Friday, October 26, 1708

Dublin Intelligence

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Intelligence on Friday, October 26, 1708

Dublin Intelligence (Newspaper) - October 26, 1808, Dublin, Dublin October; Frtncis .7. Noriib. Containing a IMPARTIAL O F Foreign and 5*3- Fuji and ACCOUNT V H E ^ick News. C/J Sutidiy arrive! cm Britijb PacquJ* andh'l NigJ.t ~rr-thtr \ the iormer brought a HoUandt andtbe Utter a Lv.hi Mdil, viz. ^ l CtioberiS, Publijbed by Author?- 0 IbOr >,',u S. , ->.e This day Sir Richard Temple, Brigid' r of H:r hitj$y\ Ariniti, arrived litre \rom his Grace the Duh ,f rough, with Account f the S'urterJtr of t': Itfle to the Allies, for which fihrefal PournV ted xthb Prince Eugene 0/"Savoy m . >k' m which day one Gxtt of the Town km dsn *^ Befrgeru THE Brigadier wa< received with vz\ r flinwlion by th: Qieen i:i r'-rH fiderable Pair he had in 'ha. re HofUftes'foi the Fn'm �e. bo'is, 1 Co'onete, and a M'.jur , h, be^ah .oi and a Major ot the Hannoveri r, ""r.-xjp . ot Capitulation are in Suhuanc* 1 Thu;' * flieuld be Surrender d within 3 Hiv* in. * or Capitulation. Thar the Horu. vh * felves into the Garnfon w.c>� a Surp�T ' der the command of Chevalier Lu.v rht:^ * allowed to march out of the Town, ' nfon which was in"the Town at * waslnvefted, both Horle and ro-1, Cn^m ;r ' Co t^e Citadel; it having been re iuku .natth � ry ihouM march out ot the Town. n � I '1 f � ni u jr. '.11 ver) p ,:cr:  t A? f 1. "V-   hen :irr;2 V. .1. _ W&itekall, Ochbzr 18, PublUhdby Authorr.;. Tbildiy artivedCapti Movler, Aid d; l a{ts of Burthen. Yet with continual labor did ii� ii daysbnng up all our Artiilerv, cor.iY:�n*�41 Picas of Cannon and ij Mortars, to th^ Pkct rvvhic.. we propov'd to make ule of them. On the* Sen at b� ak ... day we mounted ^Pieces of Carrion in a fiatfr ag^mr two Towers which iupported .e made from Sea to r; -1. �.-v jthin few h >*.rs oe?: do *n I ir-1 private MeiiPri thofe Towers, ana made iome Breacho in the J in" >'-: cor,. Aa. ded jn'^-^s ielf, which Major General Stanhope defign dt b*v^ i.^ lackM the rtexi Day ; But Br�p�dk. Wad^ b^rg p fl� rrar-ported in our Sri'-ps ltj;icc, r-.<' :.- elite We hare not hid 7M :� k . , in the -a hole S ica An/j'.g '.-e U i.r. : Stani.or?, T.rot.Vr tothe.M^;'or vy:T.e-i!. �. ;-, j very in{tn;r;-.enral in en.;?p;r:a th? S --mv priz , and hid a grenc ^hatc in i.x�.c;.r. C-ptain Kur.'er and Oj M:r; Kairi;'--'-.- con much to this iudd . - V.:avb., Lv . n ir,;; into .< I!a.-Sou and batrerm:- f cr: v. .-rh two Sh?p lei: bv the Ms;'cr Gir^y, r.^.^eje, the Co pi Mi ot this IliinJ, hsth (?.vwi to-; ".ruwiTS uhich v<;rein it I'ria (loners ot W^r , v. . aiean< the I Hand is entirely h\ ! rtm Po-.-e';'^-!, :^ general lati5lia.:'.jon ui the People, who ar- i'-.'.r.lrr.O'jsin the Intereit of King Charles We 'nvc fn^^d ir: che Giii'on jc^ Cannon, :coo Barrels ?.tid ail thirds neafidiy for a ^ood DeJence.-2,0: General has appointed Brigadier Petcif Gd-ij � R( bo : 'i.ees c>\ Barcelona. 1  -"S^M- ? kramify Lwdm GazMe, estea C&f. 28. Pubtfoid by Autority. <. gs-g^ ' l,;/enrf. CS^fcrr 23. N. ^. His Grace the Dote jSorough is {fill encamped atRotiildaer.froro , m"; Erie ordered the Powde^co^ der Wa:er. The French having btetl " their Attacx-; on the Poft poffelfed by the Can.;] ( f Newport, la.1 Thurlday* Linesiouad LerrJnghen,atid to bciiegeiti; as it 1? w^re a fortified Town. Oft gan to Sap, and have continaed to do Saturday laft General Erie having AdVlC ot Vendoime was to be that NigiJt ordered a Detachment of 100 Meffc^ Dufcbj'nndet the Command of tain in the RegimeDt of Car is, to, difiurii �:vir Workme^; whlcl^l e^, that he 6rw&theBAent'^ !>;:Vi.-^ taken 4 pieces of Ooiiey Colbert, Major- on (he RigfK ivifh two Bat^K'^T 0? lorae dearie irMU j H-Hr1* no Boric^j 1 the Major General, ! ^ine of hh VaH^adiers. j#"uho..t I *� d could Vrtljg ' Orders, advanced ro t^e.Lwie, #\d ^b- :fl*oit  wiiec- \ Naip. ^MogS^ :upon the Brigadier rr.arihed, witri whi: M-n in could [:i*ap~*"~ get together,-to Support them. So fyon as we*hea;d tii* -Firti,thtf Ma/br General himfel* took the Ordinal^ Guard  of the Battery, ana advancec to tpt Part or tfte i/rie s v^hich wa^ next to him. ' i'he fiierny Were p 16 great a CGnfteirution atthisfuddenapp^ih of ^r Troops, that they abandon d the two other Towers, Mrieh we ?oukl not-bS^rwile havetakerj wiAeur Gannon. We cJodgedouriei^stbe- 4ame>Bv^$0g-' Q Moere. to *y a PefiRrter whe>s/put'llleii^ made a

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