Historical Events For Year 2008

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January 8, 2008

A Boy Scout grabs the knife from an attacker who was attempting to assassinate President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom of Maldvian.
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January 15, 2008

A Japanese whaling company is ordered to end research on whaling within their economic zone by the Federal Court of Australia.
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January 21, 2008

A drop in stock markets around the world take place as the fear of recession in the United States grows.
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January 24, 2008

The Kivu war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is ended by a peace deal. Read More

February 4, 2008

The first space center in Iran is opened and the launching of their first rocket takes place.
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February 7, 2008

The Columbus science laboratory is launched to the International Space Station in the Space Shuttle Atlantis.
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February 12, 2008

The sale of crude oil to ExxonMobil is suspended by the Venezuelan oil company PDSVA after being legally challenged by them.
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February 18, 2008

Emergency legislation is introduced temporarily by the British government to nationalize the mortgage bank Northern Rock.
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February 19, 2008

The announcement of Fidel Castro's resignation as Cuban President takes place. Read More

March - April, 2008

The Third World experiences riots due to the raising of prices for food and fuel. Read More

March 19, 2008

The farthest known object that could be seen with the naked eye is an exploding star halfway across the universe.
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April 22, 2008

The first operations involving bionic eyes are performed by surgeons at Moorfields Eye hospital in London.
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April 28, 2008

Ten satellites are sent into orbit in the same launch by India, setting a new world record.
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May 14, 2008

The discovery of the G1.9+0.3 Supernova remnant is announced by NASA. Read More

May 25, 2008

The first spacecraft to land on the northern polar region of Mars is the Phoenix spacecraft from NASA.
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May 28, 2008

The establishment of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal takes place upon a vote from the Assembly favoring the abolishment of the monarchy.
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June 11, 2008

The launching of the Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope takes place. Read More

June 27, 2008

Bill Gates resigns from the daily duties of being the Chairman of the Microsoft Corporation to concentrate on philanthropy.
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August 7, 2008

The South Ossetia War is initiated by the launching of a major offensive in Southern Ossetia by Georgia and Russia.
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September 28, 2008

The first privately developed space launch vehicle to be successfully launched into orbit is the SpaceX Falcon 1.
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October 3, 2008

The revised Emergency Economic Stabilization Act is signed into law by President George W. Bush implementing the creation of a 700 billion dollar Treasury fund for purchasing failing bank assets.
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October 17, 2008

Turkey, Austria, Japan, Uganda, and Mexico are elected by the United Nations General Assembly as members of the Security Council.
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November 22-23, 2008

Lima holds the APEC Peru Summit. Read More

December 12, 2008

A perigee takes place in which the Moon is at its fullest phase of the Lunar Cycle and moves into it's nearest point to Earth.
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