Monday, February 1, 1706

Dublin Gazette

Location: Dublin, Dublin

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Gazette on Monday, February 1, 1706

Dublin Gazette (Newspaper) - February 1, 1806, Dublin, Dublin z |3umb. 1S7 The Dublin Gazette. iduWifDtD Up autfjojitp. From Saturday February ift, to Tuefday February 4 th, 17c1 #0^, January 8. iV. 5. THE Exprefs that was fent to Prince Eugene of Savoy, to defire him to defift from his Demand of 15000 Piftoles a Month of the Provinces of ferrara and Bologna for Contributions, being return'd hither with an unfatisfaclory Anfwer, that gives little hope of his Moderating that Demand, the Pope was o-blig'd to hold a Congregation of State on that Affair two days ago, and by the Al-vice of that Congregation has difpatch'd an Exprefs to the Court of Vienna, and the Abbot Riviere to Prince Eugene. The Pope has received a Letter from King Au-l4M-> notifying to him the Concluiion of the Peace with the King of Sweden, and his Abdication of the Crown of Poland in Favour of King Staniflaus. On Sunday laft a Gentleman from Saxony brought the News to the Queen Dowager of Poland, that the Two Princes her Sons were fet at Liberty, and delivered to her Two Letters from King Stamflaus: Her Majefty immediately communicated this News to the Pope, who has congratulated her upon it, as have moll of the Cardinals and other Perfons of chief Quality, and on Monday (he caufed Te Deum to be fung for it. The fame day that this Exprefs arrived, the Bifhopsof Warmia and Pofen had the Liberty of this City allow'd them and a Confiftory that was held about thofe Two Prelates on Tuefday laft, having agreed that they mould be fet at full Liberty, the former of them was admitted the next day to Kifs the Pope's Foot, and the other is to do the likeaflbon as he is recovered ofhislndifpofition. Roveredo, Jan. 16. We have Advice that the French are laying up great Stores of Ammunition and Provifions in Dauphine, and that they are compleating their Regiments for the enfuing Campaign. On the other fide, the Duke of Savoy neglects nothing that may enable him to ad with Vigour. Preparations are made at Ca^al Maggiore for attacking Sabionatta, and the Irnperialifls appear to have a defign to lay a Bridge over the Po near that place. Letters from Verono of the 15th, fay the Duke of Mantua is expected there, and that fome Perfons well fortified, as not to be taken without a formal Siege. Bern, Jan. 19. The Popifh Cantons who renewed the Capitulation of Milan with the Duke of Anjou, fuflering very much by rcafon ot the Prohibition of Commerce with the Imperial Territories, the French Mi-nifter has allured them on the Part of the M'ofi Chriftian Kins, that thev mall be fup- plyed

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