Tuesday, June 7, 1740

Dublin News Letter

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Dublin News-Letter (Newspaper) - June 7, 1840, Dublin, Dublin Vol. IV. RICHARD REILLT. e Dublin News Pont.ficate, his Eminer.cy having already had 33 \ ote. in ons if the Scrutinies, ff this Cirdinal fhoud be eected Pope, as in all Appearance he wi I, it is not has five; doubled bt:t that the Courts of France and Spain wjil g.cis to the Pah JnJL-.- L_d pff.d v. :';h n.:hJ;erry goir :^ io of -li.! Pr. vircc w ,,.cn 1. .1, Rooms one next to another all richly fumifhed. At the Head (lie carries a gr.-a< F.ag!e ep on a Globe bearing an Olive Biarcn in hi Beik, and a Sceptre and Suord in one of its Taions. His Excellency arrived Veiterday by Noon at Presbourg, be very wed pleaied with the Choice : The Court 0 Vienna docs rot feem to oppo(c him ; but as it is ne cefiary to have a pofiive Declaration of her Dupofi lions towards him, Cardinal del Giudice, Protector of Germany, has dilparched a Courier to Vienna on that where he uas taluted by 36 Guns, an Honour which' Account, it's further obierved, that upon his being congratulated by fevera! Cardinals upon the greai NurrLer of Vo-es which had been already given him, he fhewed great Humility on this Occafion, faying, " t hat he by no means thought him fell worthy of we. .ring theTriara ; and that he hoped that the Holy Gnclt would infpire the Cardinals to chufe a ,1'erfon more capable than he was of filling the Pontine;.! Throne. L h i.c M< inat had no �z Lc-tuM ______fub- niri?d i tr, it a t.. n as he air.vcd :h� re he was re-ctiv'J v. 1 h great M-rks of SubiuiflUr:, the Peop'e in.mc^i..uiy ackriuw.UJg-.no him for tre.r Sovereign, ! v Cir rer.ct is to be paid iiira at every bonification which he comes to. G E Vienna, May ;j The Cotnrniff.rics appointed to try General Count Neune g have reports J 10 the fcmptror the Refuitof tneir Dtl'v cm 10;,s : We are sfl'ired thai Report was very much in favour of the General, ind it i� thought this Affair will be I peed: y brought to an Ifiue. J; is ncr doubted but the ArLis-of the YrldtMjtfhal Count SeckenJoift" wii! be dec i fled foon^fter. As !0 in: Afh-.-r ot the Veldt Marihal Rome, May 26 N S. The Managements in the Conclave are irili earned on with great Hear, the Ai-b -tii and Corhni Factions are uii-sg all Artifices to have ihe Election of the new Popt fad upon an Aohcrentcf one of tneir P.T'ics. and the French, Imperial, and Spt.iii'.h Cirdmal?. united together, have formed a tni'd Fi-ft: ich greatly dilconcerts the Schemes of the two fd/mer, in:omuch that in all Appearance the SucccfT-jr to the See of Rome will not ea/jly ce determined. Tv.c Ci'dir.als Coiro, cei Giudica, Ci-mit V.'aKls, we don't knou- iiow Matters ltan 1 uithj ..iiin. It Neupcrg is ..cqui'tid, 0.'alii= will be dear J of Courfe, the latter havir" acted ly Older; of the former m regard to the delnerii).: up of Belgr.de be-fo.e the Preim na-ics \vv:e rati.'y'd ; which was indeed the gn-atell, if no: trie on'v Blunder of the whose Catnp-'g'j : Btit 'or.inv thir-^we know to tr.e contrary, it is very prctwble, tS-t cneie w i .t made Prince Craon, who has fixed his Departure hence to him feel the We.ght of her R-fentrmn a but the" the 16ih Infi. on his Return to Tu.cany by the w?.> Tragcdv wascniv deiay'd d.r feme time: Tcwareb the ot loietto. LG iina of iaflr Jvlarch tins Baihaw receiv'd Orders to re- Naples, i;:h p.il>, At a Council la ely held to de-pair to Conil,ntincp!e, that he "might hear the G'ar.d literate whether thet.vo lr:fh C ptain-i that h. d tak- n ingnor'a Intentions corceming him. Being ar.i\\J ;.t their Refuge in a Cor.ven cn C ccaiion of the Murd; r Acna:iople he met a Capigi Ba.Tuw there, wh\ afrcr of thei-- Lolcnel \v.