Friday, October 12, 1708

Dublin Intelligence

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Dublin Intelligence (Newspaper) - October 12, 1808, Dublin, Dublin � Francis tiickfoti.' ,\ * ^ ,, JNo'ii>f� V.jOjj. * Tabf fct -t^� ^Tk,:r7^8;-f rv~  u i .....- z-.s-^rp  .V.- \\nc� fmteft jmVrf H m j Troops tffcboth ATmie'rin-tteRHfc* vwtt-in^ -Li-1 lmi�,tht U'akn'Gi^ie^datsdOchkr. u HE Eapexontinues hisi.'tttepaauiom for War with.sil Didigence^in&itfs caused, >div(ers Placards to he pukljiVd ioifbiddmg a&k-.&fttfons (on- verydei'erc: Penalties j>*q cen fur e,'Either by ^peecu or; Weiring- the CofidaiS-Qt^ the ^jeicnt Juw^unwl'-Afftirs. .tafeSnnddy 7 z^p-Soldiers ijpt^iv d c.he ConiHiiuntorvtrop-tbe/bancb ottevs&lGsi- -. and delir u.dhat the Qftcervot the granied ;, Jo Morrow h;s Lxcelteecjt wiiUake his Au-3u?'ce of L'.ave*. and in a Jew days let oat tor JaGgiand-We have'Ad via*, that the J^ptriahih have quitted all tjxeept (foinacdiioand M3gpa.ya.cea in which tfwy have kit ftrongj^ai'jiorjs, and af-atetifcVi to Pinal dj Modena. T^ 15 -h Iri(!^ pen.-: ai M4r(igii arriv'd' ^i^enza. y^r^toS Idii Friday Advice was brought hi-fh^r" {)/;,an ' Bxprefs, that ot a Parcy o-r Jmpfrialiits \kYich 1^1 taken Quarters lor. a tew days � in Arg'-'nra, aholic^o u ere by Surpriz* but^het'd by the Pope's Sol-viKis, nothwirhHanding ihx Qovcrnouv ot Argenta had ^ivvan' l>is(\v#i}j,tJiac th^y ihould [>e fate and upmok^ed duringxb'sitih^vt $"-'Ay in that, Town, hereupon an {xpufs w35jai;aU'ly1 difpatch'd to Pirraon.t,. to ha-(rcn the ^larch'pf the "Imptrialifts from th-pctc to the Ferrari^ailii Orders are. �tVAn here tor getting ready 4T;aui ot, Artillery wich ail NecelTaries properly bc-ro':;h'r.^ thereto, .i: b^in^;expected that die Emperor will fend O;ucrs;ioi repeiiing Force with Force, ""nir^.'i'^.- ., Oj ihe jcth Inltant arriv'd-here x Coir, iui", ticni the Mantuan, to acquaint. tl\e Court ?!;�t;ij^ PQl>-'sTroops in thj.Feirartze, foiling by $ur= pfizt: upon^a K'rty bi Iir.peiiilids in their Way from Man'Ui t6. pu:r..iCchJO, \\ h;thcr they were goin-g, as (Suiauf. v^tV6.C^hnon, kiil'd .50 ot them., and carry'd �h&Caniic&io'Fi-rvar3 j Which we look upon as the nii�"X'dc ir'Vlo'ilIlIi'ty and a downright Breach ot Peace oil'tjk' t^irj oFthe Fop-, though the Court ot Home re-p'tirc" :ha IfnpcrialiiTs lohavebuea the licit Agrelfors in �r.incf'jrt, S^t.^u. The hiedtor ot Hanuyef ^ now V&ia^i'th^W-h'!) 6i I-"�. res, but his Baggage is lent i'! to Moris, whirht-r he himleY^nij^'cis luppus'U ) toon tO&illg^*Tn8*Tferfa�n"^5at no Detachrnenc of.:his 1 iepaiarcand marcttia^^^v rvjuatttfe; tljeXiiputies ot:t^3.^cles affembtedn .hwe, ^ ^ ah/v'v- Army, and therefore ^aeitJ?f/*-^ i^d^mbPerTonsJaaaiaajona tb^ntgslv^ r^t> rhe-.VVinter Qumrfr^; <. . j � , ? . �^/;e #iQt�.�.bc Un<knA3tm\i, dited Oft* * � ^ T- Gewral Wilis iett -this JWaetto ^t^^'^s �JP�� ^ y Grrat-j^rain, aJtar having bee-^cefved^f ^s^CotfrJ ;! Act9i*nt Qfe Hie Rducl.on c.fh^ of ^* tbPlwh^KingJom qt S:d.,n'^ t0 the ob *^teF' ^* [King Shirks cue Hid. Tp,s lfnp?�anr ^rvJce^ learned on under th- -o;r,mand'ot 'tfat-Oflicer. u'^, w-irb.abod'jtoo uct-obl-iged a Body ci 1000 FI*ia and apQdbar^or 4^� ? Kili'd, 1 Major, and 3 Soldiers: Woanded, 1 Capt. [and 1 Lieutenant. Of Gw'i, Wounded, 1 Capmtrr^ [and r Soldier. Of Birsnfdcrfs, Kiil'd, 1 SoldierS I toiFnded, . z Lieucenantsi 1 Enfigas,. i iSerjearits, and-a7 Soldiers, finj .Bjzu/icn of K4�t^iz3�, wounded', iSpidier. 0\ S2lif.k'$, -K\\?AS 1. Major, ^ Captains', 1, ErtOgn, Serjeants, and 10 Soldiers: Wounded.f. 1 Captain, 2 Lieutenanrs, 3 Enftgn, 1 Ser/eanc, and 54-SotdJen. 0/��Mbemarleij kiil'd, 'i~Capt. 1 Lkti. and j6 Soldieis : wounded, : Capr, 1 Lieu. 1 Enfiga 6 Serjeants, and 76 Soldiers. Of Fu^e/'s, kilFd 20 soldiers; wounded, 1 CoL 8 Lieu.-3 tnfigns, and .^r Soldiers. Of Hwtelurps, kiil'd-, 2 Serjeants , and- $ Soldiers : wounded, 1 Cap:, x Lieu.'x Lniign,M Ser-jeanr,| and z 1 soldiers. Of Deduct, kili'd, ? Soidieus* wounded, 1 Major, $ Captains, 3 Lieutenants^ aEn-ligns, y Serjeants, and 84 Soldiers, Cf Oxenfteim^U 'led, 1 Serjeant, and ? Said if rs.: wounded, 1 *Go^-d Lieu. Coi. 4. Captains, #nd,.7a-Soldiers. Of Pj-Uaridm

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