Sunday, January 8, 1708

Dublin Intelligence

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Dublin Intelligence (Newspaper) - January 8, 1808, Dublin, Dublin January Francis Dicvloh, Nomb. 534 Containing a IMPARTIAL O F I Forei Full and ACCOUNT, THE n and Domeftick News. Saturday, January tfce 8th, 1708,2. Since tnv hft arrived z Britijb Pacquets> the firmer brought an Oitend Mail, vh, � From the Paris Gazette A-la-toain, dated Dec. % r; v THe Siege of Ghent is at prdent the only andmoft" important News, which take* up the thoughts of all Europe. We have the following News from Valenciens of the 18th, chat the 14th the Allies had not begun to fire, buc the Garifon had fir'd Vigo= roufly upon them , But the Allies have give out, that rhey wii] loon make a greater fire, arid dii'mount the Guns of the Town. The Allies have before th%t Place 111 Battalions and 1 so Squadron?,' and there is in the City 32, Battalions and 19 Squadrons, all very good TroopSj who declare that thef ire rcfolv'd to make a Vigorous Refinance, and that the Count de la L-^Mothe Commander in Chief of Gherit, pretends to acq.lie upon that Occafion a grea't deal or Honour. Hague, fan. 4. On the zd Inft. Monfleur Vleerrman arriv d here with rhe Capitulation of Ghent, which is as follows. publiQjeD bp 3utIjo?(tp. I. 'T-tHAT the Romun ta/M<:�Religion be prelerv'd I entire in the Exercife thereof, without any change or innovation. Agreed. II. That the prefent Capitulation ftiallfervefor what regards toe, two Crowds ; But chat the Clergy, Coun= cil and Magiftrates (hall make a particular one for what concerns them. Agreed. . III. That, one Gate of the laid City {hall bedehVerd to the Troops of the Allies,the ift lntr� December at 10 a Clock in the Morning, in cafe that by that rime they have not relief, which Gate is to be the Gate of the Attack, as alio the Succour Gate ot the Citadel; Upon which there (hall be a,Guard of the Garrilon, feparate from chofe of the Allies, by a Barrier in the middle ot the Vault, for to hinder the Troops of both fides from intermixing, and to prevent the Efiiorders that may happen thereby.. That none of the Troops of the Allies fliall enter into the City or Citadel during Che laid time, nor carry on,any. Works, or Commit any A& of Hoftihcy berween either Parties. Agreed, IV. That C laMothe, Lieut, general, and Conis mander in FUndersytnd of the City of Ghent, and Baron de Caprefs Lieutenant General of the Airraies, Mrs. de Villiersand de la Faille Mareflial deCamp, the Brigas diers ot Foot, Horfe and Dragoons, all the Officers, of ;State, the Major of the City and Caftle, all the Officers^ Soldiers, Horfe and Dragoons,' and all others Spawf^ French and Foreigners, the Independaut Corns pariies, all the Officers of Artillery, Ingeniers^ and in general all Perions employed, in the King's vyorks, Mr. BrukehoVen Intendant of the Finances apil Director Ge-eeralot the Affairs of the Provence of Flanders, Mr. * Leon Commiflary and Chiet Director ot the Army's of .Jus Catholick Ma/efty, M. dejoflieur Commiffary and Chief Qire&or of thofe of his moft Chriftian Ma/eftyy all the Cptnmlflaries of VVar, Receivers General, Trea^ iuers of the Troops, Directors of *he Polls, Dir'e&ori , of the Proyifioris^and their Deputies, aqd ^Workmen* ail Direftors, Injpe^or^and Undertakers of Hbfpitals, Phifitians, Chirurgeprts'and Apothecaries, their Depns , tfev Jnflmiries. arid' others, a,nd generally all forts potions of what Charafter or Condition whatfoevef . employ U lor the service of the two Crowns, without V^tef exeeption of"Perfons nam'd or riot namM, (half 4 "^ferc,dutorthe City the id off angary x'708-j, at 9 %,Gt6ck /althe Mtfrning, by the Gatr of Oiurtray. & ^5 ^ A3 ^ ^ S ^ a. S ' k �( s v 's w 2 -r-J I Equipages, Drums Beating, Colours Flying, Ball in-^^ ^ ** Mouch. Match lighted at both Ends, Ammunition ot 5. g ** ft? k: 0 _ 2 ts Ol ^ War for zo (hot each, 10 Pieces of Cannon, Newly ^ ^k brought from France, 4 Patteraroes, with their Car^^J"^^ riages, with Ammunition for iz Charges a piece, to-*; �'j ^ be convey'd all togetbei to Journay, by the neare/f h ?