Dublin Gazette, February 11, 1737 : Front Page

Publication: Dublin Gazette February 11, 1737

Dublin Gazette (Newspaper) - February 11, 1837, Dublin, Dublin in irtivcd one y gt landed a great Q Urla io tbc Com ma i id Foot at the gat tic la or i one in the Churches tbe Arrive of C Uut p4 Vis 2vV C for fiitiag o to te feat to the io cafe certain KcgociaiioQs have not the happy Soccth Wpiils well here as ia inothct Natwn The ite Cowl has rcceiwd ffoflj by the Way of Jaffy i0 brtqg tbai the Grand Stignior beld a very extraordinary and no tperous Divau in the Wt ifl which Hit 4 Tliat defidng wieli Ardour to procure H Bafeal Uft for hii hetl a fincerf i itfd fhe nHft be bickwant in and jur carrfdhre to coiiie fire latter Bod df tWi Blpnth his Ship the Boy is to be laoncbd at Lad Night died at hfs ffeai ing a gt e at s oiogs ffeai ingCrcrf of a vWeni after jfere Days IVI Jon a his Ma jettys aterpracr ol fhe LetUrs from Scarbordogh fay that irjdiggJg focind Ore We ifeaa tfcofe which have already e will goand head the Army that he wil hip aJJ the new Levies made ia Afia that thoy tilkil tfctpitf IlKiBglit worth aqy ones whilt to try and dldSpribgl We bear that aa will be m m j t I is t fcindaious Breach of the Thai ;

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Publication: Dublin Gazette

Location: Dublin, Dublin

Issue Date: February 11, 1737