Historical Events For Year 1991

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January 1, 1991

The command economy of Czechoslovakia is abandoned, making it the second European country to do so.
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January 4, 1991

A vote is taken by the United Nations Security Council, resulting in the condemnation of the way Israel treats Palestine.
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January 16, 1991

A confession from Aileen Wuornos is made, admitting to murdering 6 men. Read More

January 18, 1991

After 62 years of being in service, Eastern Air Lines closes dues to financial problems.
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January 24, 1991

Fights between Papua New Guinea and Bougainville Island that had been going on for 3 years end upon the signing of a peace agreement.
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February 15, 1991

Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland sign the Visegrad Agreement implementing the move towards free-market systems.
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February 27, 1991

A cease-fire is declared by President Bush upon his declaration of victory over Iraq. Read More

March 13, 1991

America and Canada both sing the Acid Rain Treaty of 1991. Read More

March 15, 1991

All remaining rights over Germany are renounced by the occupying powers after World War II, allowing Germany to officially regain it's independence.
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April 2, 1991

Price increases are imposed by the government of the Soviet Union, doubling or tripling the price of consumer goods.
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April 3, 1991

The Cease Fire Agreement, Resolution 687 is passed by the United Nations Security Council, implementing the destruction of all chemical and biological weapons possessed by Iraq.
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April 9, 1991

The withdraw of Soviet troops begins in Poland. Read More

May, 1991

California is home to the first outlet of Starbucks Coffee. Read More

July 1, 1991

The dissolution of the Warsaw Pact occurs during a meeting in Prague. Read More

July 7, 1991

The Ten-Day War in Slovenia is ended upon the creation of the Brioni Agreement. Read More

July 15, 1991

The largest ever bank merger takes place when the Chemical Bank and the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation combine.
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July 22, 1991

The arrest of boxer Mike Tyson takes place for raping Desiree Washington, the Miss Black America contestant.
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July 22, 1991

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is captured and arrested for murdering 17 people, having the remains of 11 still in his apartment.
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July 31, 1991

The START I treaty is signed between the United States and the Soviet Union, implementing an agreement to limit strategic nuclear weapons.
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November 21, 1991

Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the prime minister of Egypt, is recommended by the U.N. Security Council for the position of the Secretary-General of the United Nations.
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November 24, 1991

The lead singer of the band Queen, Freddie Mercury, dies from AIDS induced pneumonia. Read More

November 24, 1991

The drummer from the band KISS, Eric Carr, dies from heart cancer. Read More

December 4, 1991

Operations from Pan American World Airways officially end. Read More

December 26, 1991

The Soviet Union is officially dissolved during a meeting of the Supreme Soviet, resulting in the end of the Cold War after almost 46 years of fighting.
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