Historical Events For Year 1997

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January 22, 1997

The first female to take to position of Secretary of State is Madeleine Albright. Read More

February 22, 1997

The announcement of the successful cloning of an adult sheep named Dolly who was born the previous year is made by scientists in Roslin, Scotland.
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February 27, 1997

The Republic of Ireland legalizes divorce. Read More

March 4, 1997

Federal funding for research related to human cloning is banned by President Bill Clinton.
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March 24, 1997

Best Picture of the 69th Academy Awards is won by the film The English Patient. Read More

March 26, 1997

Members of the Heaven's Gate cult commit a mass suicide at their San Diego compound. Read More

April 21, 1997

The remains of 24 people are launched in the Pegasus rocket for the first space burial. Read More

April 29, 1997

The establishment of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons occurs. Read More

May 2, 1997

The United Kingdom's Labor Party comes into power for the first time in 18 years Read More

May 12, 1997

The signing of the Russian-Chechen Peace Treaty takes place. Read More

May 14, 1997

Air Canada, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines System, Thai Airways International, and United Airlines combine to form The Star Alliance.
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June 11, 1997

In the United Kingdom, handguns are voted on by the United Kingdom's House of Commons, resulting in a total ban being placed on them.
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July 4, 1997

The Pathfinder space probe by NASA lands on the surface of Mars. Read More

August 1, 1997

Apple Computer, Inc. is rejoined by co-founder Steve Jobs at Macworld in Boston. Read More

August 26, 1997

Northern Ireland establishes the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning.
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September 5, 1997

The death of Mother Teresa occurs. Read More

September 6, 1997

Over 2 billion people watch the funeral of Princess Diana of Wales taking place at Westminster Abbey.
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September 18, 1997

The devolution and the formation of a National Assembly for Wales is voted upon by Wales, with a majority favoring it.
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October 16, 1997

The New York Times publishes the first color photograph on it's front page. Read More

November 10, 1997

A $37 billion merger, the largest merger in American history, is made when WorldCom and MCI Communications combine to form MCI WorldCom.
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November 12, 1997

The World Trade Center bombings that took place in 1993 is found to be organized by Ramzi Yousef.
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November 19, 1997

Bobbi McCaughey births 7 babies, known as septuplets, all of which were born alive and the only case in which all 7 survived infancy.
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December 11, 1997

The United Nations committee adopts the Kyoto Protocol. Read More

December 19, 1997

Titanic by James Cameron is released in America, becoming the highest-grossing film to date.
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