-:e i-ti.-td to e.joy Ecclefiattkal up Jraiding him with hi.- Cut 4 -c\ during tr.e la ft Cm- Protect :c n, it was c uieu m the > . i long before wc fee the End for v\ i.kh they are mace. GEJ DP Leghorn, May 20. The jMbffer of a foreign Ship! Warfaw, M-�y zt. They write from Bia!au-kie.t, lutely auiv'd from the Strcighr, reports, that he met; thatfevcrai Ueginienrs t.f regular 'i'lcops wheh are at fame Ditiance from.Catthageiiaa Spanid) Squadron; i" the Ukraine, hjd received Ord.rs to ho d them-under the Command of Count Clavijo. end th u a few! felves in teadinefs to march upon the lir.i Ord. r-, who ' 'tis b liev'd will be put into ihe Heart of Kuiili. DA Lerers from Conftantinople, by way of Stockh 1m fay, that Count Bonneval has greatly contributed by his Credit to the Concluaon of the late treaty between the Court ofS-veden and the Porte. DA Ratisbon May 30. In the Conference which was held the ether Day at the Saxon Envoy's Houfe, foine other Miniders of the Ev-ingelxal Body, prj tk ^p-ia .ti.il ifiat :.e aberwards tqe.ippe 1 fe\ e al '-h'p; t- tehege t\!ccki. It :s r-. ported that (he i:ave beenob.'g'u to aL-undor. the Faftory they had id ihisFit loun. DP Hague, jene 6- N. S Fcr the fe twe>e ilonths paft, i !..ve i;cm time to time nfui'dycu, that there has never been the Ik ft I tendon of nn As-.-.tncn'ati-on of the Force- of this St::te 1 l.e.r f tigh .^hti-neffes have tii ..^;.t th. mfelves t � huppy, to nj^y tne S'�-e�e�t^ o; 1 eace, and io g- od :n Orpor ui it; of paying erf the heavy Pelts jf t!-e Rcpub'ick, as ihro-.gn wantor.ncfs to g ve i r r. j fg:.tng.\'e fares, and by their unnecefury A-mmg. to eive a ju.l Oc-calion to i'raice to Arm -]ic. and io to .r.v. Ive all Europe in ihe F.smes of ' ..r. Oi;r '. ,i...r, Mr. Trevor, Or fivm oedrir.jj tl.irg e: tins N:atu-e of their High M:g-i inefk- , a- but iat.- -.y.'c to cmfirai them in t..eir pacil.ck ij� a i ;r.�. Tne v. hi'e re-ni.T of his Diicoa.te i. \ j.-.^ ^ i along le: , that t: e King his M .iter i.c.i..t r ? ar.'ed nor cefired :hej-AfTnrance ag i. li i.:; pK' u .-e. fhouid be .-{r.:'r.i b a ce t. h. } whieii Cie, l..? .'. ' ; it}' ' � J Hign Mj^ntii.etiv v-c-j.d rc; an ai"ea;on..Le A".y : '. <.:�{��/. ~. iters of ;hc P.c;. ubl.vk .v; ,i their o'vD In cei;, a. va..' as an A.ly, wc-a.il . endcr ,V. u.-: to itand by hi* B-.itai nx'.c _ , .... ______. laid fornudao'e Power's enterprizi; g the feiaFelt 1 hingagainft his Kingdom- ; for as much as thejr well know, that the Ir.tereiu of the two Na-iansare inieperable, and that they me:ft Hand or fa'! together.-In Fact, every enc krows, that it i; not the Dread of the Spar.Lrd, but of bei-g ir.volv'd in a vVar with the eider Branch of the Bodrbr^n Hcufe, tnat Occaiior.s our prt enr uneafmeis ; againft which j;reat P< wer, de.-.r b^uer'.,t Experience hath taught us, the abiotic iNeceJTuy of being provided with net one or two, but many poi' erijl Ahie5; nay uich aJrrioA all the g'Cat lower: cfE .re.pe if we would, on rational L-jci 1 u., t .\p ci a tch r..b e lifue. But how vcrv nard, if no. impoiii .1 , ic <e,ll be for u: to eomp-fs ldcii a neaffiry A'ti.-ixe, oy eng gitig the principal ower: of Europe m our y ivate (^"r e!, of ma Starch, u .1. foiii-y happen to have p::r:ica ar Quarrel., of tneir own, is ben: It ft to the JtaJgrrunt of every thii.kii g Man. Gjt :-.iiid.:L!e Pt.wc-r : in per'u .: i'.-> or, aii 'Occafion* e.