Dublin Gazette, May 13, 1710 : Front Page

Publication: Dublin Gazette May 13, 1710

Dublin Gazette (Newspaper) - May 13, 1810, Dublin, Dublin FSB io cjpjifiaerahle Enterprise on this il cditftriiiedr by bur laft Letters from with that the Boors areeajoyned of and lome of Warand rSjjcTrjolposts ofStraw for the Aimfr inro airsHarbour only 2 Months pay of B6arH Safks a r May Yefterday 600ImperialRecruitK withmaay and Aey are CSCK proceed ten Prince and The IH ACwM A i f i Rubliihcd an order in Pominionsi i ac ntfrnntr tpifuch Deferters jeturtt Emitted We whicharemarching and jft are and to aadtheir plate be only Reginieats as are to be detached hear fi hate TiafTt the to is td Icivc uiia tiaries of F R ne the from Zfywytj RANC J A V T mch Afmy is in a t A have Pain x that the French Afmy ;

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Publication: Dublin Gazette

Location: Dublin, Dublin

Issue Date: May 13, 1710