Tuesday, August 28, 1708

Dublin Intelligence

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Dublin Intelligence (Newspaper) - August 28, 1808, Dublin, Dublin Auguft. f;� f tilt > Frayjcis, l)igk;to&,} Containing a IMPARTIAL. O F I 7 s - Foreign and Dorndtick. -News. -**-'� i � � -----�---1-rr-., ' v  --if. > Frew tbeLaiii Giz. dited Aug. j 9. * r Autbtr'ay* * I'-'enna, Aug. 11. N. � THe'Emjrror has received a wry .irifolent Letter from the Pore, renewing his Compla!ntsa= gainft :he pr tended Farfh Treatment he receives daily .'mm this Court, not*vithfhnd:ng the repeated proois wnch he lays ht- h^s giVen them of his Good Win and AfT ftion .to the Houfe of Au.'rrn. He txhorts his Impe tal M.yefty to'deft f {ro-n fuch vio L-nt Courier in wi.ich cafe hi> HoIinHs c fFerS to tV r-r;ive all YkiIKInjuries and to cmbr-ice him as the Fir;": i born bi.trje'Church. � ir 'f he pcrfifts in his -;niufl-Practices, as t:.cy are trf-ecallM he threatens to chaff fie lv.ni as a dilobedient and Keb:!li,ous Son both with th Spiiicuil arid Temporal Ro 1 ii th�re heoccaiion. 1-t the conk^dence he what it will -y and h-* conclude*. wHi teili !rs In'petia! Ma/"!"i!/, That ir' h: d �< hctr p* t of W'lm'r.'g 3 gain It the Church, and return ro the i'ie'v tli&t is fkredjwry to the Hdule or Auftria *md iopjr-J/'tktt'arvrecommended to him by the Example ot his /[ Dcceas'd FAtFicT Leopold , a moft devout' Son of the Church'; hie m^V'e-xpeft that theiame Providence which let him ubj^u'ii! pull him down. Ki -g Augiiftus has orT-r'd hFluctuation tor compofmg th 1 DrTerence-; and if it tyacVepCed, it ;s thought the Prince" or Fur= iftnherc w~ill oe fent hith-r to Negotiate rhat'Afftir. MH'(l.,al"H!c)fter'Viat;ieht hnher the Colours and standards lie ro.ok li'uiii -he rldngarians in the late A�t;oTi n t iTrenk'hr:!-, an! is march'il to befige Neur-t. The Hungarians (*o: r.;:be, railing Contributions 01 riv Fron-ticrs'oV Lowvcv Ani*via ana burning and nil aging where tver they mevr wrh re \i\ nee. T-e Damill Troops ate �� r-rnrcb'd o'J-*or Dmri.-t ; levera 0} thele Regim: nrs ?,;ve already pih'd this Place in their wa'/ toPrt�= h'.-.r^. and'thero^hers continue ro tollow dai.y. Count \\\,i> 1 hart 'Kw,' Auguitus'^ Envoy to th s Court, ac-cp.npa'.ied hy the Envoys ot the otnerPri cesof Saxony, n'Ceivd on the 9th InfJanc the I iviflituie ot the�mper-13! Fiefs pofffisM hy that familv. On Thurlday Ui\ Maii;r-Gen?ra^Palmts let out trom hence on his Journey to Tunn. ' * C-rtr.bjgn, Au^. is. M. $. By Letters which came the 16:h Inltant hom Norway, we receiv'd an Account, that Drontheim, one o- the wea.rhielt and moft popu-JoubCit:e$ ofthar Kingdom, was unfortunately reduc'J to Allv:s by a l-ire which-broke out in the Enghfh Street; it h ?an abinit rr a-Clock at Night, and was Jo q !;ck ;.'.d violent in its- prorrels, that bv the next Miming t ie whole City was in Fames'. His Da iffi M.ijvftv haJ-Jjfgc Mag zinestheTetull of \VnMkeS:ores end Amaumition, u htch were all conlum'd. It'isnot yt. t knois n what number ot the Inhab'rants  are miffing, boiv.