Tuesday, December 4, 1708

Dublin Intelligence

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Dublin Intelligence (Newspaper) - December 4, 1808, Dublin, Dublin December, jfirX�>. n.J-j:-*i. Nomb. 524. Containing a IMPARTIAL, Full and ACCOUNT, I H K Foreign ana Domeftick News. ^iLiir-jay,  December the 4th, 1708. Since my Ufl arrivd i Britifi P :cquail, wbicb brought 3 tiMind undone Ojiend Mails. H'bitebill, Ncv:mber z6. 1 Afternoon the Ri]l'n H.niurihl- ;b\ EiH of Hertford arrived bre Exprefi f om bis Grua thr Dui^c of Marlborough to Htr Mjj'fty, wi:l: iht fillomng Adz-ids. * From theCdtnpat Rouftciaer, N�vemb:r 19. N. S. THE 13th Prince d' Auvergne was detached hy Count Vackerbart, who commands the Ccps *t la B.if= lee, with a Body of Horl'e and Tout o vnck th. For: of Sr. Venant upon the Lys c :r<? Frontiers ofArtois,-in which the Enemy had polled 10c Men; who, upon die approach of our Troops, rmde 0 !y one Dilcharge, and retired towards Aire. 0:r Mui immediately entred.and took Poflcfllonof the Place, which is co:fi= drrable, as well upon account of its Situation, as th? quantity or Corn and other Provilions that were tru-~ <n it. Prince d' Auvergne returned the next Dry to la ��'Ji , having left Colonel Lambert with 800 Foot and 300 Horleto iecure this I-oft. Ma/or General Cadogan and C; igadier Cronftrom are come back trom the Conference at Tmcoin, having let Jed with the French Com ro diaries the Articles for the Exchange of Pnloners.. Great quantities ot Corn come daily into the Camp from D'xmuya . to which Place General.Fagd is.marthed with the I\oopsrrom Korteiaarcq, lor the better carrying on that Service, and reinforcing the Troops on that iide, where .two. Battalions, and two Sq'ua= rfro.ns ottbe Pru'fli.ans, have had the Misfortune to be iur= prized by the Enemy. His Grace the Duke o: Maiiborough went on.Saturday to the Prince oi iavoy's Cai:;p before Lifle, and returned hithtr Yefrerday. Tfie Attack ot the Cittadel goes on .with very good Succef<, our Men being en= $tre Mafters ot the firft Counterlcarp, on Saturday Night parTed the Fofie, and lodged theml'elves upon the Glacis of the inward'Counterfcarp without any Lois, which Lodgment is lince very confiderabiy enlarged. * Audtnirdt, November iS. N. S\ His Grace the Dake oi Marlborough receiving repeated Advices, that the Eltctor of Bavaria had myetted BrufleU with a Body oi Troops, and having Summoned the Commandant to furrender, had, upon his refuial begun to attack ix in form ; his Grace.aker concerting, and taking meaiures with the Prince of Savoy forwie pacing rhe.Schelde, in order to the immediate Relief ot that Place, marched on Sunday Morning trom Rouffelaer to.Harlebeck, where the continued Rains tor 4S Hours before obliged us co halt the next Day. Prince Eugene mar ched the lame Afternoon to RoubaJxi with the Troops which had been agreed fhould come from the Siege to this Expedition. On Monday a: two in the Afternoon his  Grace detached trom his Aimy 16 Battalions and 40 Squadrons under the Command of Count Lottum and the Earl /Tot Orkney to march, and make a Paflage at Gavre or Afpy-; rcri; at tour his Grace began his march with the reft ot the [ 1 Army having detached lome Hours before Major-General r"Cadogan and Brigadier Evans, with 8'Battalions, the Pon-, nonsand all the Artillery,' in order to lay Brides at Kerk-feove %ad Elieghem," which were the Places his Grace de-to pais at with his Army, and' where the Enemy had Corps commandea by Moniieur deSouternon, a'Lreute-uGeneial. On'the march his Grace received notice. \1 nr.' 0 ' h'" ;X h' ;h.