ru.cn and oue HuiLr.d .Ma R 1; S S 1 A. Fete:. bur^h, July 5. 1 who ardv'd litre in five Days from Mifleil'es rrpo is, J tt...t Octt Fart of the OiEccn ami caiforj banging to J tiic i-'r rich Squadron iq the Per; t.i T'ou.'i.:] I itavc to go oa shoie lor idtem Davs; iu tn..t"�vva. | / t�:ouj. iu tfi3t Squadron wuu.'d not put to Sea lu tour a-, -J I w,*> Kmc um. ago reported. A.td private Ltitcr^ ftuin Toulon afi'ure, taac the Number of iiai.crs re- Feace v. >: .or or i the W ; t..i� Cuv. ;;oro-j. Continuation of the tuer lv.u; would, prcbabl/ G E ? n Till? Dav a: Noon, we had J Njcmbtrs ct the S\r.oJ afJiiifd. ! 30,000. G F. 'I � n wi.icn oc-/every! Fodcfiaflick-, who ni-ds uie of their (acred | cafion there has bten an rxfracrdina: v i -."on of Fm&ion t.) fonvuie Pef-gn, uurructive of tile publu.1: j the Heads of the leveral Oruer.. irnt tw.war._s 11..1C Kr Good. Molt of time ft oners arc to receive Sen- ! pub/ick. S | 1 tence in a lew Days, wiiie.fi wi.I he executed bt:hre � Kcmc, July 9. N. S. The Vicar Gfnera! oi t,-... the Fnir>:ror's r�-furn f 1 iu Pet;rf"hoF. Trie Aft~-.tr City has ordn'd pullick P.ayers, and exi.oitcd tue of M. U uiu.-ki v. hi b dci.-ued at ;/:r Am? time, that People to hate Kec�ur,'e ro l.od. ar.d to t).v- J!.� - appointed 1 3tii F.,ui:r, N S r.:i�:e of the King's Difpleafure at -M jri: let cut for Berlin he with Orders to open tht-m on mat one of them was cpen'd :r.d two mere the 1 5th ; that .tre to je epeu'd :he arth, ar.d the reft r, v. :.c:: they exacted co hear of 10ma Lrn^ti made bv the King. v? E . iMinitier h vi.';;- '\ m t-havmg i'e< n r I.M I wail liili u': in: 1 \.i ui.' that ti*s n-Lw Aiifh-ii do: c very nch Prcfe�ts aio.t; ,vi ii.ic co^niWts of upv.ii'i.\ � ; Mca ot W:n r.r.d i c ,.e ncceii ry Frclsircffe- ,' fion of the Virgin Mary and the Saints, that '�' may ; iie K;i w. I ..off Procedtngs to the fc'mprefs > few Jyays ago. laid, ' line are a g'C.c man)' are \crv h- i"Oas, ar.d i cmriot ': ,m d-:: 1:g, J: iiilc ; niveiih'-lcf;. pka-'c G. d to icv;-a! to the l.icnu C-Mejs. wh.cu ii s Carcinjb he dcli^ns to cons in it tise Goverrm 01 tJie Church to ; ana the ^.'icar'- Order for tni put- | p.vie is pubhfh'd in ail the P�iiihc:. Th. rt u I 3! Cardinals in the Conclave, of whole \'nce< thtrt ' w .,av- r.'cttved Advice . mult be 3; for the Cardinal who JJ to be ch. . the Cilice of a j linn tin: FmprtL's J'ie�: . Pope inducts People to b.-!h ve, that tt.b Cone It vr � ll.Ul 111r, i t r.j.r.'- , confift of, her Impt-ruJ Airj-Ih/ Jus order'd a j will be one of the longMl th.it i'uuory can r�raiiei. hi Number of Pr-miet to be lun.'t h: to mount : Mean time the Cardinals are ve.y much faryu'j by ; two of ch-.-- Veffcis, of 36 Guns each, were j being lb long confin'd. The Ger.erality of tiwtu a >n�s of Naples and Sic.'ly. G F of Acvite fiat a M-it 3 .riau.-.d:2e �nJ MaiMijictur^-!, of J upon ike Con ii;i r.s vwnch the Mar^iiis de M*.-.'�u�.#-r.rH'Ut-il JrtJa enter it rfj in..: ih-e DominU�ns 'ui r.is Ca j had orter'J thtm b f>iv, and d/hnv 3 Kw i);v's il-.i C.-p tV.wlick kkhtity : It': cv.-n \ 'rfcndv "� to put their Anvi.^ ia Order ; wjiir.n Pc^ii-it tiw lion i� ujr.�n* ths 'i'apis. ano. very far advanced, for�x-  French G'cnc-rai gr.st.:c; th.nt, with M er.