Historical Events For Year 1995

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January 1, 1995

The World Trade Organization is formed and replaces the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.
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January 1, 1995

The European Union is joined by Austria, Finland, and Sweden. Read More

January 17, 1995

Access to the World Wide Web is offered by Prodigy Communications Corporation. Read More

January 31, 1995

In an attempt to help Mexico avoid financial collapse, President Bill Clinton uses emergency powers to lend Mexico $20 billion.
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February 15, 1995

The arrest of Kevin Mitnick takes place for hacking into the most secure computer systems of the United States.
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February 25, 1995

The creation of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization takes place. Read More

February 26, 1995

The Barings Bank, the oldest investment firm in the United Kingdom, goes bankrupt after $1.4 billion is lost in the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
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March 1, 1995

Yahoo! is created as the first internet search engine. Read More

March 16, 1995

The Thirteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution is finally ratified by Mississippi, making it the last state to abolish slavery.
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March 26, 1995

Several European countries implement the Schengen Agreement, making travel across their borders less difficult.
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March 31, 1995

Yolanda Saldívar murders her former employer Selena, a famous Mexican-American pop singer.
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April 5, 1995

Taxes are reduced for individuals and corporations upon a vote taken by the United States House of Representatives.
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April 7, 1995

The majority of the passing of the Contract with America is celebrated by the House of Representatives.
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April 28, 1995

The Internet becomes a fully privatized system upon the United States government halting it's funding for the NSFNET project.
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June 6, 1995

The space endurance record of over 14 days is broken by American astronaut Norman Thagard aboard a Russian space station.
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July 5, 1995

The Child Protection and Obscenity Act is passed by the United States Congress, implementing the requirement of all pornographic models be kept by record and be 18 years or older.
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September, 1995

A computer storage media format in the form of a disc is announced as the DVD. Read More

September 4, 1995

The formation of eBay occurs. Read More

October 3, 1995

The murderer of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman is declared to be O.J. Simpson. Read More

November 1, 1995

Partial birth abortions are banned in a vote taken by the United States House of Representatives.
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November 21, 1995

The Bosnian War is ended upon the formation of the Dayton Agreement established at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
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November 22, 1995

Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures release Toy Story as the first computer animated full length feature film.
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November 28, 1995

The National Highway Designation Act is signed by President Clinton implementing the end of the 55 mph speed limit.
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December 14, 1995

Paris holds the signing of the Dayton Agreement. Read More

December 30, 1995

A provisional government in Texas is said to be formed by the Republic of Texas. Read More

December 31, 1995

The publication of the final comic strip of the original Calvin and Hobbes occurs. Read More