Monday, February 17, 1710

Dublin Gazette

Location: Dublin, Dublin

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Gazette on Monday, February 17, 1710

Dublin Gazette (Newspaper) - February 17, 1810, Dublin, Dublin ff die that fte c A t frircfi tothe unaentaivaing DCCWCKW tbf 7P61es jrOJCS UUQHaCCUUJlC Ul et feat thftBoles inrl fifY AskC PlaCfeS JJd3 Ar t a and other tjfot our forces ft therein great Supplies from Tliey had a Report in our when Piike of Brother came that Count fyarem all his Forces arid 2V l Letters from that the Troops which werem joyned and that they were aU ia Motion to Canton alJoutthe to ftreighten njore andniore tie Trbojs under betvsfeeR Marcehaa indl They that tne pretended to march ttat iiige the Enemy o that and jcetife iato They teD they have infercegt a of Count he to the Governor of to JFoirrifications of thas and follaw Eini with his The Van guard of King was aireadu ad vanned to fet out nrft inftaat The Generals Ccfme and have fincrtheir arrival been the GouncU of where they at the held for the Ope of tie enfains the PreparatiQas i Ku t ha vittfe TheaeBtamiffiosers of the Admiralty have been Hkewifejorrtoe Confultatioris upon the to the Na the Marfbal Fron but we affured Bufinefs SK35 itotfo view the the n ta cbu to CoHf attempted fettiig Magazines in EflfeftC having given Orders for raifitfg Men out of the which are tofevft for his Army f and fecurethe Pafljages on the we the lame have the not witbftanding Hie General Copplaiiijts of the Inha who tae already paid heavy Tax efe in order to be frpni We have not yet theRupture between tfiei and in dind toobfefvec die and to iiva inrAmicy Qzaft prqtvided per mit emtt otGredt Excellency the gave MagnificentEtttertaifl Bvbftt tor tbei FpreignMiniltersj at thisTfysfr In the ine of La other sfualion Tis confirmed from Prince Haggtfkiwil dothe like ba lmpowered General 1 ther IheSbtesl of feveral Kr tbet room wis aitd tier Places have redoubled the ufual U ter his Troops as near as it

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