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Dublin News-Letter (Newspaper) - May 31, 1840, Dublin, Dublin Vol.IV. RICHARD REILLT. Numb. 335 The Dublin News-Letter. From Saturday May the 31ft, to Tuesday June 3d, the 1740. Since otir laft arrrived one Bmi/h Pecquet, which bro�ght one French and one Holland Mais. Algiers, March 27. THE Regency having confider'd that the Spaniards have a great many Ships out at Sea in theprefent War between them and the Eiiglifh, judg'd that this was a favourable Opportunity to make many Prize? of the former: With this. Intent fix Corfairs iail'd irotn hence about a Monin ago, fleer'd through the Streights and took thiee Spanifh Ships on the Coalb ot Galicia and Btfcay, which they have airea dy brought hither. The D*y having propofed fix Weeks a^o to undertake the Siege of Oran, the Divan affemb'ed a few Days Cnce in order to come to a final Refolution on this Affair : The principal Officers of the Army faid, ' That �n order to execute fuccefs-  fully an Enterprize o> that Nature, they mult be � affur'd of fome Diverfion in their Favour; tuat it ' did not appear they were tn expert any lufrkicnt to ' hinder the Spaniards from relieving the Place; and * therefore, that it would be a rafh Thing to go about ' an Enterprize, rhe bucceh of which was fo uneer-' tain.' IJpan this tiie Divan unanimoufly r^folv'd that the intendea Siege mould be laid afide ; and the Preparations that were making for it were immedi ately countermanded. L E Vienna. May 18. The Pregnancy of the Arch dutchefs, C>niort of the Great Duke of Tufcany, will be forthwith declared at Court. The Conferences which the Prince de Furilenbetg, and the other Im perial Minifters at the Dyet of Ratisbon, have had here with the Mmillers of State, were on nothing but the religious Grievances in tiie Empire. D P Vienna, May 21. Colonel Fernaro waits his la ft Jnllructions to return into the Empire, in order to hailen the march of the Recruits which the feveral States thereof have engaged to fuxnifh the Emperor with ; the Court perfiiting, as is fa id, m the Refolu-ben of comp.'eating all the Imperial 'i'roops. MS The Court of Manheim is ft ill making Inffances to prevail upon the Emperor to give the Inveiliture of the Dutchies of Juliers and Bergue to the Prince of Saltzbatch, and the Court of Drelden has made Itrong Repanentations againtt this Demand. The great Duke of Tufcany has given focb flr�ng Arguments agaiml the Reduction of the Imperial Troops, that it will not take Place ; on the contrary they are to be com pleated forthwith. DP Warfaw, May 20. We have- juft receiv'd Letters from Z.�mofck, dated the 1 3th Infwnt, which allure that the Ducchefs of Bouillon, Daughter of the late Prince James Sooitfki, died the 8tn at the CaffJe of Zolkiew, after a few Days I lint fs. L E They write from Peterjbourg, that the Emprefs being defiroys to .exprefs her Satisfaction at the Sefvi Cea ot Major General B'uc;-, a Scotchman, her Impe rial ,M,ijefly had* conferr'd o� him the Title cf Count, which is to defcend to his Heirs. L E Naples, May 10. Om of his Majefty's Minifters has ueclar'd, that no cwfideraiile Change will happen in Corfica until an End is put to the War between the Spaniards and the Enghlh. L E Florence, May 15,, N.S. Letters from Rome of the 7th inlfant advife, that Sig. Bolognetti was returned from Civita Vecthia, whtrr, on rhe 29th patf, he had cauied the Seaborfe, an Knglifh Ship, Capt. Read Mailer, to be refrored to him by virtue of an Inftru-ment drawn up by Order of the Government of Rome. That Ship had been chafed and feaed by a Spanifh privateer within Reach of the Caar.on of the Fort at Civita Vecchis, and was therefore adjudged to be an unlawful Prize. Accordingly, Sig. Batog-Hetti law the Spaniards twned out, and Capt. Read, to whom the tsid Jnflrticnsnc was conhgrtfd, pot in PofkiTion of his Ship. The laid foftrument empowers the Catxain te fue for Damages, a ad for Reititutioa of luc.'i Goods .is may have been taken out of her. Sig. B kignetti. at parting, toki the Captain, that at his Return to Rome, Articles for the Nentrality of the Ports of the Roman State, woold be cflabliflied or the fame Foot as thole for Leghorn. LG Hanover, May 