Dublin Gazette, October 4, 1737 : Front Page

Publication: Dublin Gazette October 4, 1737

Dublin Gazette (Newspaper) - October 4, 1737, Dublin, Dublin much the heavy Rains lately will furnTfi up with rooft melancholy Accounts of the Floods eccafioaed by Swelling et the Land The of Albemarle is to hold his Troop of Horfe and Place of Gentleman of the Bedchamber to diet thfcQwrei raneut of The RigbeHwu the Earl of lately appointed lies veryill at bis Lordfbips waipleafed to appoint James Oglethorpes a nefciraifed Regiment to be employed as alib to appomt James to Big to be Major of the Member of Parliament in Sectary to Royal for WhateEi for Green ed eke KouKrJaP a with magmicenc rdferw in a who il atjd psrctca Bary We are e But febf J Him fines longer to fcndle bn Is ttery agreeable Be brouftfet jtn tiiote is to r t Sf irfiff u that we expea evt 4 tie SToftlf and ttfuatty at C tip an ba Clergy of Spairtapd hkfelf f to oj Portugajs w the that fdffy iloulapd Teizehe BM AlitJ likfewife to cohftitutda nd iprtoint the Wbich the Ring win ktepfor him at bis ownptW s faitf that thePrihce delhi TorelJa makes k of the approarcbtrig MaVriage of theKlng ol tteTvWH v 6r totfri nflfe AfrKlrt conttfttfe fttllfft in tn tlife IhdrerilBtfo ixfcaim ftralrce is a 1 he write fipoai that the Court Wardered the t ;

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Publication: Dublin Gazette

Location: Dublin, Dublin

Issue Date: October 4, 1737