Saturday, June 2, 1708

Dublin Intelligence

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Dublin Intelligence (Newspaper) - June 2, 1808, Dublin, Dublin I M P  T;r�. .oril f ' 'f w 8 HF '* 0 -B * * w v 4* A* 1^ * & *U fe 14 vi' I AC (SOU, XX T H I:' 90 03 Ebreign arid Dorncfticfc Ne^s T � /T^elday, June trji a:^, r/cS. fir i Li*b6:j, va, -: Vi'tnii'*? Ahtvcirfp Caihni. dared Ju1?? ip. T , Bd^jrrji, June 4. : HE'Duke de Mobiles tofitinue* encamp':! vv'rh 1 is Afrhv near Girorine, The Enemy who .ire potted dry the othrr Side of the Ter, are m.ik�*!?ftron� Imren'chrtjfrifs'dn che Bank o: thu River tor � Miles in ExHnt', ar-d ha\"*? bvoken'down rhe Bridges of- Amer and Koda. The Eftv b fore Yelterdav and *Yettitd.*y, the French attempted und.r rheFiFeof their Cartoon to lay a Bridge ovW'tt*-Tsr; but Cmlonhro by Cannonading hinder d theii D.*f*grv and lunlc 3 of ?heir Pon-fo'fiS'. Yefterday 1 Kvfciments ot Foot, coming from Rotes, piteii-through here to ;oin the -Frrnch Army. � By O.der of the Duke de Noailles the fortifications ot this Place" and of Navatta are dernoiiih d. Fr.mi^i Artifttrdim Cwznt, dxt ft by 0; Itr0* the French Courr. Or 1 :o Barks arid 3 Convoys, which lail d trom Toulon for Vafcnciij the Fleer under Admiral Leake took $o Barks and 1 or the Convoys{cu:iJd the Medula] and che rell made back to Ton foil. *A : ranch Felujc.i if, Sen d here,  which ort Wednesday laff *,r k under theCinnor, � of this City a G:jnoue*e kliicca having on board Pa (Ten= v^gers and Lettvrs for King CiMiles, which Lettes tru ''French Captain brought and dthver'd to the French Kc- �fident here. The Mrn bil>ng'nig ro the hrench Hdircca *--ire pur in kons abo.ira our Galleys ; alter 4 of thtm were kill'd Dy btonc flung inro the klucca by the Populace, and levrrai V\ Minded. The Imperii! Minifhr . demands Sathfadtion.. and that the Letters be rdtoi'd ; and the French Rdidem demands that his Mailer's Sub . jec^s b? let at Liberty. Genoa. $un*-$. We have an Account, that the Fleet . uniitr the Admirals Leake and Wallenaer, conlifting Vof 3# Men ot'War, 11 Frigates, 8 Fireihips, laBomb. Veiftls, 3 Hoipvra^Sh'.ps i' Auvtce-Boat, 16 Tranlports, and i: M.rchtntv-; hips arriv d at Barcelona the zzd ot May ; and would Ipeedily .proceed hither. * frw tb^Nu tern C9'*raniy fated <uae_i6. Af-Gtnu, Jum 3 A Bark is j ttarrivd trom the Confederate Flea with an Account, that J40 or 150 Barks laden with Corrr&c, under Convoy of 3 Men of War hll in with the-Flfcec und.r Sir John leake, and were all taken but 5 or 6 Barks and z ol che Convoys, which are leturn'd to 'Toulon. Frot7i tire Widen Courint, dud June 10. P^k $unt if. They write irom Madrid, that they had Advice from Catalonia, that Admiral L:ake had landed z Regiments of inpldh a r Barcelona; and was faii'd tor Genoa to letch more Troops ;jThat M. deFram-boifler, after the Defeat ol above 4ooo Mtn under hjs Command, with which he was appointed to keep open a Communication between the two Armies of the Duke ^Orleans and^oailles retir d wi:h what were kit to i^Monzon ; but being ciolely purlu'd, he abandon'd thar :#iace, i aving the Caftie GarnibnM by 80 Men, who fen the Approach ot the �nemy iurrendepd to thenxTas _ afterwards B.lbattro, Graus, tons, Eftilla, and tiler Places in-Arragon. _ " * ] From the Far is Gazt\Ut dated June 16. iMadfid^Msjfi 29, tin the nth the Dufe �Trfqmt, andthd Momini' %z of riuj Enemies Mnuek'trwdj moithra^ tjie Hoilartd.ViiA, dnd-itt J Duke treats the Inhubitiirn where2 pjft\l\yh � i gr at MiiJnclV. ai;d pun-lilts'tiiop v;1k; ilo-them a;.v hurt; fo that they all return to ihcir Obo-Jk:xc. He ha AdvicL* that (Jc,jut StHrembvrg % was encamp'ti with whir Troopb he could u'lTcrh- ' ' b't. near Monthlanc. ar-.d liad polled his Cavj'hy �dr,j Hiidam elfcwhere. The Cheyalicr de'Has- V fejt is arrive! with his Troops o;i the Elan fc-of The RWer, over a^airdt Torrofri. a>id he is makfrf^a Bridge of Communication wirh the D^keof Orleans's Army. Letters fiom Alcantara idy, one of our Parties has brought off fame Cattle from Caitle David on the Frontiers of Portugal, a^d took a PorfigueieLieut-nant and his Party who camero oppofe'them Two Dedrters who cams with Admiral Liak^' (ay, the two Regiments he has b:-ou�ht arc- very weak, many oi them having d�ed ;i their Pafiape. We hear the Flotilla l!:il'd tr m ' 1... . / � America the i^th. Dmo Gi-;^f. l.--^ourg Jane 7. The id of this Month the hlecto." ut iJi'/ii'ia hjv�iig pals'd theRhine with moil ot his Troo;v, lent ro get Intelligence ot he Enemy's Army -y r.r.d Ac oun: was brought him, that th'*y havinr, Advice of his Paflage had drawn ail rheir Troops in:o their Line. Kis fe'cloial Higfmefs iwpnf ^n.i lav rhp ^i-h at Ralta.!. He had Advicr. that v/ent and lay the 4th at K�ita.l. He had Advj'cr,. that rhe Dv:k? of' Flanover ajriv7J the 3d near Frangforr, a-id was:o be at t .e Flead of the Army^ of che Empire the jth. . Genoa, May 28. The Governonr of Porto-tongone on the Coafts of Tulcany. who has been (xtieg'd4 Months by the Imperially, bein^ lately reinfore'd made a Salley on the 26th, defeated thtm entirely, kill'd 250 of 'em, and tooK all the reft ; their number being about 5 or 6co at firft : He alio retook a Fort w-ith 3 Pieces of Catf-non, and in xis than two Flours rime delivered hrrnlclt from the Siege vvich the lo's only of j Men. Paris, June 15;. Our Gazeteer, in his Article irom Bruliels of the 8th, pretends, the Allies iolt 2000 Horfe when they march'd to Lovain, and that their Forra^ers were call'd in fuch hafte, that they left behind them i8cco Truflfes of Forage. From the Camp at Terbank, June r8. Wc expect with the utmoft impatience to hear that the Allies are in motion on the Rhine and Mo-zelle. Both Armies continue in their former Tamps. Trie Duke of Marlborough vjeing m-formed that the Woods about oar Camp are rull of fmall Parties, who lurk therein for Mealing Horfes. has given Commiflion tofevcral Par-tifans to I'cower thofe Woods, with a. promife of 2-Orowns Reward for each Prisoner, whichl ha% had fo good an effe&, that levcral Parties have.been broughr/ in. , _ . ,Tv

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