Sunday, February 19, 1708

Dublin Intelligence

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Intelligence on Sunday, February 19, 1708

Dublin Intelligence (Newspaper) - February 19, 1808, Dublin, Dublin February, Francis tJickjox, Containing a IMPARTIAL o f I Nuulb. 546". Iff II*'****' Fl*i-a. 2net AC 5 y~ Foreign and Domeftick News Saturday, ^reb^uatp t^e 19 h, 1708. Since wy Uii arr'w'd 4 Britifh Plenum, tvbicb brcugbt 4 Hoiland, 4 Oieltd,- or? Lisbon From the Lcn^on^azftic dated February 7. 1 * Pub'inVd by Authority. . Y'To the QjJ E E Ns mod Excellent Mayfly. The humble Addreis of che Lord-Mayor. Sheriffs, Conv inons and Citizens ot the City ot Dublin, at their General Aflembly held a: the Tbtljiellot the laid City, on the 21 ft ot $ urinary, 170S; prefented to her Maid! y by his hxcell.-.-ncy the tari ot IP'barton, Lord-Lieutenant ot IrtUnd. A/f AT it tltafs yvur Ma j" fly to permit ut to pay that Trh bine of Grief rvhub h due to th& Memory of bis lais Royal Hi&imefi Prince George of Denmirk, and to (end le with y*nr Mayfly on tbe Mourn Jul Occafton of bis V.itb. It'e are frf/bly afflicted for the Doiaib if a Per for, who 'wvs defnvcdly p'fl'lfd of the tendere;i of your Koyal /.fjeftior. ; and vce cannot bw, Ixm.r.i tbe Misfvrtuni of pur fubjtfts, Kin burg d privedo; (0 bright an Exiwtle rf Conjugal Love and Ftthty, and the tmr.y oibsr Virtue-, tvbiJ) adirned bis Primely Mind Butfir,i� PnrJdif!retto all.v.ate our Grijf, ha afforded f> in any joyful Oaafini of re//.cin-^s. we thankfully acupt tbe \ame> and congratulate ycur Mv.'ily fjr the Glorious Succefi ofynir Anmi under tbe unparallei'd Conduct of his Grace the Du^e of Marlborough, during tbe whole Courjecf the lafl lw{ and pmjpercus Campaign. May the \ime good Providence flill continue to crotvn your Arwiy and tboie of ycur Allied rvitbnepp Ficlcrie^, till ycur Enamel bj (ubdited, 'till lb? Protejfant Religion be Ejiibli-fiedw a lashng Foot, and Peace and Liberty be r flored to -urupe. Given undiv our Seal of tbi [aid City tbe bay and T ar if.refdid. If'jicb Addrt\\ Her Majslfy received very grackujly. Ditto Gazettey dated Feb. 10. * I'cn'ce, January i<, N. S. The great fall of Snow <*nd Hake-' 0: Jc, which hindred the Arrival ot Provisions and Neaflanes to this City, had. almoft reduced it to che Miieries of a Famine $ but the River being at la ti: quie trozen over, and the Government inviting a': I Per ions to bring Goods to Venice without paying Cuf?o;:i5 abundance or all forts of NecefTaries have been bionghc ovt r the Ice. Many have died during the Seventy of this iVinter of PJurifies, among others the Cavalier Fiizzo, who had the Honour ro be the Frfl named of the Noble Venetians appointed to attend his Daniih Ma/elly during his ftay here. When the Letter"; "tro;rs Rome ot the ^ lrtft. were dii'parched, there appear-td no probability Ql an amicable Conclufion between 10? \ mperor and that Court. The Prince of Dairm'tadc Jiy within 10 Miles ol that City, and was preparing to March on. The Plsce has been rcintoiced by =rv-0 Men. 1 he R^man 1'eople were in che utttioft Confler-nation ; and the Pope himteh went in PrOcetJionbare-too: on :he id lnitant. bearing * Pictuic in his Hands, which has no: been export to pubiick View lir.^e the time ot Pius the Fifth. Acer the Procerlion was over, che I Pe'er Majelty to thofeof their Communion, h we ar.rerd :o give the I mp.ror forty two thou fa nJ Cj;irr,3!i 1 '0 1 ,5 as a tree Gift and to gran: him a Lo n ut thi'te i i;^;: .A lixty lix tlioufand Florins^ which tluy art* to pa) Letters from Wilda of the 14th Inttant fay, That the Swedes have defeated the Muicovjtev, and that the Czar himfelf was wounded in the Battle j and Pnnce Menikot taken Prifoner; and the General Czeremet, who endeavour'd to make his Retreat with the Infantry, was purfu'd, and oblig'd to render himielf Priloner, after a braveRefiftance. ' 1 * .1, the tbe Court at St. fames's, Feb. 3. Prefent tbe Que'h'i ,�od Excellent Majejij in Council. Her Majefty is mage vas placed on an Alter in a Chape!'of St. I plcaied this day to declare in Council, that the Pub-�!s Chuah, whi.h afTembled great numbers ot th-ii;^ Bulinefs encreafing, Her Majefty has thought fit-People to pjy their Devotions there for the SucceiVcf'to appoint a thiid Secretary ot State of Great Britainr;" f)'v> Holmels's'intentions ,u extirpate Herefie. :,�nd flui>upon Jan^s Duke of Queenlberry, and Dover \ * Vknni/fan 'o. S. S. The Lutheran l>epu*ies, j vas Sw cm one ot Jler Majefty** Principal Secretaries^ who (Came inri^r lime time aje itom Sileiw, to re�u: j of Stats cf Gr?at Britain. Alfo,by Her Ma/eft y's Com lace with this Court the Places where they are to bu.irf iheTfx Cliurchcs which the Emperor hasiateiy granted thetri at the deli re oi the King ot Sweilen, have at jail fetled that Matter. Th.e Lutherans of Silefia, in confi-dexi-Aon ot thi, Induleeoa granted bv Hs ImpcrwJ 'I 3r mand. his Grace "jcbn Duke oi Argyfc was Sworn one of the Lords cf Her Majeity's molt Honourab e Privy -s CounciL J "By our v.Tanofcripts from London,dated Feb. f,8,10^ 1 \t viz, Jh'.y mitt \r%m Mogne in Picurdy, tfat i6ffohit$ ^ A

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