Friday, July 22, 1740

Dublin News Letter

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin News Letter on Friday, July 22, 1740

Dublin News-Letter (Newspaper) - July 22, 1840, Dublin, Dublin R IC HARD R EJLL7 M-'C^lJ'Ai.LA A*. v '1 Numb. 371 From ''?/ fc.d a y J::!��: ir.". z:.d, v> Saturday Jul;. i  '� a .: 1 . � Mi r.npie'.. a1..1i, vi.: . n mo 1 i c 1 - mm : r ____jv.-zi Ri;n r;i" crc'.cn rv. rg. * oe j; s: �-r> vvji. 'v r.i-er.'d wh.i derma' y, .- i ' ^ :.-.a: ;.a-.-� b- e:i p. it.d o.i -:..c i; o mi account oi tiie c^n;a',::ou� ivi.ttrr. , j e :tl: bi!'\ !i, J i Oe. rr. � 1 G L R M A N Y. , ' i'r", j f! A .1 is r rt  1 ec F  ! 1.  1 1 W in u' it n i ui.iuU'cy j the i cnip.n that happerFd here iix JA .ig->, a j.' Jr.-. :. ; i.or vv>.I ti,.> . - J b- , i Kict of Lar.-i 01 -lmoit lev en Mi es on :he i --- to t ti.v! 1 -ate iu�, 1:1 I.e.- :'.;:!. iiii- , of the Dtiun.e, cas been uttc-'y dehrev'd. 'i ru >- : i Hi'.' Lieiu! ii c ' c:f i.r.c J\| kxpicih-s cor.t.mie puffing rr.J repa'7i!)g frerveetaly 1 rFevrtn! i h-ri.Li U Met, arc in e :t t< � w a r.. s i'. ?i .m and icr Ri nif ; but we s.ot :i". .: lit-.y ! i : a  C'l'-.*' ivc. *.: S � ;r; 'he i;;ciKn An:b:-iLdu.-, M. tic i.i '. o ;:.n . : li'a.!. in '. :� ;� n.: :' - P t.:i_:r.' rv -f lA^e, � v.^ ; . .Oin:-  .:a^c :, ': e  "v 'J-- ; r.^r d; v.ri^ in the pietent ,'arc;..rc c i ...c i o-ii-*rn A'.i*-. , at'^'o tt neceir�rv to u: ."-o t �c'ilti.Tuncie ::i 2 VC^e Sciie r:f Dererev, ^.vr.:': er cf \Yo-::\e'i ar-. empI.-yV; in up: :rn ar.i rri :ir - ic; ] cat-Oil* ; it! Camion is aito to 1 e ..L^iher'.td. i'.i.J I 1 A I, Y. Ixrh.-rn, fjnc 1. I: i.> ;..�! that tiv P -!y rf * r;.pci ui l r-ops winch ij .;:r.'d .'"r C ' ,< t �v. 1 it o.t 4 or tcro Men. \\ c i'.ar in sn:i3, Ma: tfie (jcjvernmrnc ha; . rr^iK 11 c; 1 5 i>uf;n-  ;.!> i;are rile to tie late i; ii.-. KT-cei bet'., .en t-:e iYp.,->i;ci: 21-.J the Court of I jr:n ; a-d the Han'>vfr, July 19. This Afte^r-.n hi' Ah i't .:re Y of HtJl-: arrive:: hc;e. r.:d v.u. in; .\!t^iH- ,.t Here uiidn. v-ctt j.-.e, July 19. We i-ear (:<.m, t.'ii; ; "C ? A ira ;.i e b,;iJ v'enr-f-h y'J file i V r:;:,c<2tu r.i oi i 1 it B.(kii, fnuate on a high li-.cp VJi:i't m c:.c !u:i I i i e tie: rt th;tt Dutch)', a 1 d the cnlv tr,v rt c. ..e . . jr, cidrr to Jiiahe :t a CU.H..C e r. anc ��,ac ar.fw L\:v ci e.ght PA.v~A-.. 10 he :n :i below the <i-.:J Cbrf. i'' :)vi.I :t, fi::y zc. Ti.e 1 '.. vcr: ; v.. ! net t^ke poiiciiioi! or th. ;'; .r.i ip;.f A locn n� v� .� ti.cj'j.i r, j-rc -u'c t:i- m �/.-15 1.