Friday, December 7, 1708

Dublin Intelligence

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Intelligence on Friday, December 7, 1708

Dublin Intelligence (Newspaper) - December 7, 1808, Dublin, Dublin Containing a IMPARTIAL OP Full and ACCOfcJ^T, THE Foreign and Pemeftick News. ~-~~ Tueiiiay, jSccemb&F tfje 7th, 1708. " ~~ f /J,? Arriv'd me Britifh Pecquet, which brought a Holland'Mail. From ibe Lond.Giz* dztd Afo/, 2 n of Her Majefty's.rhoft Honourable Privy=Council, purluant to anAtfpafled rhe laft Sefiion o: iarliament in that be= half; Intituled, An Act for Rendring tbe Vnlon of tht two Kjsgdotrn more Entire and Ccwpkatr � And a,fo by Her Majefty's furrher Command, Richard Earl Rivers and Aigernoon Earl of Effex, were iwon 01 Her M.jeit? s ojoft Honourable Privy-Coimcil, and took their Place* at the Board accordingly. Frm the Camp before the Cittadel of LijU, Nov. >j. We have taken the id Cover d-Way on the Lelr cam. hither the / zytb, and viewd the Works the had made before this Cuy.X^^s Two latter were entertained at Binrhrby General Pafchal, our Governor, and went about 3 a Clock to the Camp at Alefh Yefterday Tc Deam was lung in the Cathedral, and all poflible De~ rtorttfrations of J iy were made tor the- deliverance of this City. 'Th reckoned che Branch had above i8;)0 Afeo kiikd, and left above 800 wounded, with-aban= s dance of Shovek, Spades, Hammers, bills, <Bagone:s, atad other Arms, 8 Deraiculverins, 4 16 Pounders,-3 FieM Pieces, % Mortars, abundarrce-of Bullets and Orasado's, fome Waggons with Ammunition-, ando= tfcm with Wine and Brandy. On the 2�fh in the Morning, abundance of People went out at the open ihg ot the Gates who had been <in Ikd tor Bruffek, together with rhe preripfacjt flight of the FreiKh 'Ifoaps from their Lines |n Hie Seheld, and tbat if - he do not fpee-dily fi^|ender, he .(hail have no Terms. Hag$e, Dumber St Letters from eiar Army &>f landers, Jay, the Princes of Fr.wce arc retired towards Tour nay and Valenciennes, and tbat sh^?vuut"dr la Moth u "with a Body Iroops at Ghent and Bruges. Letters from Bru^ felsaf the fay, the Duke of Marlborough hcu demo-liftd the French Works on the Seheld-, and is march'd with the Army to attack the Cittadel of Life with the ntr^jh vigour. We hear from rirrd'oftbe %d, that the Fr. King has ordered, that Country'to provide 50000 Sacks of Wseat, , and 7000-0/ Oats for the Magazines of Ghent and Bruges, and 3000 more Yioneers ^eftvnwon-ed to compleat the inirencbnwits the trench are c a fling up about Fjtt St.Vemnt and La B a fee. Tbafe from Paris of the fjwe Date co/. firm, that Denia is taken by Storm, but tbatwoft of the Gar-rifon. a ferv of whom are made Prifoners ofWdr, retired to the Cafile, which being very ft rang, witit require time before it h taken., 7bey talk' of putting a great tleet to Sea in the Spring, and their Court it confuting day and night about finding Money to encreafe their Iroops, buy Rarjes, and fortify their Frontier Towns in theNether landsf which they deiign to cover by Lines. They are about demanding ~a,frjee Gift fromlibe Clergy, and from all the Provinces of %he Kingdom. The Duke of Of Urns is arrived-at Madrid* _ ibe French are /hipping off their Cannon at Bruget, to be fent to Newport, Tht Confederatesfeem rejoined to bays the Garrifon of Life made Prifoners of War, and. hope-to be Mafters of it by tbe end of this Week* The French are making abundance of Stables, with new Batteries and Barriers, at Ghent. Tbef afcribe the Ifs of their Defign on Bruffeh to the ^ Duke of Burgundy, who continually thwarts tbe Duke of-Vw dome. A Detachment from Maeftrhbfi \m.taken, tbe French Party header Mackimy, who made, ap Incur (tort mar. Maeftmcht lately with y 300 Men, and brwgkt him Prtfoner there, with v

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