Historical Events For Year 1989

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January 10, 1989

Cuban troops in Angola start withdrawing upon the United Nations Security Council Resolution 626 and the New York Accords.
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January 11, 1989

The presidential farewell address is made by Ronald Reagan to the United States. Read More

January 18, 1989

Solidarity is legalized upon a vote taken by the Polish United Workers' Party. Read More

January 20, 1989

The succession of George H.W. Bush as the 41st President of the United States occurs. Read More

January 24, 1989

The execution of Ted Bundy by electric chair takes place in Florida after being convicted as a serial killer.
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February 6, 1989

Formal talks between Solidarity movement representatives and the government of the People's Republic of Poland for the first time in 8 years.
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February 7, 1989

Buying or owning semiautomatic weapons is banned by Los Angeles' City Council. Read More

February 10, 1989

The first African American to be chairman of the Democratic National Committee, holding a lead position of a major political party, is Ron Brown.
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February 10, 1989

The foundation for the Acid Rain Treaty of 1991 is established during a meeting between President of the United States George H.W. Bush and Prime Minister of Canada Mulroney.
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February 11, 1989

The consecration of the first American female to become bishop of the Episcopal Church is Barbara Clementine.
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February 14, 1989

The launching into orbit of the first GPS satellite takes place. Read More

February 17, 1989

The formation of the Arab Maghreb Union takes place. Read More

March 2, 1989

Production of chlorofluorocarbons is banned and will cease being produced by twelve European Community nations by the year 2000.
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March 4, 1989

The first elections for the Australian Capital Territory are held. Read More

March 14, 1989

Importing guns that are considered assault weapons is criminalized in the United States by President Bush.
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March 27, 1989

The Communist Party loses during the first contested elections for the parliament of the Soviet Union.
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March 29, 1989

Best Picture of the 61st Academy Awards is won by the film Rain Man. Read More

April 25, 1989

The Motorola MicroTAC Personal Cellular Telephone is released by Motorola as the smallest mobile telephone to date.
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May 1, 1989

The opening of the Disney-MGM Studios to the public occurs at Disney World. Read More

May 11, 1989

The first meeting of the Legislative Assembly of the Australian Capital Territory occurs.
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June 3, 1989

The analog broadcast of the first HDTV takes place in Japan. Read More

July 18, 1989

The enforcement of laws regarding stalking are more strictly enforced in California upon the murder of an actress, Rebecca Schaeffer, by an obsessed fan.
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October 1, 1989

Denmark legalizes the civil union between same-sex partners. Read More

November 17, 1989

The first movie of the Disney Renaissance collection, The Little Mermaid, makes its theatrical debut.
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December 14, 1989

The Patricio Aylwin is elected President in the first free election held in Chile since 1973.
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