-y to e�n-ci'jdi'ig for ever r�e ivJan^aeures of Great B K*in, , hark for Leghorn, Porto Lerg -r.e, cr *uy other Pa-a:-d tograet can ^fx-- \at.oii t';,e i icit, of N'eg toes . ces tFey diink tit. Gt In the t.�.e, a v ry lir.ee s.-jrc.i has been m. de j Leghorn. July H. Infers fr .m Naples i.i>. that strer Utitiih Mvic .-naia.', iO.i .1 Seal put upon all j two or their Coifiirs have ijro:i�t.: in C>rt.:;r of 1 u- tkat has been found., mth Noti.e to th tiip juit wdv'J fit CViz from the Welt l�dies, that ti^j ImJubs at Peiu had formed a Uefign toraiiea Re'uihon ; and that one of an anci-�ot t*'amily amoiu' t�iem, who was very weli beloved, bad forc�ed a c�niid*;.-:ii>le Party m order to procure bimielfco be proclaimed Kui^>; aiui :or tai� purpote the Natives were ti take up Arrm, S'id to maflacre all the Spaniard.; but tir.a thf D^ltgn having h'een t.n�e;y, diicoverxd, '.'jk: princi-jv.l I'erloa concern'd was foon secured aiKf put to li.ncii ua twelve of his Ac-co.apli:cs. G E J'ott-M*hon. July 2. The 14th of Jail Month Admiral iaaddock iaikd from hence widi four Men ef War; the oth: r Men of War. which are out upon tbtt Cruias, are to join him ; after winch he h> t� proceed to die Coatt cf Spsin. Tht 22d tW 'Advice 7vlan of War brnught kttiier a couple of .Spnnifh \ ei-lets wbicfi ibe took ont of Salo, laden with Wkie and other Commodities for Cadiv.. L E P O R J U G A 1. Lisbon, June 22. The Lord Tyrawley h^s rc-ceiv'd new intdiiciions from London, h-:w lobch.-.vc in Cafe M. Chavigcy, AnibEdtdor from France, ftioaid begm *ny iNegQciation of Importance at this Court." G E Lisbon, June 22. The Court w*its impatient!v ^v-fcfthe Ifews, of the Arrival of the Succours f n: to Gem, inalmuch as we urc iftForm'd that the Fndtans ilill keep the Place WocJc'd up. S ( E ITALY. Genoa, July 9. The M^iier ot a Fiench Tarune by a.tother Coriair, hut aft: r'.Vo.'^i t>y our G.o eys aforeiaki. S ; h Ii R M A N V. Vienna, Julv ii>. A!i H.:>)u, thr Commnrdc Be'grad. , h;s t.cqurunt:d ud, n; d t..e Ciaiacam v repreJcnted in gentr-*} ns icry :.;vo�ijb:e to the Guana, is put into his Place. L G Hanow-r, July 19. The M.trri ;ge of P:irce An guff us William, Brother of h^ Prufiun Mujefty, with aPrinreifjof England, i5 ftil! much taik'd cf. A Coi:-rier is fet out from hence ior Petersburg, with new jn-ihvcTi.-n, lor Mr. Finch.. G E HanOv*r, July 22. * Pis certain his Maj-fly has cei ' h-: !i . cr  . '�> c i ..': :li:i ikatle ( Jv.nn gsberi-, juiy 16. The Kir g .f PrufEa arrived l.c.e tins Day, the Ceremony ot Homage to be -.id 10 hi: Majeilv i> fixed for the 20th t the Deputies ofu.e City, aita Cmmor.alities of the Kingdom, will : c in gv.it^-.-i.Cy er.te.-ained that Day a: ten Tables of .- r,h:y vJovtrs each, in t:.e famous Place called Muicr-w ht'cii u large enough i't*r a whole Rfgi-' riiirni t:._:r Evolutions." Provifions contt-:.,;h tta.c in in..-. Country, his Majefty has - .0 Crowns to be dulributed among the MS D -E N M A R K. i^cn, j.jly 13. Thiers is much talk of the 11 cJ a I reaty of Alliance for maintaining uie L-hani of Power in die North. The King having lcfoUtJ to augment lus Troops wi'h 6tgoo Men, Levice are begun 10 be nuoe for that purpoic in this Kirgdoni. D A FRANCE. Pan's, July 14. The following is the Translation of tlie Latin i nfcription, which M. Turgcz, Provoft of the Merchants, has caafed to be put in Letters of Gold upon the Fotmtain lately built in Grenel! itreet. S J E Ia the gloriom Reign Lewis XV. Father of his People, After having quitted FJikorbances in Europe, Lawfully eniarg'd rbeL;mi'Sof his Dominions, And precur'dPtace between the Germans, theRuSaB". ;nd the Turks-? The Prove.'