Monday, January 13, 1710

Dublin Gazette

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Gazette on Monday, January 13, 1710

Dublin Gazette (Newspaper) - January 13, 1810, Dublin, Dublin Saturday January 13 to January 17 j i Since our laft arrived Qne Packet from Great Sri which brought the folioting vi December THE Plenipotentiary of the Czar tovy has frequent Conferences with tfie Minifters oftjife about the feirs of add that the have reCqjtoeii to declare War fitainft the as wcij as againft his Imperial Minifter the Ambafedors of anf made no fflentionofanv Refolutwn of the Turfo and teme canaotfancy wiH foOlddenljr with his Imperial but the cpmnuinicaied the the whicji he believes written the a6th 27th Moft IBtott7 S fafrme Lefcinski CStaniflajis having had no War fince the Treaty The fame Ivlinfter pretends to have Agent of at thePf f t had defired Au dienee of the Grand but was ihafc the Grand Sip ior would not admit any Minifter of that having received General PQ mat writ as Minifter of SttnifauS Lawful King of Frtncfortr We hear from that the French Intendant at has begun to levy the loth Penny of the notvyitliftaridirtg they claimed an Exemption from and all o ther extraordinary who commands the French Forces in that Coun pretends he has alinpft finiflied the neceffary the enfuing and that his Troops will be foonerin the Field than the and in a Capacity to aft offenfiyeiy Oifthe other the sew Levfe are carried oa ift all parts of the Empire with iuch Expedjtio that fe veral and particularly the Landgrave of ffeJfeCaffel have already com plea ted the number of their RecruitsAn4 tis advifed from Dttfiftdorp that to Common Caufe for the for he Support of that great quan bought up at order to be Tent to Gtteloma and that and Regiments of are arrived theCen of which not the 5 has recced no rieis ofiate boni brreafoa ofthe badoefs of The Jaft from thence contra having takenCo e we are that beibre fee fent it tky are refiM to etof Czar o Cons Lefcinskifr Poland Conjanfoort wtb the againjf ike tte being to ibe the County and fible Application tfrbis tftmatriisifftj j that ibeyare refotoed WKifngfa ral Prmimts of to recruit augment wilt confiderable Remittance of Monejr from the of but beiievedj appointed to affifthis be kept by reafon of the X y f Scheme propofed on the ia refef renceta the Operations oinext agalfllt the Province or Scfyneny and feveral ether pajts tfa this i of in perialifts will afi v ora bls and nee agwar his Enemies 3 tainleGrandPrior of theSon of chat Geatlemaa Ther tte tfie faid Graira Prior Has been removed to u that dieAmbafiador of make em their ior the tempt Switz Officers latelf arrived from hjve condemned the Sitenc Jfltor to a Fine of 800 for pre

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