Friday, June 24, 1740

Dublin News Letter

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin News Letter on Friday, June 24, 1740

Dublin News-Letter (Newspaper) - June 24, 1840, Dublin, Dublin IV. JL JL J RICHARD RIELLT. News From Tuesday June the 24th, to Saturday Jans the 28th, 17*10. my hit arrived one Jrr.i- .' * 1 ur, biouwht cue IT tirvntion ff '! inferred in a Fo. is as follow. C '!ti trie C'"i-c-f which v. -for trst D.iv, 1 gain!} ihf Finn � ic^ul.r Pi-(Is .IT-pire after c:�c i i.i e ri'a . tnev nrc i ->;;: id man / r>f  !i- ( C - 'gf >n he ie e.rn�>' il.o ' Every U..y r, 1 nanus K.uuu K.-n this Fmpiie. \\ n the P-fi-tn Mo-vircl 1 �' ted r � ^ H K M>-  vr ive I'M j�r-.-it"v 1 x � ; �.! .-..e : ''iiotigrou: this va!t 1 :;i t my ;�!��: in Lurope, and i Perl ti � rs ;.:sv � engaged ;hf j ':b! ck I rtdlurv. ]�� m T.t->� :nio thu Coi.di-ct 1' f 1 : lV,vu,ce -, u ho are 1-1 �'. >.! lir.nuiiie Kiehcs by i- ;!i ; e JovL'.^j for tjae pub-G F. v � It; 'y Ji.'*-p-i-ec; a* ;.y u> the Avarice o h" i.n< L ecu ,' me a:tempt agatnl! : confirm-- th*s 0.**i::ic*ij is. that caufes y *\! a 7. n s, ar.d two Transports ro take in Stores of Biicuus for ti>f Flei t. The lime .Evening failed hence his Britaiwiick M.:j= Ship the Kennnig;on, C.ipt i'.o binion ComrT)::n.icr, to cru'Z? off Corncj. L G Lisbon, M =y 24 M. \'ander Met-**, Am'^Si^o: from ih ail Cotijiiiinuie*.' o: Dutch \ eileis in tins Port, and all other Porti of this Kingdom, net to so to Gibral-tar, C.ith'.'liJc MHeiiy hv, ing notified to his Fx rr!i:n.v, th'-t t-iat Pl-.icc mull be I;ok'd on as blcck'd up in his IVoop?; r.nd that acco-ding to Treaties, aJi PcrfiMte whaUoevirr are to. bid carryirg ,u y Sucoouts to the Enemy, on Pain of forfeiting \'tfTe/, Cirgo, &c G E L-rttc-s f:otn Gibraltar, dr.;cd Ylay ir, advife. tint the Spaniards F-.d net then mov'd to rn.ihcr.nv At tack upon ::;.:t Place, nor wis it thought they wou'd this Year, the Sea Ion being far advanc'ui; but that in-all Evcirts tiic Cuy vvas in a good Condition of De foncc; T! >i P >v:|join were lomcn-'tnt fcirre. but' that they w^re m hop':s of receiving fome fion from Africa. The fame Letters add, that there are eight  Men of W;:r in that Harbour : That the Englifh havc-talce.i two Spanifh ships of thirteen Gar:! c^ch, rind carried them into Port M^hcn. Thr.-e were three Colonels, thirteen Cptains, and fome other Officers on board : They are thought to be Peifon; of Ccnfe-quence, betaufc a Drum was fer.t to Gibraltar with a Letter, praying that they may be treated with great Ovi ity during their Confinement. G E Rome, June 1 1. There are great Movements m the Conclave. The Cardinal: Dcici and Piffionei bid feir for tiie Pontificate : The fi:fl of them hnc'r twenty-fix Vo:es j Imt the Factions of Caidina! Camerl'mque �nd Accju^viva tr*ive;'i'd his l.l.ulion, by propofing C-irdinal Pafljonei. Cardinal Gotti, whofe Jntereil h fuppcrted by Spvi.n, was alio in r:.i;k for it; ^nd Cardinal Camcrlirigiie frems to fol'ici: his Electioc ; bat the Gcrrnanj iin-j tl>cFrenci'., uho are r?ry ftrong-ly united on this Occafion oppofe it. On the ether hand, the iSeap.-'iriurs wi'l i.a\*e a Pope chofe of their <swn Nation. In a Wo;J, r.ever was a Conclave more embroil'd or divided. On the 10th In Han t died Car.*.ina! P.rz.a. Cardinal Cenci is-tlanreroully hi ; and in cafe he cies, he will be the fourth Cardin*:! tiint ha. died the holding of the Conclave. G F Berlin, June 1 S. � Tlve Report fpread about that iiis M.-ijei'.- .ntended to make a Reduction in hi.- Fit cc;, 1 wi.iioa: i'ljundition; On the contrary, we taik of ia fm. 1 5 new Batt.l.cns. Tne Regiment of at P,�,fi.'.�m. < i wJiich the late King was C Ge-iura..*-, ' / hat at the fame time that he charges ' them to tike i'utcial Care to caufe good Order and ' Dicipiinu to be obierved in the Army, he a fo ex-' ho-ts them to uie w;:rt AJabiiity and Meeknefs nor ' oe.'c ri.e j.:b.i'tern Ofiiccrs> but even the private  Sentin-J-; and tn-.u he'ehiefly wi(hed, that or. all ' Occ.hon. wrd^h regjrd the Service, rhey wOiild re ' fr-in .'.cini giving fuch harfh Language, at lie hod ' ion:-- time-heard witit grr:,t Concern.' IJisiMa-j ity has r..';o ciiajged the Tribunals to enquire otre-fudy into every r.hing chat wants to be rethefs'd ; an-.: 01 that Oc-.ah .n mace uie of thele remarkable Words; [which ought to be hung up in tha Ch.l-.