� * S ^ Way, in 4 or $ days UarcS^at the JBleclion of the Be- _5 "5 -5 | fieged^ without being oblig'dofVany pretence wholoever K ^ v to take any other Road, or to hafteh rheir March, iiore . ^ then they think convenient, according to the Roads i^^^lf  and Sealon of the Year, and that the Allies mall fur-^S c * 5 mfh them with a lutficient Guard, as. well for the Se- *==^ JL 5 curity of the Garrilon, as for their Effects. Agreed in s �. s ever; particular except that the Garrifonis to have, but %i ^ ^" f-Jbot, and 6 Pieces of Artillery newly brmgbt from Frahte^ �o ^. with 6 Charges for e4cb. 1 1 S ^ V. That for totranlport the aforefaid ro Pieces of Cannon, P&tterarois, the Ammunition and Baggage of a ^ ^ J-J the Troops, the Sick and Wounded, &s alio to mount a^ the Foot officers, there fhall be furnifhed by the Allies r ^ ^, at their charge Draught Hories, and others with Eur* S ! nitu re fufficient for their Occafions, and the Carts fna^f S ^ w 1.3 be drawn by 4Hbrfes each,and Boats with the neceuary ^ | .s | $ number of Boatmen, and Korfes fufficient to<ondu& them to Tournay, and other Boats fhajfbe given lor a | ^ | lufficient Guard on the Part of the Allies for the Secu- f* . '3 � rity ot the Sick and Wounded, or other Perions and w i] �  5 ^ their Effects, wberewirh the laid boats fhall tie Ioaden \ ^ and in cafe that theftiverScheld benotNavigabIe,there Sex, -^1 ilull be furn/flied by the Allies a (ufficient Number of ^"5 .^.5'. Carriages foKtheir Siipply, and all things to be turnilh- �vl.--2,2* ^ ed the \ \ ir|tke^ Mornings that they may be Joadedib 5  ^ 54 foon, that r% Garrilon may arrive at the defign'd time ft ^ _:. ^. a^ Tournay* Agreed as, to the Artillery mention d in the Preceding Article, Maljofor tbej^iuipages, to be at Charge of tkeBefiegtdi, And as there is'Boats fuffieient in  � �the City of Gheru) the Bejieged my provide them as (oofr ti $�<H ^ they think fit* ; ^ VI. That the Sick and wounded in the To\vn s 5^ a ^ and Caftle that are able, (hall be allowed toi^t^'llr march out with the Garifon with their Dome- ?r |[' fticks and Equipage to lournay, and be to-^Ug^ rj^ied with Carriages by the Allies, ^ " Agreed at the Charge of the French. � . VH. That the Sick and Wouaded who are not ia a CQndition to marel* out ^;th ^2N * & V the ^ " _ ^ �� ^ Garifon , iriaf be permitted to ftay at Ghent,'!0? I 3 ? and furnilhed with Leggings, Beds, Provi6oa,^^4 ^ 3( w% � aad Medicines, at the charge of Allies, till they are pexfeftly recovered; in the fame raaoner * -| as they arc treated in theHpfpitals of,his moft^^^l,! ChriftiaJl Ma;efty, and Aat^the . Fh^fieians,^ ^ f Surgeons, and others ettiployed ?!bout the Sick, .^2 ^ J beufed in 4ike-roanncr an4 ,whcn they fliall 1,5 be in a Condition to go o^t, then, the neeefiary f | Waggons and Veffels tejl be furnifhed at the tgr^ Charge of the Allies, as alfo Paffports, for tbefc'&sft befcg tranfported to Tournay the (horteft , Wiy*^*JHL with their Servants, Equipage. PbyficMns, Sar-/5lfS^ geons, and others who are tp take (faie'of t&flfl &Qi� ^ b/the way..

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