-in . Svvi Jirn and i',. iiii cii..r^ 1 .,; .. :. -s a: the Jm'-c; i^i Couit t.i 1 ;; f c *��.�-.. -ti.e Pi nice ol Orante ;n re^ar'i t.. iiiat i'., c; rn Moi.::- u. \ :-c:v. ':Ar: , now .i^rsj in -i-'. ..!'!� t t.-f .' L,rs bccvvfcn the Court j n. :...". hmperor, it lair.:, I\:i"i o. . .it ce, in order to pr vei.r. 1 � '.' :� r f.w ri..: .e f>'- o Aw err, � ap pear'd - : .  ; r *.:�..:-.-n. i P:c; arat.v.r.s made cn 1 '- e , i s t; .:.jvi;_A", vvithcu: the I-c s of  :  ' �: '.: '.. : utb"' : . c v.-even: which '- . !.A S-Vvden i bet n cr.-  : ' 1:. A' m t'.r f t.rr.e, t>> t'r e re'pciv2 ;.r I -r::_.-:.: iJ r.r^ii J .Stcr.k..''in -  �: . i,' A : ���..r, i r ':\ :tc : r. c.  A.. : � 1 ;  . Mr.!;': Ir-' rt to icnttrtce 1:..: ci .1 M-.^fi -\. -. � n t..-e . ' ..f:on:. TAiiMte-r 1.... L-.-S.P, tt.'.nr r . ' � ;:i Ctue W'.M ."-Licet;. Ir-.�r_ :i Ac^-lt-M "�. � � : � f-,r!i-i;i"d and re-r �.? --. v.: . 1-. it tne.i 1.1 each �..Je, , 1.1. t^r t,.e Aie-.i a :. n c; i.;c r rv , er^-r mrc ti.e A * ..ri, ;ne :.. mi a r.; vv Pr gjAtic rr Icr I ..r . i t.M.r. thr :..o N :' . Y. :; . pre. narv A -cemiitt ti.e n v "wc.:;tp. s'try v,.I',  ' ->' a\ P.^sLi.-, ti...' I SubjcAi�, wi,o were conceriud in the fame Late ; t.i � Comnianca'tt or Fort kchi 1: a�r in ff, t,itiic!i'''-\"-. S f ii 1 of ti-e Lmp're about the CAr,d.t."'n of ii...t i'iicv ; :n i . ,'.! :' y ' s'.'ui ! c i :. ui v.lis: wa* htretL-'ors ' '..-c . v t: r.-.-i ; I\A- , wha; the \ tiiem-i' ... i. i;c ;..a.k'. .1 .li'.tipf! ; (rt t.i v. 'ence, a '.. !. J. ;;i orr t  P. - ;: At3, It iore'oA. I hi: :<-e p:< '-lit X :. t . : c:. / er i-rpur: ::,c in reives ik : b-tk by the eo'.h, and itA hopki vvii! cotl no ieis than ei�ht thouiar. i I Lii;. . ha wr they will bring favouraa.le and harmonious Dcc.kira- ' believe he vvi.l te ob.'i^'d to write more t,.,.;i ct t.ons from thtle Court', it is not doubted but a new ' that S-am before necbuir.s it. Pope wti! be cholen before the I nd of t..i.=, or r.t far- ' \'tenm. :o. ft is certa.n the Ft � tire i ; w; Ay p- .: .v tl'_ , catsd P.; r ar.trrorti cf Y r t.e wCi-�!.;, it. t eiideu, rtd tii: Lota P rtics iii. thtin-elves vvitii only Aicdaig Prciiioas into I- � Liu .'ji ti.e hubfitu ce of the 'j, G E Hag^e, Juiy zo. \l. Franc A, Piion rf A^rsTsn, I.ctu i i : Gmir.chd;.k, Cciig-."; Pht, atd B inmci, Fsee Luid o; the Lcrdfl.ipof Sf.!:, and \ ice Aemi-jt..! J id! eni.tiet c and good ->.m t. A' i':.z voung one, w ho then .tdvane'd waii h". Armv AtAi s ci ivrrope in geuaal. i 3^ , A. b :>_ Siar, to which thi- Son it tnc dee- -u'd was liie I. Arrrint;<.