Thursday, January 8, 1733

Dublin Evening Post

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Evening Post on Thursday, January 8, 1733

Dublin Evening-Post (Newspaper) - January 8, 1833, Dublin, Dublin Vol. If. Numb 167' The Dublio Evening-Poft. ,'From Tuefday January the Zth, to Saturday January theizth. i-^33-4- Since ray laft ArriVd i Britifh Packets, which brought i French and I Flanders Mails. mj>ksi Dec. 8. TH � three Men of War which were in this Port, fail'd iaftNight ior theCoaft of Siciiy,in order to elborc i8 Tartanes laden with Corn, which they are to convey into the Mautuao by the Mouth of the Po, for the Servicet^Jic ImperiaiTroops in tlut Dutchy. The Duke ot Gravina lies in Exti;cmity. Tis advifed frooa Henevento, that Cardinal Doria, Archbiftiop o that'd there the ift laftant.Thefame Day theMobgatrer'd, and it tbelnftigartoo of ibmeCanaons of Cardinal Cofcia's P-irty, would have pul/d down the Archicpif-copal Chancery, in order to carry off che Papers relating to the criminal Procels aj^ainlt hisErainency Signer Tar2,a Co.tia his Brother i but the Burghers intervening in a Body dilpers'd them. The Corfairs ofi barbary have taken two Barks snd a Tariane wich Imperial Colours. Madrid, Dec. 14. The Court has fent Orders into all the Pro-^>tfcces, to haften the Levies ror recruiting and augtuenting his Wajefty's Troops. They work in rbe Ports of the Mediterranean upouancwTranrpartot Forces, upon Advice that the Algerincs threaten to attack Oran once more, as ibon as the Succours expected (hall arrive trom the Grand Signor. M.deTeil, firftCommiC-fary, and M.deCbavdin, Keeper ot the Seals of France, who has been prefented to their Majefties, continue firequenc Confe-renceS'With M. Patinho: The latter has conferr'd alfo with his Excellency Mr. Kccoe, the Britiih Minifter, on his Receipt of fome extraordinary Difpatches from his Court. The Kmg faasfent Letters Patentto the Serene Infante Don Darlos, whereby his Ca-tholick Majefty declares him Generaliffimo of the Spaoifh Troops in Italy, with Power to difpofe ot all military Pofts up to Camp Marfhal inclufively. They talk ot the Courts going to Pardo the a^tb Inftant, and from thence proceeding farther, though to what Place is unknown. Viem/a, Dec.%^. The Veldt-Marfhal Count de Mercy is declared Governor ot the Milanese, in the Room of Count Dhaun, who is retired to his Eftatc. His Excellency will accordingly Tet OMt for Italy the Beginning of the New Year. The other Troops deftin'dforthe Army in that Country, which 'tis faid anaountto 50000 Men, will march infallibly next January. The Court has received an Exprcfs from London vseith important Difpatches One is arrived alfo from Berlin, but the Contents of neither are communicated to the Publick. The Duke of BeTeren is fliortl) expe^ed froratheArmy on th-. Rhine.ThisDsy tPeSraperor'sM.n-date was publifli'd, eojoyningallthcFvenchand Savoyards so Je-pirc theKingdombeforej3nuary.Gen.Lilingftein,who commanded laft at Pizigfaitoncis arrived, and made a Rcu or t of what pa'i'J, with whofe Conduft the Court app^^ars very well latisfv'J. Dec.z6. 'Ts afTured that the Imperial Cnaraber has fettled the neceflary Funds for the Maintenance of the Emperor's Arir ics next Campa gn.The Sooo Bavarians in the Pay of the Emperor.a; c togointoHuug-iry, tho'other Advices (ay, the EIe�lor ot Cologn will furnilh the Emperor with fevera! Thouland Men, to be polled in that Kingdom i and that the Eledlor ot Bavaria wil! go wirh Prince Ferdinand 1 is Brother, to make a Campaign in ItJly; meanwhilethe Count de Konigfegg, Vice-Prefidcnt of the Council of War, ha; Orders to repair to Munich, to execuie an important Commiffion on the Part of the Emperor. Drejlen, Dec 27. The Queen fet out this Morning at Seven witha numerous Rf tinue to join the King at Oppelen, to proceed together to Cracow, in orJer to becrown'd. HerMajefiy has not taken any of the Pri: ces her Children along with her, as was intended.'tisgiven out oh Occaiion of the Sharpnefs of the Seafrn atthisTimej uponwhichprdersarefentfor their Baggage,whi h is advanced as tarasGerniz,*c bebroughtback ngain.TheGenetai dcBofc, Govcroorof Wirt;mberg, isarrived here, to diredlthc military Affairs of the Ele<ftorate during the King's Ablence, in Conjundiion with the Generals de Cartel and de Milcfcau. M. Lu-(fevici, formerly CounfcUor and Reterendary, having received his Sentence of perpetual Jmpriibnment, was committed to the Caftlcof Stolpen ont- e jpth Inftant. The Court al'ows him four Sols per Diem lor his Maintenance j bur as for his Wife, the Kin^ waspleas'd to allign her a Penfion oi zoo Rixdollars before bis D.-parture hence, as the appear'd no wa) s concern'd in his MaLverfa* tion, but on the contrary a great Sa�Ferer by his profufe Expences, being ftript of the Fortune flie brought him of 26000 Rixdol'ars. GenoatOec.6.N.S. The Rebels of Corfica have begun Afts of Hoftility again; andwelcain by the Matter of a VefiH lately ar-rivnd from that Ifland, that 5-00 of them had ct'acked aDeta h-nkntof fo Soldiers, on their March from Corte to Roftino, un-c^r the Command of an Officer, who after a Fight of leveral Hours, were obliged to yield, to Numbers, and to betake them-felvcs to Flight. We have likewife received Advice, that the Rebels had attacked a Convent, in which there was a Detachment of 100 Men, whom they obliged to fyrrender, and made them Prifonersof War, contrary to what was ffipulated in the Articles of CapitulationThat atter this Expedition, they marched to Cortc, thinking to maLethcmfelves Matters ot it; but that :he Garrifon of that Caftle laliied out upon ihcm, put the m rc Flight, a^ took all tjieir Baggage and Am munition According to our iaft Letters from Parma, the yooo Spanilh Troops, lately landed _ . ar

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