Historical Events For Year 1985

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January 1, 1985

The formation of the Domain Name System of the Internet occurs. Read More

January 1, 1985

The withdraw of Greenland from the European Economic Community takes place. Read More

January 20, 1985

President Ronald Reagan is sworn in privately for his second term in presidency, only to be sworn in publically the following day.
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January 27, 1985

The formation of the Economic Cooperation Organization occurs. Read More

February 10, 1985

The South African government offers freedom to Nelson Mandela, who refuses it. Read More

March 4, 1985

The FDA approval of an AIDS blood test takes place, the same test in which all blood donations are screened with in the United States today.
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March 21, 1985

Rick Hansen, a paraplegic athlete and activist, begins his Man in Motion fundraiser tour for spinal cord research, with an outcome of raising $26 million.
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March 25, 1985

Best Picture of the 57th Academy Awards is won by Amadeus. Read More

April 15, 1985

The ban placed on interracial marriages is lifted in South Africa. Read More

April 23, 1985

A new formula is introduced by Coca-Cola as New Coke in an attempt to compete with Pepsi, but the reaction is overwhelmingly negative and the original Coca-Cola is reintroduced within 3 months.
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May 13, 1985

The right to vote is given to women by the National Assembly of Kuwait, which was later revoked in 1999 and then re-instated in 2005.
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June 14, 1985

The Schengen Area is formed upon the signing of the Schengen Agreement between certain European Economic Community member states.
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June 17, 1985

John Hendricks' Discovery Channel begins broadcast in the United States. Read More

July 3, 1985

The theatrical premiere of the movie Back to the Future takes place in the United States and goes on to become 1985's highest grossing film in America.
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August 28, 1985

The passing first United States ban placed on smoking cigarettes in restaurants takes place in Aspen, Colorado.
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August 31, 1985

The capture of serial killer Richard Ramirez, known as the "Night Stalker," takes place in Los Angeles, California.
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September 1, 1985

The location of the RMS Titanic wreck site that took place in 1912 is discovered by an expedition using side scan-sonar led by Dr. Robert Ballard and Jean-Louis Michel.
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September 13, 1985

The resignation of Steve Jobs from Apple Computer takes place as he goes on to form NeXT Computer Inc.
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October 4, 1985

Massachusetts is home to the formation of the Free Software Foundation. Read More

October 18, 1985

The introduction of the Nintendo Entertainment System as the first home console for video games in the United States takes place.
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November 18, 1985

The Calvin and Hobbes comic strip is introduced in 35 newspapers. Read More

November 20, 1985

Windows 1.0 is introduced by the Microsoft Corporation as the first version of Windows. Read More

December 16, 1985

A shooting in New York City leaves mafia bosses Paul Castellano and Thomas Bilotti dead, making John Gotti leader of the Gambino crime family.
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December 31, 1985

A plane crash in Texas leaves musician and actor Ricky Nelson dead. Read More