-01 Pn-ce Ay-icii'.., 1.! A. u � . \' w ita ti.e v cti'.-g Countel.i or er i .1: e iir1 ; a e: ., S I L , bra'ed by Prcx;.. F i I'M ter-.rted here, that Part oi the : rench 1 r- or , \ il^ never, July 21, N. S. O . w t J ti- to-1-' is- w:.: lat  Sir Cvnl Wich. His Bntsnn .pieaiie' ev.1Cu.1ie the 1 U or Cornea, nnoih u Body of imperial 'Fruops wiii imtacdi ite.v be Kn: , Ip.v.jy Fxtraordirary r- tt.e h .n!e I cie.-?. D P : came latelv hither to pav u.i Dim, t :.' ! irey write fronl that ill ad, tiirit frequent "-ka ; out on 1:1= i-'u-n to FI ,mb'.Tj> fioihes nsppen between tiie \i l< cr. iur,i-, iniomuC.i , the Dutciteis r.ri m1 a� . j , a Denet. an:l' Da-Jgl.'.er tt e U'; A there. CacAne Satkvilte, who ia-t.y tati.-r :� .-. , X E j Ara.ArA.m. Ti o' the irvera! Provinces of the I A { rt .: ate expU ?'� .n er dcavouricg to Ex A . a ; ^ x a.a, f. . J.a .r-j ii e Ex pent es o; the Aug- A -.. : ; ...� vi i.e . o.  t y ; any lie- ] a :t. >-, - . A ate . rtt rd.ii;; the Pains that 1 : '� �� .. 1.. . 1 - u.e i.*.-.Mit y e-J Cpmiooii upon i t re ">.;i r 1 ,.- : \:., ,. ' v'd by fome .1. t. A ui_y p-ow.:..:y Le , b !bed, in tba 1 .-e. e. *. i en -tle.j. \. 1 re :.r^r r'f. i upon ......r r jc Return ot : .e h sicu 3 ue ra.'.Li ..e 1 .n cr- r .1 Leghorn, July 2. Arcorcin j ro rur 'if: Advicts ff"-n Corn.-a. leverai P�r ons hue been fi-atiup 1 the c : r i,oidin'; a Loiretn-a d� nee vvitn the Ueon di i) .rtf, and con^eyint! Letteri to hi.a ban II i; on .N'f.iho!F. We are .uihred that tiie Baron lie iJorlp waj was accompanv'd on' y by a rbcore ot Moun ta.'nerrs, has been lately join'd by many more, and continurs his Incuifians in the JNerghboarnood of St. Boniface.  G lii SPA! N. Madrid, June 2S. M- \ ander Meer, AmbafT-i dor from the ''rates CeneiT ct the lYrted Provinces. Jus lardy had frequent Cinferences w: h tr.e Man,u's c; Vilianar, secretary ot >t.t., :n he -epeate ; the'Declarrstton he .'ud a'ready in me cM'rarra i; :h; Demands of their High Mivyaii. i;  . v. their Subjects, by \"v.twr � hk- i.. i and TteatYs, may hnv� n A thr.e f \'d a-for the interview wliich ~n u i o-u ii:., M.i eity :-have with the King of Great B.i:.!'-,. i . e I'e mer.t cf tall Grenadiers at Poitd.a.i bva:g eti � � '�� ��' '.y . a �: a.-pos taut I. - ,r.0.. ..; t,.e iVl i \ ciiiA', whit her-her Grace had -rap. ; . a aha ... - .: ci a i^e retur-e. v,:r,: P.-iia.n u?.& ) A't :.;!! Aim. ,.e u;.; L-r. Foes o'- , �.....- -' --.' t : e.AA.^ . p.,.: , ;; C .d- a- -. -:' r 1 at ...c rg .: lAi;^^ ,i v.... Ar i.._: .Ar-   ' - �: - e I.