27 The Lands are fo much im-prov'd by t^e fine Weather we have had in this Conn try for lon*e Days paflf, that the Cora cotBcs to the Market in much greater Quantities than it has done latc'y, and the Price of it begins to f�U. The Fruit Trees tco have aot tees to promifi�rg for many Vean at bow, waich gtv*� us hope t&at the Ssarcitjr by which fomany People have been fufferers will be fuc ceeded by Plenty. L E Paris, May 23. The King is perfectly recovered from his late Indifpofition. The Marquis de la Mina and the Earl of Waldcgrave continue to have frequent Conferences, feparately, with the King's Minifters, which no doujbt roll on the Means to reftore a good Harmony between his Cathotick Majefty and his Bri-tannick Majefiy ; but we have not yet been able to penetrate the true Situation of that Affair: However it is obferv'd that the Sea Officers are every Day repairing to their refpeclive Stations. D P Schaffhaufen, May 23. The Negotiation for renewing the Alliance between the molt Chriftian King and the Grifon Leagues does not appear to be mucft advanced ; neverthelefs feveral Communities p.-e'.s the CoDcJufion of this Affair. The military Executions committed by the French Troops in the Territories of the Prince of Porentru, have fo intimidated the Malecontents, that we don't doubt but we fhall foon hear that they have all fubmitted. D P Hambourg, May 34. According to fome Advices f faid Princels. from Hefiinbourg, a Swedifh Admiral is arrived there in order to review the Seamen, and diftribute them on board the Fleet, which is to be put to Sea forthwith. D P Madrid, May 9. Such ftrange Reports are fpread every Day concerning the Cadiz and Fero! Squadrons, that we think proper not to mention them until we receive a Confirmation of them. D P Leghorn, May 14. The Mailer of a Dutch Ship in 15 Days from Alicant reports, that all the Gal'i.s with fome Men of War were fail'd from that Place. M S Dantaick, May 22. We hear from Mitnu, that Mr. Finch the Britifh AmbaiTador had lately pafs'd there, having, by order of the Duke of Courland, been receiv'd and treated with the greateil Honours. MS Berlin, May 28 Air feveral times The Chevalier Finochietti, Minifter frcm the Kingo/ the Two Sicilies, is rate'y arrived here, and has taken a Hoafe near Count Bunneval's  The Dragcmaa, wiih whom he is to confer, comes :n at a Back-Door through his Garden, and goes out the fame Way * lb that we can't tell hotv many Conferences they have; together, and much lefe the Subjeft of them. GE OtheraLetters from ConJW.tinople of the 23th of April fay, that a Treaty of Commerce is a&naUy concluded between thft Grand Signior and the King of the Two Sicilies; and that the Chevalier Finochietti hsA defied the Porte tc fend Order- 'o .-ilgier** Tunis and Tripoli, for facilitating the T legoualions of the like Treaties with tbofe Regencies. GS Cofiftaminople, April to. 1 he Marquis de VJ^rr-. neuTe, has foteiy receiv'd from Vienna, the ~mpcror'� Piclure fet with Diamond- valurd 30,00a Florins, he has alio been pre>emcd wnh a fine Brilliant, weigh.v.J 50 Grains by the Emprefs of RulTia, but had th� Generofity to tiecline s-.:er:fng 25.coo Rubles, which had been i faid Pnncels. A deep S.jlerce is observed here, as t<� I the Aftiirs of Perfia, for not the Jeaft t.^.ing rs pub-lifh'd of the Difpatches the Porte rec-.-ires now zi& then from Balcyfor, and other Parts of the frontier!* which look as if thole Matters were not in any advantageous Situation. The Turkifh Navy is in'fuck a decay'd Condition, that we can hardly 6t oat I* good Ships. r r~ MS Petersburgh, M�y 13. The Emprefs has fet at Lberty every Body throiTohout th� whole Empire, that had been imprifoned on account of the Dojghc*-rucki Confpiracy. Cownt d' Oi!er�a� being irdrf-pofed, has kept his Cnamber leveTal Days. GE Hamburgh, May 27 According to fane Advices from Sweden the Court has order'd an Embargo to bi laid on moll of the Merchantmen in that fiogdoa], in order to make ofeof them fc traafportttg a Bedr a Remittance o� fent him by tHe of Troops. It is faid- that the Squadron atCarel^* Lait Week the King (00k rhe j croon confifts of 26 Ships of the Li*e, fiverai Frr� m his Coach at Potfdam. The ; gates and