Monday, January 6, 1710

Dublin Gazette

Location: Dublin, Dublin

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Gazette on Monday, January 6, 1710

Dublin Gazette (Newspaper) - January 6, 1810, Dublin, Dublin a a a I V Knee pur arrived tairu broughtTwP f i to Cotirti ai T r thfe 3 rui r tj fojo ttijiafe SglMdfati iriie of Ffftttce the Coiiiplimerifed KIs b Liberrv tKgn Cbtrvertsin ariH fif hlTt frtfhid fherii bnt fiaV fbfbidfbem kjdrcjFthe ofTeaftu laid 9 Of ie ftiet ac Ihe Cdttaries Ae ciciP rHe ifnH DTP been iige oas of the nioftbf JL JLJ ili u King oh 2dibWictfui 10 MHB and fjlr j aif the aftd tn forIhe ufe of mtich cfpr The tfnd march W ihe 5hrid Signlor fty ef a t wtib aWar is turned aid defies to to to Sunday lait gtear Court 9f bls 5 nadiets j and yefterday after flie the Blacfe was taken T r W LiteGiiards carried a uo lonel with 4 fitting tjie tfe his Daughter whpM tadEies of IKc and wert acfqicfers 4re ffi v tut fefJdU WCit IV 1 repffi Md ywu tip njev notify from oo awefa the a iduriuey to Mtf vv Wl fe SP f r OM bw ft t L tiMSpaniards had Coiih f Ivfeffer 61 oP irt Htihtf Mr haVTn gi wlir Proviliblts arn Wj aiyfel Maklfeines of Smkholfa the iv is Our Letters dftiie 2jd from of Wff td tiratxjjit

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