-:': i if :r ai L, tiacri, a..: a; li ay r, u gre.ay exer.ej Sa.t.tAr a: that j -I-a; .a a ,\e^c^.atie;ii with v. nicn he is'd ; I i aat in a :.-ta Co ; wii.i 10a e cf the .'vfrnairv dwindled away to nothing, ,'a great mta.y orthtrn ' th*r?, occ.itor.A bv torn  Iiira ehes which he naci having quirted the Service, pur'uan: to the Per mill- j lece.v'd iror.i, lie tAa catm, a: the King 1.0 on given them, nnd the red. being incorporated uao ; .\i.i!ier, in order to procure a ic-1 d Acccir.modakm other Regiments) the King orcier'd lit teen Mu-.rt, j ue.vveen ai.u Spain, wniFd very finccrely who fetv'-d in that Body, to be tsraPd into a Band of tnat lome Expedient mignt be hir upon to fhtisfy tha -Turk la Mofick. G F. ; Fir.glia; upon the hu.-j/c: of no: vu.rirtg their .v.hi.->.' On the 1 Hfi Initant tiie Deputies of the Frenca > and to cent, nt tfjre .r.i.irdo in regard to mtir C /u-Protell inti who are fettled here, nad Audience o; [ phants agan.'t taeir ccuaterbarai i ri:_e c ,r r.ea on 0 / the I v,o ijiirm-, to comp'imer.t them on th-a Deatl, J the rrglitii : 7 aa: �: Aas File: Con-raerceonly tO'i* n--i j at the late King and the eYceliin oi the nrcfenr, j ccro.'d ionic private Fe^pe, ne.t. er hie Crov. a, r.or vjir'-. M dc Beauiobre, .\Fnuier of tnc  t ,Ut.A, j of the tauinr C.rapanies, h-'.h.g zrr: :.h ir* ,a p..k� v..;h a vpe t deal of F.1 quence and L pia.y j .-, a Law t. tj :�it! !o:a.- C-.ange in the Potis ana Ltnploynitnts a ..L.-t I An Cj ii j til . ) Que en a w::r very g-ic ;a. -t ..e er r_. err r fetm ann {J.y. d-w i 1 t. 1 : .e j in. t .'a itl: Ci did .-.ot De vharj. j oaiiwlach, .art . 'j h" F'r-;'(.T aire ey gra t ti |,y tiie 1 i.i.e ot tt.e \i;> i.Ui-, in 2 r.ier.-y vrav rn.ln.eiA, thit t.i Vte-; of f. ea ntto.',. c.ccur igc- n.  / of ti.t.: | f, � v. a- rx '<'�}' a;:�,e..:-e to the ui^.Sci eru^ cf nM'.'Aii ti:'.-m<t-ives bv u.ei.a Ptaoueelc s 1, j :h  A'.Me C? ht. F.errr ; Cue afters -r^.. lat..' tcr ..']-, , ,u fv iti$ Maj-.ti'. A i;.a.(..--, -la in-t it-ec- a eu li-.weve the.e vv . a pjiUbth-y cl r.ejaoi .ti-g hen-- are toon exfectea i.'.m cur i'rette., a:, ; -^.-.n ti.'.s Pian. G� AmLaifador :n the S.' Cantons, is .rep1-- !, aLajecA j F A A A i.- F A .-. i Pc-rtunouth, July 16 i an Mom r.g' er'-j at tiia-vigh:, he catPc bring the Hclveticl; iitdy j BruiT-a:, Ay A3. Tue D:S'.rcr.cs5 bcv.tcr.'a.-ie ! iui::..-.d itota.a.e I t*-vtu tjis F�.x caa Y"i ;Va S W I T Z E R L A N D. .ifihauten, fuiv z. .hL de Coorntili-. , the

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