-t of every Prino-.J ' My \\ill is, turn whenever my private ' Internl dallies with the Pub.Mck Good, the laaer ' fhail always prevail. G F Be;hn, June 21. The King has abolifh'd the Cu! torn introduced tomeYear6 agoot legifiering Children as icon as they were born, in order to make them lerve in the Army when grown up. HisMajeffy has confirmed all the Privileges granted by his Predecef-,] fors to the French Rciugees. Several Tall Men were 1 prelented to the King a few Days ago, for recruiting 1 :he Regiment of Grenadiers at Pcrtzdam in cale of! need; but his MajeUy being informed that they ind been draeghrad from;other Regimeftts, order'd them t) be tent back, faying, that extraordinary Stature in a So/e.:er was what helitlte regardedj aud order'd that :h� highrft Standard for iwcruits fhould not exceed rive Feet ten Inches lor the future (about fix Feet four Inches Eng'iih Meajure) and that a Man of tluthta .u-e fha.l not receive above 80 or 100 Crowns Eng-iili /vioney. The Salaries cf tlie Minifters at foreign Coiiris nave been augmented, thattljey may make a Fit-ure fukabe to tarir Rank. It appears by the Me.i.eirc^ the King is taking, that he in:v.'nds to put e- erv thing on theiacms-foottngas iji his Grandfather's lime.. G E Naples. May 31. Reports having been fpread that t^e Court was preparing to t.iketS-clual mea-fji.s for maintaining its Right to the Dutchy of Ca ilro and the County of Roncigiicne, the Xing has ordered his Minifters at the feveral Courts of Italy to declare,  That tho' he perfiils in h>s Refoiu'.ion to ' affert his Right to thofc Territories, yet they may ' be aiTured, that he will not take any llep that may ' difturb the Election of a Pope: That his Majelly ' will make uie of fair means at firft, and Hattcto him-' feif that all things will be regulated in fuch a man ' ner, as to leave him no room to employ other mea-' fares.' The iame Declaration is infeaed in tie Letter which thcMarqaefs de Montaiegre, Secretary ol State, lent to Father Aicano, the Spanifh MintHer at Florence. The Court has received from Conllami-nople theTteaty of Commerce concluded between thefe Kingdoms and the Porte. Kib M.'je.iy's Ratification has I11.ce been lent thither, and '^eexpecl t:ie (irand Seignior's iaa mort time. 'FheCourt deiiines fine Prnents for the Grand Vizir, the other Minitiers of the Porte, and Count Bonneval, who by his Credit greatly contributed to hiltenths iigningof the Treaty of Commerce. This Treuy con tern* 22 Artic-iej. and will be pub'iihed in a Hiort time. D P They write from Cortica, ttia: the French connc.ue Fortifying moll of the ?^ Port Town:, and are repairing the Roads in all hai'.e, in order to fecilitae the Communication bt'w-ecn the Fowris and other Polls occupied by their Trt-ops.- Tlwy add, tiiat a ForeignShip has appeared off of Alena, the Ciptain of which has ft?-nta Letter to the Inhabitants from Baron Neuhoff: That Letter is without Date, 3rd runs thus. * My Faith"�! Corfieans need net be dif ' coaragtdj I am acVta-iy in/a certain Our.try, ar.d ' labourist fcr i^cir Gsod : Let them therefore rely ' on me, ana be~perfuad � Pyrates, our Privateers coming in almofl every Week with two or three towing at their StrtiB, end common Fel'o.iW- ' fhsrir.g jcol. a Man ; a Ini.di one brought in Goo-is ihe other Day to the Value of io.ocoI anotlier 4000!. a Curd, took feven cne -ifter a.nothar, to the Value cf 8c,ceo i. Sterhug. We hope the Admiral wilicail at bt. Jago de Cuba as he returns, and dtmo-lifh the Forts tlieic, being a ref> of So jjfh Privateers, who have only as yet tak-n or.e c- >i Sloop belonging to this Ifland. A SleQp pll come ;n he-e brings an Account cl ihe A~'*n:rdi\ having been before C.irth-"-gena arid thrown 353 Boiiu.s into it, which almot'c Ot-rr.olifhed the Fi^ce; and that he has burnt iome Ships there. GS L O N D O' N, Jur.e 19 and zi. From Anillerdam, that the Prince's of lltffs arrived the nt,iii Inffant at L'treciir, and tec cut the 2ilc to lie at .\:nhe:m, the Princefe reckr.ns to be at Cailel the 27th at farthefl. MS From Carolina :hey\�rite, that Genera! Oglethorpe arrived at Georgia the 6;h of April from that Province, where great Numbers of Men were reded jn order to nfack Sr. Augulline; and that the Privateer taken o<F the Havamu by the Shoreham Man ol V\rar, the Hon. Edward Bofccvven, mounted ten Carriaga and twelve Swivel Gens. t SJE Yelterday M.rning his Grnce the Dtrke of New-caltle difpatched a Mcfienger with r.n Exprels to the Hon. Mr Finch at the Court of Ru-iii, * SJE ' IT. reported that Rear Adnir;.! (V'e hae had an Eng.-:p/merit v, ;th th;ee Span;fit Men of War. in 'he Mcditerraiit an, and that J'.e bed icult or.e o! 60 C.^us, took one- t.i 44 Gun-, and :;.� or.e of 20 Gun? got away during t.'.e Engagenivnt. SJE W'e hear ttve additional Expirees for Encarrpinj^ ihe Forces will amount ts iooescl. Ms Newifctl^,

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