Monday, January 25, 1706

Dublin Gazette

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Gazette on Monday, January 25, 1706

Dublin Gazette (Newspaper) - January 25, 1806, Dublin, Dublin #ufflb. 185 The Dublin Gazette Frofli Saturday January 25th, to Tuefday January 28th, 170^. Vienna, January 12. iV. S. kH E Cardinal of Saxe Zeits is arrived here from Cracow, and has had Audience of the Emperor. The Minifterof m Sweden has received Creden- tials from King Stanijlaus, but King Augu-jtvs having not communicated his having Abdicated the Crown of Poland, the Imperial Minifters have repfefented, that this and fome other flips ought to be made, before the Emperor can acknowledge that Prince \ afTuringthe Swedifh Envoy at the fame time, that his Imperial Majefty will on all occafions give marks of his Friendfhip to the King of Sweden and King Stanijlaus. A Body of the Malecontents attempted on the 28th paft to make an Irruption on our Frontiers^owards the Town of St. Gothard, but was repulfed with confiderable Lofs by fome Imperial Troops pofted on that fide. 1 Leipfick, Jan. 12. The Princes James and Confi amine Sobieski are gone to OUu in Silefta, whence they will proceed to Vienna: 'Tis faid the Emperor has conferr'd the Government of Stiria on Prince James, on his Pro rnh% not to concern himfelf dire&ly nor indirectly in the Affairs of Poland. King Au- ^ Life-Guards of Gentlemen, are ar- ' rived in this Country from Poland; and 'tis faid the reft of the Saxon Troops are coming likewife from Poland, and that moftof them are already arrived in Lufatia. General Smigidski is not come hither as was reported ; but 'tis certain he has fiez'd fome Mufcovite Officers and fent them to Pofna-They write from Cracow, that the Upper Treafurer of Poland was fuddenly expected there, to order Lodgings to be fitted up for King Stamjl aus* bantftch, Jan. 14. The Polifh GrandeeS continue ftil] to talk of the Ele&ion of a new King , but this feerris a loofe Report without "any real foundation, and 'tis believed the chief Grandees, and even the Private himfelf, make this ftir only to obtain better Terms from King Stanijlaus. The Sieur -Cuypercroon, Refident of Sweden, declared the 10th Inftant to the Prefident Bur-gomafter, that King Stanifla'tis having notified unto them his Accefllon to the Throne, and the Peace made with King Augnftus, he expe&ed that this City ihouldown his Title, and therefore the faid Minifter, in the Name of that Prince, defired him to con> municate it to the Regency, which was done accordingly. They have been debating the fame ever fince, and at the going a-way of the Poft, we hear that the Council has refolved to own King Stanijlaus for King of Poland, and Prote&or of this City, and that all the Rights of Toll and other Duties fhall be paid unto him. The Party* of that King is confiderably augmented by the coming over of the Staroft Smigielski, and of General Brand, who with 6000 Men has likewife fubmitted. This unlook'd for Change, has as nrueh difeourag'd the averfe Fa&ion, who look'd upon the faid Two Generals as their bell Support. The Muscovites are not a little alarm'd at it. The Caufe which made M* Smigielski change his Party, was the Violence with which Prince MenzSkoff would; have taken from him, his Prifoners whom] he defign'd to prefent to the Czar himfelf. Ghent, Jan. \'6. Yefterday a Party of our Garifon defeated one of the Enemy, commanded by one Seys, a noted Party-man, whom they tooki Prifbner, with 23 of hii Men, feveral more being killed upon the Spot. The Enemy continue to work with great Application upon a Line which extends from Maubeuge to Fillers and thence along the little River T+ouifa to Mons, as1 well as upon that which they are making a-long the River Hayne. Liege, Jan. 18. A Regiment of the King of Prvjfiah Forces arrived here yefterday, and was quartered in our Suburbs. A great Magazine of Oats and Hay is erecting here for the ufe of the Confederate Troops. Hague, Jan. 21. Lieutenant-General Dofff arrived here laft Night from Mae-fir icht, and is to go into Germany, to ne-gociate fome Matters relating to the carrying on of the War the next Campaign, and to the Choice of a Perfon to fucceed Prince Lewis of Baden in the Command of the Imperial Army on the Rhine. Letters from Confiantinofle of the 1 5 th of the laft Month fay, That Attempts had been made by fome Minifters at the Porte to engage the Grand Signior in a new War but that the Inte-reft of thofe who were for preferving the Peace eftablilhed by the Treaty of Carlo-w/'/xwasthe more prevalenti So that there was no Grounds to apprehend that Court's entring into <my Meafures contrary thereto. Some Letters from France fry, that Court is refolved toad deffenfivdv i'n Pied-

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