Historical Events For Year 1992

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January 8, 1992

A televised recording of President George Bush getting sick and vomiting on Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa's lap during a state dinner in Japan.
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January 11, 1992

The first artist to perform in South Africa following the end of the cultural boycott is Paul Simon.
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January 13, 1992

An apology by Japan is made in regards to forcing Korean woman into sex slavery in World War II.
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January 24, 1992

Diplomatic relations are formed between China and Israel. Read More

January 30, 1992

An accord is signed between North Korea and the International Atomic Energy Agency implementing international inspections of the nuclear power plants in North Korea.
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February 7, 1992

The European Union is formed upon the signing of the Maastricht Treaty. Read More

March 9, 1992

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is ratified by the People's Republic of China. Read More

March 10, 1992

The Democratic Party for the presidential election is said to be Bill Clinton following the Super Tuesday voting.
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March 24, 1992

The singing of the Open Skies Treaty establishes a program of 34 member states being observed by surveillance flights.
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April 6, 1992

The first episode of the show Barney and Friends airs on PBS. Read More

April 15, 1992

The 1992 Constitution of the Socialist Republic is adopted by the National Assembly of Vietnam.
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May 15, 1992

The signing of the Commonwealth of Independent States Collective Security Treaty takes place.
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May 22, 1992

The last episode of the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson is broadcast on NBC. Read More

June 2, 1992

The Maastricht Treaty is rejected by Denmark in a national referendum. Read More

June 25, 1992

The formation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation occurs. Read More

July 8, 1992

Plans of restructuring Amoco and Unocal Corporation are predicted to eliminate 10,000 jobs within 2 years.
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July 9, 1992

Al gore is selected by Bill Clinton as his running mate during the presidential elections.
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August 12, 1992

A deal is made between Canada, Mexico, and the United States in regards to the Free Trade Agreement.
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October 1, 1992

The first broadcast of the Cartoon Network takes place. Read More

October 3, 1992

The United Kingdom's Vodafone GSM network sends the first ever SMS message. Read More

October 11, 1992

The first of three televised debates between presidential candidates George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ross Perot is aired.
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October 28, 1992

Dami Mission's prediction of the end of the world does not happen. Read More

November 13, 1992

An extraordinary level of ozone depletion in the Arctic and Antarctica is reported by the World Meteorological Organization.
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December 29, 1992

Fernando Collor de Mello, the President of Brazil, is charged for stealing more than $32 million from Brazil's government.
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