Bomb Ketches-, and a great Nsa&eroV Prince Royal continues with his Majefty. The Bri-tilh Minifter at this Court will fet out for Hanover as foon as he has Advice of the King his Mailer's Arrival there, to give him an Account of feveral Matters that Miniflcrs was charg'd with. M S Conftantinop.'e, April z. N. S. A great Fire has happened here, by which the Palace of the Grand Viiier is burnt down to the Ground. Upon this Occasion the Populace, who are naturally inclin'd to Superllition, began to forebode ill Confequences from the Event; and the Faction who are Enemies to that Prime Minillcr took the Opportunity, by encouraging and exciting them, to make another Pufh in order to depofe him ; and 'tis not unhkeiy chat they would have fucceeded in the Attempt, if the Kaimac.c, whom they would be giaJ to fee in his Pl.ce. haa not at that very time been dangerouily il . Not withltanding this, the Grand Vhisi's Situation is very tottering that it looks as if it would be a hard Matter for him to keep his Poft for theil- twj Ren-fons ; Firil, becaule the Militia in gene al isag.r;:; him ; and Secondly, becaute the A&airb 1 f t..e E:.i pire are not yet entirely tranquil: Bcude very much apprehended that Kouli K.tn Las Lrru'ne.. Defign on Foox, and for the c Reasons : i. Brcaufe there is no Ambifl^dor as yet arrived from Perfia, tho' he has been io long expecled and fo much tafk'd of by the Perfian Secretary here. 2. ikcaufe 'tis obferv'd that the laid Conqueror maintains a Uriel Correfpopdence with the Czirina, to whom we kno�v he has made rich Prcfents; and 3. Becaufe that Ma narch is very careful to conceal the true State of his Forces, which at the fame time is very difficult to bc knowB, becaafe 'tis almoit impoffibk to have any News from Bibylon. The Ruffian Minifter here has demanded Satisfaction from the Porte for a frefh lufuic committed upon the Coflacks by the Tartars, and has declared at the fame time that this is the tail time it will be demanded by the Czarina bis Sovereign ' who, if it were not granted, would take her own * way to do herielf Juitice ;' an Expreffion extremely granted to our Miairter, who neverthelefs amiideririg how Af&irs (land at pieient has made no other Aniiver than that the Satisfaction demanded fhouki be g , the Coatt has ordered 2000 Men to be trat.fported thither ss foon as poffible : Thee Troop* are to be put on b^rd fix Men of War, which aie deliin'd to cruize near Goa, i in order to prevent �ny Ddcents Ar>gria nwy attempt j there. GR I Rome, May 14 The Suffrages of the Conclava f continue divided in favour of the Ca:d n�! d' AlficB, ! Arthbimtrp of Maliens, afrd the Cardi�a4s Corraddmt i and Gotti ; but the Party of the firit is much fuperi. i or to mat ' ' . - - - fie ras 3 1 Courts of inclin Paris Ma of the rwo laft : We are even agunsd'rhar Votes on his Side ; and it appears that th* Vienna, Veriaiires and Madrid a�e equalry o f.vosir h*m GS ay 31. N S. The Lettrrs {mat Frovesc* fay, the Vn.es, Orarge-, and Olive trees are entkeff driboy'd for this Year by the late Froils : And they write the fame thing-from Boordeaux; fo that the Price of the Wine is rifen one half. G� From the Paris A la Main, May 31. Our Letters from Rome fay, that Cardioal ?OT�m quitted the Conclave the 1 rth Inft. �nd as hk Con-claviifs left it lilccwile, and carried away what Fami* \ure his E'miuency had there, we foppofe he does not intend to return thither any more. Our Advices from Gtnoa infonn us, that the Mm* quis de Matllebois is not yet fet out frotn Banta to make the Tour of Corfica and vrfit ail the ftuftg Town?. Two hundred Muhes have been embark'^ for that I Hand ; and as the Contract for furnifhingth* Troops with Provifrciris Is renew'd until the Month of November ht-xt, we piefume rfrat the Afiairsof Corsica wifl- ndt be te*'min�ted fo footi a* has been re-peat� ed : Nay, the Genoefe themfelves feetn to thi^jc no more aoout the Matter, feeing they leave it a^opon oaf Shoulders. Wehearfrcih Arbrnqne, that there has been a fort of Riot between the Bnrghers of the City and the People of the Suburbs and Vrlhrgrsad-jactot iUdil the latter latve beui johi*d fey the Ttrha- bitatn

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