Historical Events For Year 1984

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January 3, 1984

President Ronald Reagan and Navy Lieutenant Robert Goodman meet for the first time after Goodman is released from captivity in Syria.
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January 5, 1984

Elizabeth Dole is nominated by United States President Ronald Reagan for the position on the United States Secretary of Transportation.
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January 10, 1984

Diplomatic relations are fully restored between the United States and the Vatican. Read More

January 24, 1984

The first Macintosh Apple personal computer goes on sale in America. Read More

February 7, 1984

The first untethered space walk is carried out by Bruce McCandless II and Robert Stewart.
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March 22, 1984

Manhattan Beach, California's McMartin Preschool Teachers are found guilty of abusing school children in Satanic rituals, which the charges were later dropped because there was no proof.
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April 1, 1984

Marvin Gaye's father shoots him to death the day before he would have turned 45. Read More

April 23, 1984

The AIDS virus is discovered and presented by researchers in the United States. Read More

May 31, 1984

The only occasion of a successful escape from death row in the United States occurs as six inmates break out from the Mecklenburg Correctional Center.
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June 28, 1984

The murder of the first known victim of Richard Ramírez, better known as the "Night Stalker," takes place.
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July 18, 1984

The first woman to captain a Boeing 747 is Beverly Lynn Burns. Read More

July 23, 1984

The first winner of the Miss American Pageant to renounce her crown is Vanessa Williams after Penthouse magazine publishes nude photos of her.
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July 25, 1984

The first ever woman to accomplish a space walk is Svetlana Savitskaya. Read More

August 1, 1984

The deregulation of banks in Australia occurs. Read More

September 14, 1984

The position of the first executive State President of South Africa is given to P. W. Botha.
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October 11, 1984

The first ever American woman to accomplish a space walk is Kathryn D. Sullivan aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger.
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October 12, 1984

The attempted assassination of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher takes place at the British Cabinet when a bombing is carried out by the Provisional Irish Republican Army at the Brighton hotel.
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November 28, 1984

Honorary Citizenship of the United States is granted to William Penn and wife Hannah Callowhill Penn over 250 after they had died.
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