�' . n 1 r,; ^ ; �.� . 'It ilordJr j-jMce Eui'.Tne, who w.isariived lome place ; Tro^pc :;der the t hn i for. ' } her; I w -re r.afh-", na. h:-cl laid the ?>\ icJscs ?n> Enemies ptrceivir.g u ; r, rack thtm, thev reti-.ui Tht Army contln^-d tc; n and Having pjfi'.-d i.'ie li' icivts : Upon u h:ch P time before at Hsutiive, where he had d; .i;r.\lto pai im = mediatelv joined hi< Grace it btirp,.h ;i a< ced our Paflage, his Grace and the Prir;:? p'-'Tc4 march rhi'h-r. As foon 3S the Enemy  nuv e.l ''vnnci'g to attack them, they retiied in in 'hat notwithilanding all the diligence wc mv'? w c only come up to attack their Re.*r=G.:j ,d, wir'-j nee.' U dilperled and broke, killing a ^1:. ' �,-r-v, :n 1 tj 800 Priloners, befides a great deal ci llj-.- st. -n.-? Bread Waggons. In thr, Action our L n':exce: Men killed and wounded ; bur the. Eir! .. j.-upr'-- r. Wiiiiam of h'efle, and the Count M.ti! c of N V:, their Horles fhot under th.m. We piufueii hem 'twas dark, and encamped on th. Hills near Mis Pint?. 7 r-e Prince with the Troops detached from the Siege, and 3 F.a rvlicrts and 30 Squadrons ot his Grace rhe D'tikv of Mjil^orcu^h's Army, returns this Day tu L:fle ; and his Grace, with the rt-it ot his Troops, marched to Aloft, m order co the immediate relief of Bruflels. * Brujtl', Nrj. 2$. Upon our arrival atAudenarde?,' after the forcing the pafTage of the Schelde, and bearing the Ji Enemy fiom the'r Retrenchments before the Tou n, ',<; 'f Grace th--- Duke or Marlborough took meal it s -rm d\:.:y or advancing towards this PEce which h::- 'i-.:- iad con-rinu d Advices the E!:cror o^ P.nvin"-.'. was pr.i..- ^ with the utmoil Vigour. By B.-ak H Day ye.terday Morni g thd Army was in motic^.s again: ! ur, to spare the Tk-o?s as-much as pofTible, his Grace 01 deted th-. mun hodv to halt iauL Night at Ombe;g, about two Leagues fhorr, and advanced, with a detachment of Horl? and th� twoBartalf\ns ol Guards to Aloft, to be fo much the nearer to the Enemy 3 foon after his Arrival there, his Grace had' an Account titer he Elector, upon the fir ft Notice he h^d of our forcing our Pafr. lageof cheSched, quitted the Jiege with luch Prec'pitafion on Tueiday rsight, thithe left Sixteen Pieces of Cannon and two Morrars on the Batteries, with all the Ammunition, and 800 wounded Men in the Camp, and retired in great Confulion towards Mons; whereupon his Grace came hither about 11a Clock, to take meaiures for fending a fupa. ply of Ammunition and Scores to the Siege, and to thank the Garnfon for their vigorous Defence. His Grace was received with great Acclamations of Joy, being met whhs #uc the Gates by the Governor, General, and all the chief * Officers of the Garrifon j he lighted at the Governor'sHoufe,. ^ where the Council of .ytace, the States of Brabant, . withA'fj trie Magiffrdcy,came immediately to. mak* th,irComplimenCs ' 2i of Thanks for their leaiona^e-Deliverance. * Brufrfc, Nov. Th? Enemy having formed a. Defign tobelige this p'ace, .he Flexor ot Bavaria came into our Neighbourhood the zid in the Evening, with a Body ot* about 8000 Men, and 16 lettering Cannon, and is Field-Pieces. Our Ganlon cc .lidec c 9 Battalions and icoo Horle, under the Command"of Lieuwnant QeneraS P- I'haJjj to whom the late Elector lent ?- Trumpet, the %\6 at Noon,"* toiurhmon him to furrtnder upon pai.i of being made Pri� The Lieutenant-General anlwered, l'hat i I ,tiSS^S^^.SVM^lHonours t0 *,

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