Friday, October 14, 1836

Dublin Daily Advertiser

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Daily Advertiser on Friday, October 14, 1836

Dublin Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 14, 1836, Dublin, Dublin Vol.1* Jartts Hamilm and Company. Numb. 8. T H u R S W K T, Oaober 14, 1735. E ftTiSJvMEN T&t/farequittnopa&mlarQHactorCbara0er9 anfareofarnvderaUZMg^ aritakm '� mat. Two Eagtih Shillings each ^ ibisfPaper may be read hyM Be- "H^W^f^ tot**Intent^ that tbe AdvenifementskayMlb^fi^fimitowhich EnditwWbefentigtovit* atftbefityt^ Kingdom, audio the chief' Ate-houfesoftbe Ghcfmbtifly a? mil as toagrek tbe Country and City. Stibfcr&twns me JSW0^ Material foreign, and amkmote DomefKck 'Mmnts\ than Letter that bos beenptibHjbcd m this M&tgdonir tbe UadettaJEers booing bem at vafi Byrne m fmling a tee to'tbat QurpoJL &r$V j* :$r*#Wa*t ?ftbis Wap9r^^^^J^mmt^at thtf^.fi^^^ftki^tMr^edmiters in l^ndon, apprenfd h aSbcieiytf Learned Gentlemen ; let not the Reader* tbenf**t'be apprcben/he bepall e^ fndany thing in tbis^aperttn^onhy bis ^erufaK Letters from tbe Ingenious, who ore willing to eeutr&utet&be Efitrt nccrfdhytht^tinter barm.  � , - :r ��� -'  � it isbambty hoped, that epefyGtfit^ Nobilitas Sola eft, atqaeunka Virtus* TwasanadraiiaWeABfwcf,wfaicbttifrOld VbhltfopberbcftQtw'ii upon the Pcnjeir %ifeoj*hcr Wt*dt wt^RKi'a need* be ' SeM'cm, naked, ntrins&ra�gcrst{T6.l c:f>liedthcPhik)fopher) and they wiH/f^#^ ^ by^^ '-Sfaffit* For the fake of, �t ^>bojp� ' " Jbwfc about Tc**n� whofe Eyes are 1 todifcover the Force of fh&^tawrr of thatW^snl, ifaetttiitk he pbWd ^'||MUto, *of bis Peo^fc; vii3fc Defccfldeftt of one of the Great Men, of thi$J�g�py i^^l^liliffls-aGentleman, to fo inaprov'4 rDegree, SSS^Wit^pfc abandon^ to thePtirfuic of tkefc importimtffaiifaM, lone $moi Matjbrland, ove^own wth - % bSveeiiM Houfe anp^Se* ^p- ^'^i^^Vw*/4�Manii&ipt j w^houjlupfQi^ fih^ng; at length, that 'nbecarte not a Mdh~of. Qua%y% jag itnece&ry4o iafiirm 'em, by what |�arifeBiap Accx^ m'febmitto Reftrafnts in bis <Pleafitres,Eot the iiafcor dent it fell into my Pd^ffioni ^ - < ~ f Convciifence of aft, dtftiuati Mtihmic; and4 baviag'ofiea In the Midft of that Oceqn, commonly called -thfr 'tf^ft^^UMtii, tofy oat flk:Qmer; who was an ^ the^w^AkMSMftaiL.!^efis�^pb<$r^ "AiwQ^^/gf^l^; and whofc Livelihood <fe� tbefe, |ie^ ^ws^^mmSim^^ ut"in?

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