-.v, and to hiadtT the liays before lie hsd aifo met a Fleet of fixty Engbfh Merchant Ships failing towards the Streights, con-voy'd by two Men of W'ar. G F. The Iail Advices from Majorca bring, that the Troops which had been tranfpo;ted into that Ifland were very numernus, and were provided with A mm a nition and NecelTiries for fome grand Enterprize, but lhat'they neverthelef* were very quiet. Thefe Advices add, that the Spaniards were affemblir-g a Body of Troops near Abcant, an,d that thofe in ihe Camp' pofed to make belli Inllances to the Imperial Court, at St. Roche, near Gibraltar, were reinforced. G Berlin, June 4. The 31ft of laft Month, in the Morning, the King found himfelf much woric, and about ihree o'Clock in the Afternoon his Majelfy died. The fame Day the Prince Royal was procTum'd King with the ufual Formalities, and about nine o'Clcck at Night his Majelly came hither from Po-.zdam; the Queen Downger arriv'd here a few Flours after, and the Princcls Royal, now Quern Regnant, arriv'd th'-next Diy. A little before her Mtijclly's Arrival tl.c Kingfetout fcr the Caftle of Charlottenlwurg, where he actually is, and it is thought will thy there fevera! as well to obtain the Revocation of the Claufe in the fourth Article of the Treaty of Ryfw.ck, as to get a Redre s of relgious Grievances in ihe Empire, l'his Propofition having been agreed to. a Memorial will foon be drawn up on both thefe Points. The Saxon Envoy declared in the fame Con'erence, that his Court would firibwith fend effectual Instructions to her Minifies at Vienna, fcr obtaining the End which the Evjngelick Body have in View. As the repairing Phlipsbourg and Fort Keb! is laid again be fore t:ie Dyet, fevera! Members continue in their Oyinion that Fort Kehl oimiIu to be demoiiihed, as Days, h order to take tome Meafures neceffa-y in tfej being of lirrJe Service, and that they fhouid only preieot Corjui.clurc. Several Changes at Cou , ire-i mind to preferve Philipsbourg. DP ialk'd of. Ilctne, May 21. 1, E The two pi iccipal Parties in the Paris, May 30. By the arrival of the Fleuty at Port Orient, we hear (hat Schach Nadir, in his Pro- L O N D O N, J.fy 3. ' An Extract of a Letter from Pari?. Theciiirf Difcourfe here, efpecially amcrgft the r.iO e intriiige;:! Part cf Mmkind, turns upon the Subject f a Pe-ce be: we en Great B.iiain and Spain� which, b's faid, wii , wiinout much Delay, be concluded by the Mediation of ce.tain European Powers. Moil People think that thefe will be the Emperor, the King of f'ortug 1, ^nd the States General. 1 her* are actually lbme who affirm, that the Cardinal has fu.l Powers from the Court of Sfain, to conclude 3 Peace upon certain Conditions, which are hext thought r.aionable ; and that it wis far this Rea&Q that hij Eminence ftiew'd much D.ffvtkfaclion for encouraging hi5 Subjefts to make Conqueih upon the Spaniards in America, wr.h a Pr.-m.ife to maintain them therein, becaafe this a'one m:g"-.t pofiTbly render ^he Scheme of Peace impracticblc, the Court, of Spain being dete'rmm'd not to come into any other lerms, than tne Rt.ttitu'.ion of the Poffeflior.s in America which may, in the Courfe of the War, be taken frcm it. 'Ihe moft general Opinion here however is, that Peace, or at leaft ampie Preliminaries, will in a (hort time be concluded. The Miniftry has fhewn great Diflike to the Letter which bis moft Chriltian Majeity has received from the Diet of Rati: bon, in relation to the Affair of Manbciard,' and the Pretenfions of the Houfe of Wirtemberg to that Principality, in Gypof:uon to the Claims cf th* Counts dc Sponeck and the Barons de 1'Efperance. The Court finds it elf the more emParra&ii vii^ the Receipt of this Letter, as it has taken cnder_ it$ Proteclion thefe Childitn of the Prince de MoJheKartf" whofe

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