Monday, March 15, 1706

Dublin Gazette

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Gazette on Monday, March 15, 1706

Dublin Gazette (Newspaper) - March 15, 1806, Dublin, Dublin The Dublin Gazette. From Saturday March 15th, to Tuefday March 18th, 170?. On the 16th Inftant arrived an Engliih Packet, which brought One Holland and One Lisbon Mail. Valentia, February 12. N. S. T,H E French have lately fent a Detachment k to Arragon, to make an Excurfion into that Kingdom ; but our Troops fent thither by theCoUiit deNoyelles, have had the good Fortune to beat the Enemy, who were at leaft 2000 Horfe and Foot. They engag'd our Troops at a place called CMlamoye, 4 Miles from j{occa. The Engagement lafted two Hours, and 400 of the Enemy were kilfd in the Field of Battle. The Officer that commanded our Troops has fent to acquaint King Charles that the Dutch behaved themfelves very well: That the Dragoons of Winterfeld having received the Enemies Fire, attack'd them Sword in Hand : That the Dutch Foot, vi\. the Regiments of Valm and St. Atnand, being attack'd by the Enemies Horfe, ftood unmoveable, defeated the Enemy, and took the following Prifoners, vi^. 1 Brigadier, 1 Collonel, 9 Captains, 14 Lieutenants and Enfigns, 5 Sergeants, and 220 Troopers and Soldiers, moil of them Wounded ; and confidering the Aelion we have loft but few Men. Turin, Feb. 26. The 24th Inft. a Drummer arrived here with a Packet for the Sieur ie Senneterre, one of the French General Officers who are detained in this Place as Prifoners of War, containing a Commiflion, empowering him to Treat of an Exchange of Prifoners : Whereupon our Duke has fent an Exprefs to Prince Eugene, to defire him to appoint fome Perfon to afiift on his part at the Conferences to be held for that purpofe. The Hereditary Prince of Hefte Ca(Jel intends to leave this place to morrow, and to return to Milan. Vienna, March 2. The Emperor has fent to invite the Archbifhop of Coloqa, Count Cohari, and feveral others of the Hungarian Nobility, to fome Conferences that are fhortly to be held here, to confultupon proper Methods for reftoring the Peace and Tranquility of that Kingdom. Letters from thence confirm the fafe arrival of Baron Tiege with his Detachment in Tranfilvania; and add, That he had fmce freed the Town of Hermanftad, and the Caftle of De-va, which were blocked up by the Male-contents. Venice, March 3. The Germans have laid feveral Bridges over the Vo, to make Incurfions into the Mantuan. Gen. Vifconti is on a full march for Pie-mom by Prince Eugene's Order. 200 French coming out of Mirandolz, 80 of them were killed befides the wounded. They write from Milan, that the Caftle makes a vigorous defence; That the inner rarthas been ruin'd by the Bombs; that the Caftle fires no longer on the City, and that 'tis generally believed, it will be obliged to furrender by the 10th Inft. at furtheft. A Barge, is arrived at Genoa, in 20 days from Barcelona, which reports, That three new Regiments are raifing in Catalonia; and that King Charles's Affairs have a very promifing Afpeft. Berlin^ March 5. We have an Account from Italy, That a Party of about 60 of the Pruffian Troops in that Country, meeting with one of about 200 French guarding a Convoy of Provifions which was carrying by Water to Cremona, attacked them, killed and wounded feveral of the Enemy, took fome Prifoners, and put the reft to flight, and took all their Boats and Provifions. All our Recruits for that Country, as well thofe for Flanders, lie hereabouts, ready to march to their refpeflive Regiments ;and that the PrinceVRoyal went out this Morning to re- view 400 Men that are to recruit his 3 Battalions, which are marched by this Town towards Branden-burgy where they are to remain till further Orders. Letters from Brejlau fay, That a Regiment having been raifed in the Polifli Prulfia to be fent into Hungary, the Sieur Smigielski came upon them with fome Polilh Troops, obliged them to lay down their Arms, and afterwards received all the Private Men, and as many of the Officers as were willing into the number of his Troops,; by which means a Project has been difappointed that had coit Monf. Bonac, the French Minifter at Dantyck, a great deal of Pains and Money. Geneva, March 8. They write from Milan, That the Governor of the Caftle finding the Germans had got poifeffion of the Covered way, and that they being in want of Provilion, two Horfes was killed daily to fupply the fame, thereupon the Governor offered to Capitulate, but wasanfwered by Prince Eugene, that they muft expecl no other conditions than to Surrender Prifoners of War. Frankfort, March 9. The Deputies of the Four neighbouring Circles, who were affembled at Heil-bron, have ended their Conferences, having come to feveral Refolution?, and given the neceffary Directions for thefpeedy providing their Quota of Men, Money, Artillery and other Neceffaries, towards a vigorous Proiecution of the War the next Summer. A great number of the Imperial Troops are come from their Winter Quarters into the Lines of Biehl and Stolhoffen, and that they are all order'd to be fa a readinels to take the Field by the 25 th Inftant: And fuch good Care is taken in every refpecl, that we are now freed of all Apprehenfion on account of the Preparations which the Enemy feemed to be making in Alface for fome Expedition. Paris, March 12. The laft Letters from Mairil brought no News of any great importance ; 'tis only whifper'd at Court, that Prince � Tilly has had on the Frontiers of Arragon, an unfortunate Encounter with the Arragonians, who threaten to invade Na-vare. Letters from Thoulcn import, that one of our Privateers, that put into that Harbour, reports, that thelfland of Sardinia was upon the point of Revolting, and declaring for King Charles; but the Viceroy prevented the Execution of their Dengn, by punifhing fome of the Confpirators. This day the Duke of Orleans Baggage was fent away to Grencble. The Review of the Life-Guards is rut off till the 18th inftant. JTis faid, that the Duke otVcndcfme'^ departure is likewife deferred .for fome time, end that he will not put himfelf at the Head of our Army in Flanders, until! we have Advice, tha? the Enemy have taken the Field. An Exprefs is arrived at Court from the Governor of Milan, and Orders are fent to him to Surrender upon the beft Terms lie can obtain. They give out at Court, that the Ships arrived from Vera Cru\ are not fo rich as it was reported. Hague, March 15 Monfieur d' Auvcrquerque is arrived here from Brujfels. The Deputies of the States General appointed, to be with our Army in the jv*-therlands the next Summer, are Meffieurs Van pollen, Vryberg, and Gotlinga ; and Monfieur Gel&ermaljen is to go as Deputy from the Council of State. Thev write from Vienna, That Colonel Tiege, whem Count Kabutin had fent to Tranfilvania with a Detachment of 3000 Men, ioco of them being Imperial Cuiraf-fiers, to the Relief of fome Places in that Province, which were attacked by the Malecontents, was arrived there, notwithstanding the Opposition he met with from the Enemy ; and in his whole March, and feveral Engagments he had with them, had laft no more than 113 of his Men. Monfieur Schlinier arrived

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