! of the Merchants, and the Aldermen, Have caufed rki� Mojiomcfit to beerefied, i or the IJtibry of the Inhabitants, And Ornament of the City, Anno L>om MBCCXXXIX. . P.rr, July 22. 1 he Earl cf -Wa^fegpBfr^:""%fflri bill cor from the King of Great Bf i�in< witiiin t;-.is Fortnight pati more CourijgiitSijPL,^^. A f,w Days ago he fwd a IongCc�fe:�ii4^vfbfel^pfe^ ; me ot, Sicrcury of Stat,on the Sufjed tfthefeejj0ft~ � u-t; oi the Fket ucdwr Sir John Norris's Comnand. , I'^.jple i^tie r.re very impatient to know that Fleet's I i.'c-U:nation. (j-E V, t r.cve recciv'd Letters frcm Smyrna, by the V�'.i, oi M..rit-:i!cs wiri. the followiAg Particularscon-, Cvc... g to,; .\ii.h; cf Turky and Perfia. It is feid, ; m ott" r 1 o-np^. tiutSchnch Nadir is come back: ; . 1 Map- hat, tuoi t.;.c Indies with an intmenfe Booty, : ;r I th..: i. 0.1 af�w Lis Arriv-1 then he aboli&M the 1 Ittx;,- fvt.'i^ircii�i!^ laid on tJ;e pjiiiar.s lince.the Re-i Lie ... n tif Mcri VS'eits; r.f�r which that Conqueror aiienibied two poweriul Airnies, one of whkh is ta Hiake at. Irruption in the Torkifii Armenia, arid lay Siege to Fiaerum ; the other to be coaimarided by the inhadi in Perton, who propofes to attack the City of Bagdad, wiutie it is thought he has for a long t-.mt maintam'd lecrct Irate.iFence with fome of the Inha- fixed upon an eariier time for hb cepxiituie ior Erg- biunts who will facilitate the Conqueif. of it. As to land Hanover. July lait hb Maj itv, att n.'.'. ard the u!i,-,e Court, v\ Ms N. ^. On San-day Morning i :\: bv P.-.nv  W lliam > Ht-ii'c | to ;v I'.ain :;c.irFi'.r.-n'i;.j- j ten, where tfie t.-.rtx- Pro --e-- ot Uatte Guaids p.lieu :n i Review be'ore hi> i\D;.'i;v  i :t-y p i!iH-ii tlie Fx ercile bota on I l.j uS.ii rn.i on 1-"-r, and wcr.t ciirougi 1 ir icvcr.-d i n og- : ids Maj fly was w c I | plea fed win their Pit :.m m rrce. 1. G j F-raiickfoit, Ju:y z� We have rec iv" 1 Advice that tlie Princess of fM 1,, V,' i.-e ot the reign | ing Prince of that Name, w.<a bough: to bed ;.ie I igth 0 the Porte, thofe Letters n.ention nothing but Difor-ders and Coniuuon, which may p.ooably oblige che Grand e�igi;ivr to i'acifke the Grand Vizir and Several other 1-avoorites to the F'ury %� the JsMiiflMies and the Populate. L� HOLLA N D. Hague, July zz. The Prooojitioa which was lately n.aile ir- M. i'-affy, Minitlet frvm France at the Court of Lixc.tt fhit.in, fur prohibit og die Britifh Sjitj th t-rom carrying on a counterf-and Trade in the -p-nim W�it Ii:dics, was conicqiieot to an Overtue Hrtde hy Cardinal de Fkury to M. \ an Hoey, his Eminence net long-ago taking tfiu A nbaffsd �-er frvm Verijiil'es have engrof{Ld j in. or.i- r to facilit-Jte ao Aceomnyxia-ticn between ail me Coaverfa-ion cf m it City ; and that ins Al.->: i Ei>g.^::d and Spain, would nut he p.evah'd upca to jelly's Aniwer would dcati� wheiLr we are. i-> b�vo ' in

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