Historical Events For Year 1993

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January 3, 1993

The second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is signed by President George Bush and Boris Yeltsin.
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January 3, 1993

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the third of the Star Trek TV series, premieres. Read More

January 5, 1993

The first legal hanging by a state in the United States since 1965 takes place in Washington when Westley Allan Dodd is executed.
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January 15, 1993

The mafia boss Salvatore Riina is captured and arrested after being a fugitive for 23 years.
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January 19, 1993

The signing of the Chemical Weapons Convention takes place. Read More

January 20, 1993

Bill Clinton becomes the 42nd President of the United States as he succeeds George Bush.
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February 11, 1993

President Bill Clinton selects Janet Reno for the position of Attorney General. Read More

February 26, 1993

Six people are killed and over 1,000 injured as a bomb inside of a van explodes at the base of the World Trade Center in New York City.
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March 12, 1993

An announcement is made by North Korea, stating their plan to withdraw from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and their refusal to allow their nuclear sites to be inspected.
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March 22, 1993

The first P5 Pentium chips created by the Intel Corporation are shipped. Read More

March 29, 1993

Best Picture of the 65th Academy Awards is won by the film Unforgiven. Read More

April 22, 1993

The dedication of the Holocaust Memorial Museum takes place in Washington D.C. Read More

April 23, 1993

Tuberculosis is declared a Global Emergency by the World Health Organization. Read More

April 28, 1993

The United States Air Force is required to permit women pilots the ability to fly war planes by an executive order.
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June 25, 1993

Canada gets it's first female Prime Minister, Kim Campbell. Read More

June 27, 1993

As a response to the Iraqi assassination plot on former United States President George Bush, a cruise missile attack is ordered by President Clinton on the Iraqi intelligence headquarters.
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July 19, 1993

The new 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy regarding homosexuals in the United States military is announced by President Bill Clinton.
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July 20, 1993

The suicide of Vince Foster, a deputy counsel of the White House, occurs in Virginia. Read More

July 29, 1993

Former Nazi guard John Demjanjuk is acquitted of all charges by the Israeli Supreme Court and is set free.
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August 17, 1993

The Buckingham Palace in London is opened to the public for the first time. Read More

October 5, 1993

A worldwide de facto moratorium occurs after a nuclear test is performed by China. Read More

November 1, 1993

The European Union is created upon the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty. Read More

December 8, 1993

The North American Free Trade Agreement is singed into law by President Bill Clinton. Read More