-: Mag�:z.:nvs belonging to the Britilh and Ir'urch M.rcliahrs, which lay out 61 the Town towards the Sea-Tide, were out ot r-he reach ot" the Flames. The / King let Yigers-buigonvVednelday laftjn order to take sftbc biv'riion oi Swan-Hunting- the Place is appointed tor that Sport this Year,- is about 8 Leagues diilant IVoin ci'.i-n City. His Majelry is expected here this Day, gnd itr ends to reiide tome time at Kolenburg, one ot hi'-v-Pa'aces in this Ctty. From the Fatil Giz?tte.�dited Auguft 18. Leridi, Aug. r. The Duke o{ Cleans a:riv'd here the $cth ot idit Month, with the whole Army, which liv causM to encamp along the Scgra ^ to re'.relh the Troops uhLch. were very much t-atigu'd-hy a M^ichot ji drtys over very rough Mountains; where they were X from Pa'v, sTc^rlngotly -0,'^haut ^pck>M:-n."%JFl!a , Royal ^i'Vh'nels, purl ''a'nr to aiS^^^e'. has r'civd.^ .from France, *h'ma) qvndron^'.; ;-tnd 7 Bartajn-n ��) ^'our.t-y jb>ui Bu ;./..Jy.*, Ntpb'is, bjzi'it! iu .��::--iiMel w.;;;) Oo'ja^ ^KtvY?/// d/^i/^.' . fiaeni tu kxr.d-. ;K-,t~x~ai.,n .j >.}-\k cj:<s & "ibi^ PUce to be \rv,- ltd ibt zotb � f fin", ^'tbo 'u was c:\UtdidL by j. nuwrrcui Gj *d r .be C/rv'. 'Ji-id CjiLs i{? Ujys' after the Op-ni*� f iht t-encbii bii b.ifpy )UrC (s^wn^. ii living to ib Vmoux of my Tr.'ops And it} ']c of'tr.y \G',-indfml theKin{ f n, ii yn more 'oxv'-ng't^ti/pju-iifl("Con.utfc Q.:r>- and ri^hrce ./ ib's-'puk? 0} 0 'tfirii. \ 'ihaTt^ 'to r^rn Tbanfa v.G'A fyr it u-it I w itte yw if-il Lf/r'^ Ihtinti^ft bdfi& %U- yw rch to Br<ihii!t. ' : : - FrvftJ tbt Awfcrdim C.wxnr ti'zitd Aug. 15-. ^ ., Cologne Augu^' ii \ T,) Morni lome ,S rvi'rjcs? oi rhe Dukeo": ATirfvmb.'rg arriv*d^'hefe iviM'i .Hdi'fes* and r quipige, and' arc to proceed to1 FJander^.. whitr.-x � *is faid that D .ke will b'low arrd that divers othtT  Potei.tate* w I. do t.ie like. Ti<- rumourM hrre ch^:, the Gtuiina! of Sax* Zeyts uill rr.ade Elecior otJC Cologne; and that he wi'l make his pub;ick' Entry inco Bon m Oclober.nexr. ' From tie Ant. ani Am<\. Ccur.'dzttd Augr (fc. , Fir'u. Aug. 10. The 8th \ :fi�nt! the ^A*ai/lador', j or Sweden had a private Audiencee of the'King, and / notified to hi5 V-'aje^ the1' Viclory gi-n'd over the Mucovi.es hv h'a ' Sa ^j(h MajV:iy th - i4;h of U'fc Montn. Tn Cirdir.a; "de Nai.i!!es oii'r ; A'rchiiifl--m ihas recei/d Oi j'er' Irum Court, tod'cVufe pubj'cj^ Prayers to be made in the CiuircF.es o*^ this Ciy 14. D^ys, to implore the' B.e(Tr.g of th-- Almighty m rha Arms ot his Majcfty. and a lpeedy adJ*. honourable Peace. Fath r la Chlife lies a dyrig and Fither d' Ezil^ is made the Kngs ContefTorin his Room , . ^ Ghent, Aug. n. Yeflerday the'Duke of Burgundy, took a" review of the Army otthe two Crwons, which hold'themfelves in a_reaiiinels to march. The F'r. give. o\it h re, that all the Work' about the City and Cira el, of Lifte are urdermind. and flarterthemldv.es thattht A.lie's canhOtfmake trremlerves Mailers ot th^m without; a great 1 xpence oi Time and Men. A.< much as they; were rejoyced in the Canrp ot loverdegem 'orthe Victory ot the Swedes over the Mufcovites, :.p much are they mortified ior the Deieat of Prince RagOLaKi by General Heitter. brew ibe Smterdim Courjnt^dited Atie..ii, From'the Cimp before ITill:, Aug. zq. Hitherto .Oitf Time has been 1 pent in viewing-and confidering'the Situation of the Ground round Lifle,'with reipfd to

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